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Betty Butch is a queer, nonbinary blogger on the autism spectrum. She writes about pleasure, risk-aware consensual kink, neurodiversity, queerness, mental health, relationships, and body positivity.  She also has sex toy reviews, personal essays, guides, and the occasional erotica.  Reviews include toys for vulvas, kink gear, and porn of various mediums.

She believes sex and kink are adult forms of play, and she has a big imagination. Betty Butch wants to spend her life exploring, learning, and theorizing. There are adventures and realizations to be had, and she is keen on writing about both.


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I really wish my coworker didn't bathe herself during office hours. betty_butch photo

I keep getting about 30 minutes of work done, feeling completely normal (I keep sincerely wishing people a Happy Thursday!) and then it hits me again and I start weeping. I've been crying for so many reasons these past few years. Violence, injustice, impossible and endless grief.

A lot of white people:

Stop making everything about race.

Black & POC folks reality:

White teens writing manifestos that go ignored before they slaughter Black folks in a grocery store.

White cops going into a school to let their kids out while brown babies are murdered.

TW gun violence, police violence

I remember when these issues/questions were raised about the strange standoffishness of police during the Pulse massacre.

Brittney Griner, a 2x Gold Medal Olympian, has been "wrongfully detained" by Russia for 97 days. The President hasn't PICKED UP A PHONE AND CALLED HER WIFE ONCE.

Not even to say "your country is with you." The basics of his job. We know why. I'm livid.

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