How Erotic Audio Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Every now and then we get a content creator that really brings something new to us that we haven’t really thought about. Lewd Lexi has a great new blog she created and really treats her readers with something special: Erotic Audio.  We asked Lewd Lexi to do a guest blog for us and share with our readers what exactly Erotic Audio is and how it can spice up your sex life.

How Erotic Audio Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Have you ever explored the rapidly-growing world of audio porn?

This unique form of media is rising in popularity not only between individuals, but between couples as well, who are using it to enhance their sex lives in ways that other forms of pornography cannot compete with.

In this article, I’ll be covering four different ways that erotic audio can help to spice up your sex life, and why it may be worthwhile to explore it with your partner!

What Is Erotic Audio?

For those who have never heard of erotic audio before, it is essentially a form of pornography that is done completely through audio.

There is usually no sort of visuals to go along with it, and all imagery is created entirely in your head. This usually has a creator reading off of a script, while using sound effects and ambiences to help you create a scene in your mind.

For creators, this is great because you aren’t bound by the same constraints that a filmmaker would have. You don’t need to bother with things like designing costumes, creating believable special effects, or finding a location for filming that matches the scenario. Whether the scene takes place behind a football stadium or on a spaceship on Mars, audio can be created easily without breaking immersion.

This means that you can create believable, realistic, and immersive scenarios in your mind that extend far beyond what you would find with regular pornography. Voice actors and actresses are able to create scenarios that wouldn’t be financially feasible to create in regular porn, or even go beyond what’s realistic in real life.

So, how can it be used to help you and your partner in bed? Let’s look over four different reasons!


How Erotic Audio Can Improve Your Sex Life

1. Erotic Audio Makes A Great Foreplay Tool

One unique thing about audio porn is that it focuses heavily on building up the scene and setting the context as to why the characters are engaging in sex together.

This makes it great as a foreplay tool, as the buildup before the sex happens may make up a large portion of the audio. In fact, it’s this lengthy build up that makes audio porn so erotic when the sexual acts finally occur.

Contrast this with regular pornography. In regular porn, the buildup is often quick, and if there even is a storyline behind it, it is usually kept brief. This is because unlike with audio, actors need to memorize lines. It’s all about getting to the sex right away.

This may be exciting of course, but considering how important foreplay is – especially for women, the slower and more immersive buildup that erotic audio offers can help mentally prepare you both for sex, and get you hornier at a much deeper level.

2. Erotic Audio Allows You Partake In Roleplay, Without Being Good At It

Many erotic audios consist of roleplays. Again, as voice actors and actresses, our job is to create a role – and act it out with you in a believable manner.

This can be anything from roleplaying your loving wife pleasuring you after a long day of work, to a demon succubus that you accidentally summoned, to the college cheerleader you used to fantasize about decades ago.

According to one study of 2,000 couples in the United States, 29 percent of people are interested in roleplaying, while 27% of Americans have a sexual act they want to try, but are too shy to bring up to their partner.

Roleplaying requires you to be vulnerable and comfortable with each other. Listening to erotic audio together – and either using it as a form of guided practice, or diverting from it completely to continue the roleplay in your own direction, can help the two of you open up and get closer together. And it does so without the added pressure of needing to come up with the scenario yourself.

3. You’re Able To Consume Porn Together, Without Being Distracted By A Screen

According to one study published in the National Library of Medicine, couples that watch porn together experience improved relationship health and higher sexual satisfaction than couples that do not.

However, porn is best used as a tool to bring the both of you together, rather than to cause a divide or distraction.

One great thing about audio porn is that you are able to play it and engage in it, without being distracted by a screen.

This means you are free to focus more intently on your partner – both visually, as well as with your touch, too.

As someone who creates audio porn, I’ve been told by many couples that they use my audios while engaging in mutual masturbation, before focusing on each other more intently.

Being able to consume pornography without needing to focus on a screen – or the people on it, makes it easier to keep your attention on each other – leading to better sex between the two of you.

4. Erotic Audio Allows You To Explore New Fantasies Together.

Finally, erotic audio is a fantastic tool for exploring new fantasies and fetishes that you may not have been exposed to previously.

As mentioned earlier on, audio porn is not bound by the same constraints as real porn. It is easier to explore new scenarios or fetishes, without having to worry about creating a realistic visual production.

This means that many erotic audios are heavily focused around novel scenarios or ideas that you won’t usually find in regular porn.

You may find that the two of you are both really turned on by an idea that you have never been exposed to before, or that you’ve never shared with a previous partner.

