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Who is she?

She is Molly Moore. Molly is a blogger, photographer, author, speaker, and podcaster.  She writes about sex, relationships, kink, sexuality and variety of other related subjects.  Her pronouns are she/her, she is Queer, Bi-sexual, Non-monogamous, Kinky, Femme, Cis. For a while she considered herself submissive but has recently discovered that she may have domme tendencies.  Molly is 49 years old and a mother of two kids.

Molly has been blogging since the beginning of 2010. She started blogging as a place to put some of the many erotic stories she had written.  It also inspired her to finish some of her writings.   She originally thought she would write daily so she named her blog, Molly’s DAILY Kiss.

On her blog you will find frank portrayals and discussions of sex (including images). A lot of what she writes about is her own experiences, which includes sex toy reviews, and some fiction covering political and social topics.


Twitter Feed:

I am late to commenting on last weeks #SinfulSunday but I really want to highlight this beautiful image and also her words about how Twitter and also Sinful Sunday have been a positive force in @mywildlens

I always swallow unless you want me to feed it back to you that it.

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