Sex Blogging Rank:  1

One of the original couples of sex blogging. Not to call them old, but they have been sex blogging online since 1997. From hosting AOL private chat ‘ask me anything’ sessions, to leading the sexual blogging revolution on blogger (which eventually banned and forced adult content creators to start their own pages). Their blog is a real life open book on their lives, opinions, photos, videos, and more. Before onlyfans and pay sites, we had this.  Beautiful content for free, from couples who just loved to blog.


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We had a few dollars left from our promo account on only fans and we decided to spend it on long time social media friend @oohfellatio

Great content girl! Make sure you guys check out her onlyfans! Well worth it!

Q&A: How to respond when women tell me they squirt when I am not into squirting?

Study shows, Longer Penis Size Does Matter, especially to women that have vaginal orgasms through penetration

Q & A: My Husband (almost 5 inches in penis size) offered to wear a big strap on to see if I could orgasm. Should I?

From not having orgasms as a teenage girl, to guaranteed orgasms as a woman.

Q & A: What Are Some Creative Ways To Please My Wife Sexually?

Sex Blogging Rank:  2

JoEllen Notte, otherwise known as, The Redhead Bedhead, is a writer, speaker, researcher and mental health advocate who also talks about sex toys. This all started a few years back when she, at the age of 32, ended a sexless marriage, rebooted her life and decided to learn all about sex. JoEllen figured if she had things to learn but felt scared, alone, and broken, the same was probably true for others. This led her to have what she thought was a terribly novel idea- she would talk about sex on the internet!

Since 2012 JoEllen has written about sexvibratorsmental health, and how none of us are broken on her award-winning as well as for xoJane, Bitch MediaDaily Dot, AlterNet and Kinkly. She traveled North America touring the best sex shops in the US and Canada, led workshops on sexual communicationnavigating consenthaving casual sex kindly, and online dating, and spoken at length on sex toys .  However, she says she is still the happiest and most effective when writing and speaking on behalf of quiet people who have sex.

JoEllen is certified as a sex educator through the Planned Parenthood of Massachusetts Sexuality Education Certification Series and has spoken at Clark College, University of Chicago, Woodhull’s Sexual Freedom Summit and the Playground Conference.

Sound good?  She is!   So go check her out!


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After a decade of being on social media pretty much nonstop, I'm taking a break. There will be no posts on this account for all of July, but I will be back in August!

Have a great month, I look forward to coming back refreshed and ready to do some epic stuff. ❤️❤️❤️
JoEllenNotte photo

July marks Redhead Bedhead's 10 anniversary! How am I celebrating? With 2 things I haven't done in a decade:
1. Social media break - see you in August!
2. Vacation!
Want to help me celebrate? Terrific! Here are some easy ways you can do that in a cute and convenient comic strip!
JoEllenNotte photo

“Secks doesn’t exist in a vacuum; it’s part of both our individual health and the health of our relationships. I find that people often want to address the impact of depression and its treatment on our secks lives as a secks problem with a focused, 100% … JoEllenNotte photo

I aspire to show up for the people I love with the same energy as my stepfather after he learned I like @PolarSeltzer and @ChexCereal. JoEllenNotte photo

I complain about health care in Oregon a lot but there is definitely something I should give them credit for: when I decided I wanted a tubal ligation, I was able to get one. No arguing, no mentioning theoretical children a theoretical husband might want. I just got it.

Sometimes it feels like we as a society have been conditioned to sweep in and “rescue“ each other from getting our hopes up. The thing is, most of us aren’t walking around thinking that the absolute best outcome is definitely going to happen. We don’t ne… JoEllenNotte photo

Sex Blogging Rank:  3

Who is she?

She is Molly Moore. Molly is a blogger, photographer, author, speaker, and podcaster.  She writes about sex, relationships, kink, sexuality and variety of other related subjects.  Her pronouns are she/her, she is Queer, Bi-sexual, Non-monogamous, Kinky, Femme, Cis. For a while she considered herself submissive but has recently discovered that she may have domme tendencies.  Molly is 49 years old and a mother of two kids.