Ultimately, this unique experience and shared fantasy will bring the two of you closer together, while giving you more unique ways to mix it up in the bedroom.

Closing Thoughts

There’s a reason why erotic audio is on the rise – not just among individuals, but as a tool for couples as well.

While the erotic audio community is mostly made up of individual actors / actresses like myself rather than professional studios, there is already more audio porn out there than one could ever listen to in their lifetime.

So, find an audio that appeals to both of you, and load it up! You may be surprised how much the both of you enjoy it.

webcam model

Who Can Create Amateur Pornography?

webcam model

Who Can Create Amateur Pornography?

A lot of couples spend time watching pornography online each week. Some couples watch porn together each day. Many of these couples are watching amateur porn because it is much more relatable to their own personal sex life. Nevertheless, many people still put a negative stigma on porn stars, as if they are professionals. They are not and anything they do, so can you! The amateur porn genre is so popular because it is so diverse. The performers can come from many countries and backgrounds.

In basic terms, anyone can spend time creating amateur pornography. Doing so allows them to make money, have fun, and entertain people around the world. Who can create amateur porn? Read the thorough guide below to find out.

The Requirements

One of the best things about amateur porn is that the entry requirements are minimal. You don’t need any experience to start creating amateur porn. Instead, you’ll need a computer, an Internet connection, and a camera. You can start with a webcam before upgrading to something better. More importantly, you should have a passion for sex.

You’ll also need confidence since you’re going to be showing off your body. Over time, you’ll become more comfortable performing in front of the camera. If you think you have what it takes, you can begin performing live amateur sex shows immediately.

Any Gender

As most people know amateur live porn is very popular around the world. When you begin browsing websites that offer this genre of porn, you’ll find that most of the performers are women. Although this will likely always be the case, the genre is suitable for all genders. Whether you’re a man, woman, or transsexual, you can partake in amateur pornography. Millions of viewers are watching this type of porn. Therefore, their preferences are going to differ significantly.

Some people are looking for female amateurs, but others are eager to watch men. Then, you’ll have people who want to watch transsexual performers. Suffice to say, there is a market for everyone. Regardless of your pronouns, you can easily create amateur porn and find a suitable audience.


Another thing you’ll find is that your sexuality won’t matter. People are eager to watch amateur content more than anything. Each viewer will have different preferences so there will be something for everyone. If you’re bisexual, you’ll have a bigger audience since you can perform with men and women. Nevertheless, straight amateurs and lesbian amateurs are also extremely popular.

Amateur stars will work hard to find a way to satisfy their audiences. If you can do that, you’ll succeed regardless of your sexuality.



It is often believed that only college girls are creating porn. Others think they’re single mothers who need to make money on the side. Although this might’ve been true many years ago, times have changed. Now, there are more performers than ever. Plus, people from different backgrounds are creating adult content. If you follow the news, you’ll find that teachers, doctors, cops, and others are involved in the amateur porn industry.

Whether you’re creating videos or photos, you can make a lot of money using amateur porn. However, you may need to separate your porn business from your career to avoid potential problems.

Should You?

Amateur porn isn’t right for everyone, but it can be a good choice for people who need to make money. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, you may want to consider delving into adult content. Doing so may be a good choice for you. All you have to do is turn on your camera and tease your audience. If you’re willing to work hard and expose yourself on camera, you’ll quickly gain a following and become a popular amateur performer. You can even turn your hobby into a profitable career.

Putting My Husband In A Penis Cage Until He Begged To Be Freed

Putting My Husband In A Penis Cage Until He Begged To Be Freed

So rather than being a great blogger and leaving you guys on the edge of your seat like, “Omg, finally her husband is going to start his chastity training! Now the question is, when is her husband going to beg to take off his penis cage? I just can’t wait to hear this! Cancel all our plans for tonight baby, I am going to be busy reading this blog!”  I will let you know, my husband didn’t even last 4 hours.  In fact, if it wasn’t for our work day, he wouldn’t even have lasted an hour.

So let me start…

On a whim and for no apparent reason, my husband ordered a penis cage online and decided he wanted to be my fuck boy. Although this wasn’t something we discussed, it’s kind of like at this point, I was like, “Fuck it, why not?”  If you don’t know, just check out a few extreme things we have done in the past. This seemed like light work compared to all the things we’ve tried.

So I was laying in bed the night before my husband was caged and massaging his dick while talking dirty to him. We discussed how he would never leave the house again without being caged. We discussed how no person on earth will ever be able to fuck him or even see his dick without my penis cage being locked on it. His dick would be totally useless. Admittedly, I loved this talk. For the record, I have went way beyond caging him, I had him tattoo my name on his dick. So this idea isn’t anything new to  us. The only difference is, instead of anyone that sucks his dick having to put my name in their mouth, with a locked cage, it just isn’t possible anymore. His dick is finally all mine forever…

Or a few hours, whatever.

So we wake up in the morning and get ready for work. I remind him that I need to cage him and he already started complaining that he has a morning erection and it won’t be possible. Oh boy, what a wuss. So I wait a few minutes and grab the cage and demand that he sits on the bed. I try to slide the cage on and I admit, it wasn’t that easy. My husband kept saying “ouch” and other various noises. Eventually I told him to quit being a pussy. He snapped back at me to stop and said he will do it himself. So I sat back and watched him use his fingers between the cage bars and slowly slide his penis into his cage.

After what seemed like an eternity I finally had his dick where I wanted it, safely locked in a cage for the rest of my life! I put the lock on and swallowed the key. I looked at him after I swallowed it and said, you will only get this key when they pry it out of my cold dead hands. He yelled back at me, “Did you just really swallow that fucking key?!”

Okay, none of that last part happened but I figured it would spice things up for the readers. I actually just took the key and placed it nicely in my purse because I didn’t want to lose it. I got down on my knees and started licking his dick through the cage and laughed to myself as I saw his dick start expanding inside the cage. He pulled his dick away and told me to stop. I left to work and sent him a text message, “You dick will never be free again.”

At about 10 AM I got a text message from my husband saying his penis was hurting and he couldn’t walk around because his bulge was sticking out too far. Oh gosh, I just didn’t realize my husband couldn’t last a day with his cock locked up. He then texted and said please meet him at home for lunch because his dick was aching. I agreed.

At lunch, I met my husband at home and he was already undressed in the bathroom with his penis dripping. I guess he tried to pee but missed the hole in front of the penis cage and just sprayed the wall like a water hose when you put your finger over the hole and it goes wild. 

What the hell have I done? 

I told him to calm down and come back into the bedroom. I got down on my knees and licked the urine that was dripping off his penis cage because I knew this would drive him wild. I then licked his dick through the cage again and noticed that his dick could only swell but not get hard. This was so sexy to me. I didn’t realize the cage will literally stop the penis from growing. I then sucked on his balls which were also locked in the cage and followed his taint down to his ass hole. This drove him mad. My husband was so frustrated and annoyed he started begging me to take off the cage so he could fuck me. Although I liked hearing him whine, I am not used to having a dominant role over him. Every bone in my body wanted to take it off immediately so I didn’t get in trouble. But before I did, I reminded him that he should take a few pictures for the blog before I freed his penis.

After he took a few pics with his cage against my ass, I turned around and unlocked his dick. His cock went from thick and soft to rock hard in seconds. The truth is, I have never seen a dick transform so quickly. Unfortunately / fortunately that day I learned I would have to pay with my pussy if I ever tried to dominate him. He snagged me up by my hair and threw me onto the bed and forced my head against the pillow.  He shoved his cock in me without lubing me up and fucked my brains out. I don’t remember how many times I came, but I know I was slapped around, choked, and punished for purposely teasing him while he was caged. Although I suppose this was “supposed” to teach me a lesson, all I am trying to figure out is how I can get him in his damn penis cage again!  Help! 

Finding a submissive male to lock up in a penis chastity cage and make him our pet.

penis chastity cageFinding a submissive male to lock up in a penis chastity cage and make him our pet.

Some couples are into cucking or the cuckold fetish, which seems to be extremely popular on social media. Some couples enjoy the hotwife fetish which is similar to cucking but not quite the same. However, we are into a less known kink called a threesub. This is a threesome where one of the third person involved is a total sub for a couple. This kink is the lesser known of the three and the sub can be a male or female, but in our situation we are looking for a sub to lock into a device called a penis chastity cage.

A Threesub (Threesome)

A threesub is where a couple takes on a third person that is totally submissive. The submissive person is usually male, but that would depend on the couple and the relationship dynamic they want to create. If the third is male, he will stay in a penis chastity cage throughout the relationship and only the couple can free him from this cage.

Although the sub’s role can vary, for us and our threesub, our pet’s role is to clean us both up with his mouth after my  husband and I have sex, always remaining obedient (as long as it doesn’t affect his marriage and real life), and service us both with oral sex on demand, possible waterplay (if all agree), and being penetrated and/or pegged at our discretion. This kink is clearly connected to BDSM.  We also hold the key to our pet’s penis chastity cage. When he decides or is caught without his cage, the relationship is over. We have no interest in our sub/pet if he decides he no longer wants to be caged. This rule for us is a hard boundary and the submissive knows this from the beginning.  