Molly has been blogging since the beginning of 2010. She started blogging as a place to put some of the many erotic stories she had written.  It also inspired her to finish some of her writings.   She originally thought she would write daily so she named her blog, Molly’s DAILY Kiss.

On her blog you will find frank portrayals and discussions of sex (including images). A lot of what she writes about is her own experiences, which includes sex toy reviews, and some fiction covering political and social topics.


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An ok one today
Wordle 381 4/6


If you love my 365 project here on Twitter why not send me a little tip to support my work

We’re 65 today! 🥳

So here’s a message from our Director, Rachel, to tell you a little bit about who we are, what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

If that whets your appetite and you’d like to know more, here’s a handy link to our website:
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Day 308
"My task is set before me, girl
My mission clear and true
There’ll be black knights and dragons, girl
But I will always come for you…"

~ Emme Rollins
Mollysdailykiss photo

Who wants to lend me a hand in the shower?

Sex Blogging Rank:  4

Lorrae, founder of Slutty Girl Problems, believes that every woman deserves to have an awesome, loving relationship with her partner(s), her sex life, and herself – and it’s her mission to make sure that happens. Lorrae’s goal is to empower women to create the life and love they crave – with relationship, mindset, and wellness tools to live adventurous, free, and happy AF.

For as long as she can remember, she has been interested in sexuality. Since college, it’s been her passion. In kindergarten, she got in trouble for kissing boys on the playground. As soon as she learned how to use a computer, she was up late learning about sex from porn (not the best sex-ed tool, but she worked with what she had).   Now she gives women a better platform to learn from!


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Launch into a summer of love with the perfect Pleasure Guide full of favorite toys for self discovery, playful connection, & exploring curiosity!

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Sex Blogging Rank:  5

Sunny Megatron is a Sexuality & Kink Educator and media personality. She’s the host and executive producer of the Showtime original television series, Sex with Sunny Megatron, plus co-hosts the AASECT Award winning American Sex Podcast and Open Deeply Podcast.

Sunny is a Certified Relationship Coach and American College of Sexologists International Certified Sex Educator plus was voted XBIZ 2021 Sexpert of the Year and Kinkly’s Sex Blogging Superhero of 2017. She’s been featured in Cosmo, Playboy, Buzzfeed, CNN, and more plus is a contributing editor of XBIZ Premiere Magazine and a regular columnist for Sexual Health Magazine. Her first book, Customizable Kink: A Strategic Guide to Erotic Play will be released in 2022.


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Rosa Parks on Clarence Thomas: "His confirmation to the highest court in the land would not represent a step forward in the road to racial progress but a u-turn on that road. ...His statements on Brown v. Board of Education case..and even on the Roe v. Wade to me indicate SunnyMegatron photo

OMG, this has got to stop!

Also hits close to home literally & figuratively. I used to work the Evanston 4th of July parade every year as a teen--weird feels.

Also my kid lives up north now. She's most likely not at that parade but I'm going to be worried until I hear from her.
SunnyMegatron photo
City of Evanston @CityofEvanston
Due to a tragic mass shooting that took place earlier this morning in Highland Park, the City of Evanston will be canceling this year’s 4th of July Parade and celebrations effective immediately due to an abundance of caution.

No celebrating, only rage.

Not that I ever enjoyed celebrating this day. I did BBQ & went to fireworks for the kids or get-togethers friends invited me to.

But years I didn't *have to* do something? Not a damn thing. Never really felt like a day for celebration. But now?
SunnyMegatron photo

In between bone/joint pain I wonder "was it really THAT bad?" Like I'm the goldfish & forget my pain castle exists when I can't see it.

Earlier my dog sat on my leg funny & twisted my hip/pelvis out of alignment.