Having a threesub is great kink if the couple is interested in MFM threesomes without having to deal with the third person crossing the line or having to deal with another man’s ego. One man’s ego is enough for me! I prefer a total submissive. Neither I nor my husband have a desire to include a guy without a penis chastity cage involved. This kink is similar to cuckolding except the third male is the humiliated one. We have learned that this gives a great escape for a married man who is dealing with his sexuality (bisexual / curious), yet has no desire to share his own spouse or be cucked in his own relationship. However, he still has a strong desire in being humiliated. It also includes a few perks such as eating a woman’s cream pie, giving a man oral sex, and being fucked and pegged.  On the other hand, it gives the couple the advantage of having a threesome / pet, and not having to deal with the negative stigma of having another man in your bedroom. And although we are open, neither of us have any interest in seeing me fucked by another guy.  But as natural voyeurs, we love watching a third undress, be nude, and service us. 

A cuckold is a man who enjoys the humiliation or feeling of being emasculated by the fact that his wife is sleeping with other men.

The term cuckold is from around 1250 AD and probably derives from the cuckoo bird, who laid her eggs in other birds’ nests. The implication of female adultery was that a man could not control his wife, or satisfy her. The female’s other lovers—her bulls—have more sexual stamina, are more attractive, or have larger penises.

Cuckolding can involve penis size humiliation, chastity, abstinence for the husband, and forcing the husband to clean up the women and eat the “bulls” semen off or out of her body.


A hotwife is when a couple accepts that the wife is so hot that she attracts other men. Both of them are turned on by the fact other guys want her.

A hotwife is not about humiliation, but more about the husband accepting that his wife is so attractive that other men will do anything to be with her.  In response, the husband is turned on because the attention makes her feel good. She gets to be treated like a goddess. He loves the idea of other men wanting what is his. A hotwife will usually come home from a hotwife date and fuck her man immediately. Rather than humiliation and withholding sex for a “bull” like in cuckolding, the couple will fuck much more passionately because of the attention the wife received.

Maybe we will share more experiences as we are new to this lifestyle ourselves. So far we have been lucky enough to enjoy having our sub clean my fresh creampie while caged, wear my dirty panties throughout his work day, give us oral sex, and follow all our boundaries without asking for more.  

Please comment below if you are part of a threesub or have a desire to join a couple as a total submissive.


Face Slapping During Sex: Everything You Need To Know About Slapping Your Partner

Face Slapping During Sex: Everything You Need To Know About Slapping Your Partner

Some people may go through their entire sexual lives and never once think about slapping or having their face slapped during sex. It’s not something all people think about. I know I never thought about it and I like to consider myself someone who has tried everything. 

In our relationship, my husband and I had certain kinks that prior to ever doing anything sexually, that was already in our minds. When I my husband his dirtiest fantasy, he told me it was being rimmed by a woman.  This was in the 90s when this just wasn’t something that girls did (times have changed).  My husband believes this kink was planted in his head when a rumor floated around his school that a popular guy gave his letterman jacket to a popular girl when she licked his ass. This is at least what the guy told the fellas in the locker rooms when she was spotted with his jacket. Although never confirmed, the seed was planted. 

My fantasy was being forcefully taken.  I will avoid the word commonly used with this concept, since it could trigger some people. However, I was pretty vanilla otherwise, but always had a fantasy of being forcefully held down and fucked. This wasn’t something my husband had thought about or even liked, but I can tell it really affected him. He was naturally soft and gentle but would slowly start getting more rough during sex because he knew it is what I liked.  

So lets talk about face slapping during sex. 

Are you curious about slapping your partner or being slapped by your partner during sex?  A slap across the face can be fun and exciting, as long as you are doing it correctly.  

When it comes to spanking, slapping, whipping, choking, biting, and scratching, things can get a bit painful. There are also questions of whether or not slapping is abuse, harmful, or a sign you’re unhinged. Any erotic pain-play can stir up emotions in many of us. That’s normal. Sex comes with all kinds of emotions, both positive and negative.

However, nothing is wrong with any sexual act between two adults if you are both into it, have consented, and are turned on by it.   Slapping is totally acceptable.. In fact, any sexual act between consenting adults is perfectly fine. You’re not an evil person for wanting to slap or be slapped.

If you are new to face slapping, here are a few tips that can help you transition into 

Communicate about Slapping During Sex

  • Before you do anything, you have to talk everything through. There should certainly not be any unexpected face slapping during sex. That is non-consensual play and a big no-no. If you’re going to slap your partner (or be slapped), everyone must be on board and into it.
  • If you’re wondering how to introduce the topic, no worries. First, ask them if this is something they’d be willing to explore. Slapping a face is a step up from spanking a butt. Slapping can be very empowering and sexy for some people, and not at all for others.
  • I find that the easiest way to introduce a partner to slapping is by watching some porn where slapping is an element. The key is to find a video where the slapping isn’t scary or seemingly non-consensual. Meaning, no going to Pornhub or RedTube.

Due Diligence or Deep Dive, Do Your DD.

  • Do your due diligence. Do not go into aggressive sex or BDSM without knowing what you’re doing. You can read blogs like ours or search for articles on slapping during sex.  Although this will not teach you all the ins and outs, it can prepare you for what is next.
  • Sit in on a sex class about slapping during sex. At various sex conventions you can sit in on classes that teach you about slapping, choking, and every kink in existence. 
  • Watch YouTube videos that go into detail about slapping during sex. Here is a good video on spanking from sex educator Jess Wilde. He is another intro video, from Nina Pain, which is basically face slapping for dummies.

Explore Ass Smacking First

  • If you haven’t gotten good at smacking her ass during sex, do not move into slapping her face. Face slapping is basically butt slapping, only more advanced and with more risks.
  • No slapping until the you’ve learned to spank properly . Now, you might not be into butt slapping, but are turned on by face slapping. This is totally valid. It’s not so much about doing things that aren’t sexy to get to the sexy part, it’s about working on a meatier canvas before going to a bonier, softer one.
  • A butt is going to absorb a slap more easily than a face. There is generally less pain and greater surface area to work with. Practice on butts, and then move to faces.

Have A Safe Word.

  • Before aggressive sex or role play, set up a safe word. This should be a non-sexual word that lets your partner know they should stop and check on you. I recommend something like the following: pineapple, stop before I bite you, or whatever phrase or word you want.  Personally we do not need a safe word, as we can talk openly and I’d just say stop.  But every couple is different and do whatever is best for your sexual dynamic.
  • Admittedly, depending on the dialogue you use during sex, safe words are important because if you’re in a session where you are being submissive, the words “no” or “stop” might be a part of your role play.  A safe word should stop all role play and bring your partner back into reality. Remember, that as the person being slapped, you are still in control of your body. 

Start Slow When Slapping During Sex

  • Don’t begin your adventure into slapping by screaming “woooooooo” and doing the Rick Flair slap across the face of your partner. That’s probably not going to end well. You may end up with a bruise or a black eye. Not sexy at all!
  • Start with soft slaps. When you’re making out, pull back and lightly slap your partner across the face. Rub the spot where you hit them to soothe the skin. Kiss them lightly in the same spot you slap them. 
  • Work your way up to harder slaps. Communicate and talk with your partner to make sure they are okay. 

How To Warn Her Prior To Slapping Her During Sex

  • When slapping, never just surprise her with a random slap. This doesn’t feel good, trust me. Let us prepare so we can brace ourselves or enjoy the sting. A random sting sucks. Try placing one hand on the opposite cheek of the person you’re slapping. This helps stabilize their head to absorb some of the slap. 
  • Rub her face or grab her cheeks gently prior to slapping her. This is a great way to warn her that a slap is coming.
  • Softly grab her by her throat without choking her and gradually put your hand around her lower jaws. Grab each side of her face and squeeze a bit, not really a choke but more of an aggressive warning that a slap is coming.
  • Put your hand over her face and put pressure down on her. This is a huge warning that a slap is coming.

Where Should You Slap Her?

  • The face is a highly sensitive area so be careful.
  • Stay away from places like the ears, nose, throat, or eyes. Try to focus on her cheeks. If you slap someone in the ear, it doesn’t feel good.  You may not always hit directly on her cheeks, but try to keep in that general area.

Face Slapping During Sex

So do you think you are ready? Make sure you communicate with your partner and both of you figure out what is best for you. No guide will be perfect for you because every relationship is unique and you have your own sexual dynamic.  With us, I like to be slapped and choked as I orgasm on his dick.  It makes my climax much more intense. I also like to be slapped as he cums inside me because there is something about feeling him angry while he cums inside me that turns me on.  It’s almost like he is mad at me because my pussy is so good he can’t control himself.  I love it.  I love slapping. And I really love to be choked.  But that’s a whole other blog!