Holy hell, YES! The pain castle exists! And it's THAT bad! 😭

Black people: yeah, y’all need to cool it with the make up and costumes you’re in the fight of your life with abortion rights start organizing in your community.

WW: so I should just do nothing then?!

BP: wait, was makeup and costumes your entire plan???

Sex Blogging Rank:  6

Betty Butch is a queer, nonbinary blogger on the autism spectrum. She writes about pleasure, risk-aware consensual kink, neurodiversity, queerness, mental health, relationships, and body positivity.  She also has sex toy reviews, personal essays, guides, and the occasional erotica.  Reviews include toys for vulvas, kink gear, and porn of various mediums.

She believes sex and kink are adult forms of play, and she has a big imagination. Betty Butch wants to spend her life exploring, learning, and theorizing. There are adventures and realizations to be had, and she is keen on writing about both.


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🌿It’s me!🤍

If you’re a QTPOC writer of all things Culture - PITCH ME. Black folks to the front.


$80-$200 we pay on time and at the top of the month.


Sending emails to sex educators and influencers I admire is one of the more terrifying things I've done recently.

it’s weird to me that the parallel between sex worker rights & abortion rights is not taken more seriously by mainstream feminists. both are issues of bodily autonomy & who gets to decide what we do with our bodies. SWers will fight for abortion, i’d like to see some reciprocity.

In 'Tender/Tough', a newly out trans man finds release in the tender/tough touch of a more experienced lover... 🤌

Read the second story on TESTOSTEROTICA here:

Sex Blogging Rank:  7

Submissive Feminist started off as a personal blog back in March of 2011. Since then, the blog has grown to be a place to connect with the online community, share her experiences and knowledge in kink and sexuality, and teach the importance of self expression.


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There's a lot going on in the world but mentally I am on a Finch adventure with @SugarCunt ☺️ SubFeminist photo

I'm not usually a rope person but some days I wish I had a partner who knew rope so I could explore when the rare mood strikes. Today is one of those days where I just want to be bound.

Honestly this is flawless logic and 100% why I love bimbofication 💖

I was curious how this mainstream manufacturer did with their line of fantasy toys & I was surprised to learn that the exact issue I imagined being a thing was exactly what happened. Thank you for this review, @threatganglia00!

today I got stoned & accidentally crashed a 4th of July party while loudly discussing socialism 🇺🇸

I've been having the most interesting sex dreams lately. 🥵

Sex Blogging Rank:  8

As a sex blogger, Kayla Lords writes about sex!  Always in a positive way. Always with an eye on both teaching and learning. Always to help foster a sense of community from the highly satisfied person getting all the sex they want to the newest member of the BDSM community.


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Sex Blogging Rank:  9

“Is monogamy dead?” is a question being asked by almost every major news publication and magazine over the last two years. Awareness of alternatives to traditional monogamy is at an all time high, as more people are seeking resources to intelligently…


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Howard Brown Health staff, Equality Illinois leadership, local, and state government leadership press conference:

Pay attention to the victory laps your conservative "friends" are taking right now. Screenshot their reactions and remember them.

They're celebrating the taking away of the basic human right of healthcare from women and trans people.

Remember they want more.

Everyone's talking about being broke these days, and the #polyamory community is no exception. Hear how @SwingsetLife dealt with being broke while juggling multiple relationships and their expenses. #SSPodcast SwingsetLife photo

Sex Blogging Rank:  10

Coffee and Kink is ran by Amy Norton (she/her pronouns.) She is a sex blogger, a digital sexuality journalist, an erotica author, an adult product reviewer, and a kink educator and community organiser.

She is a 30 year old queer, cis woman living in the UK. Some words she uses to describe herself include #Sparklefemme, polyamorous, a crap swinger, an intersectional feminist, and a very-occasionally-switchy submissive. She is also a survivor, a mental illness sufferer, and a writer above all.

Great blog and she proudly lets the world know, she likes her sex likes she likes my coffee: hot and several times a day.


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Coffeeandkink keeps her tweets protected, so no feed!