Review: Love Glider Penetration Machine courtesy of TabuToys

Review: Love Glider Penetration Machine courtesy of TabuToys

Let’s just start off this review with what impressed us the most.  TabuToys customer service.  This item’s size and price is not something companies usually let blogs like us review as promotional items.  We also do not guarantee a review if we do not like the item, so these companies take a huge risk on the items they send.  TabuToys took the risk and we love them more for it!   Since we have never tried anything like this, this should be a fun review.

Venice: “Ouch!”

Previously we have tried a furniture wedge that we absolutely loved.  And then there was the trampoline sex machine of death.   The dangerous bouncing chair that almost destroyed my insides and decapitated Ryan’s penis mid bounce.  We happen to record the moment while doing a review!  The entire front of the rubber material suddenly snapped dropping me down too deep, too fast.  It was an uncomfortable moment for us both because you usually don’t land with all your weight down onto a penis that is hard enough to stab your bladder!  Thankfully we lived!   Let’s hope TabuToys didn’t send us another one of these booby traps! 

Like with all the items we review, we try to incorporate these toys into something we can do as a couple. This one was a challenge because it really is an item you should enjoy when you are alone and don’t have a real dick you can use. And what makes it so great is, it is hands free penetration.  It would also be a very cool gimmick for webcam shows, where you can entertain an audience.

We are not carpenters!  

Let’s get into the build and quality.  This item is made for both men and women.  I weigh about 150 pounds and when I sat on the Love Glider, it felt very sturdy.  The padding on my butt and legs felt comfortable.  Ryan is about 250 pounds and he sat on it as well.  Neither of us had any issues with the build quality of this item.  You can check the link and price below if you want more details on dimensions and materials. I mean, can I be honest with you? We are not carpenters!   I sit on things and listen for creaks and snapping.  This Love Glider did neither of those things. However, it did nicely glide front to back while at the same time sexily slide a dildo in and out of my body.  So I’d say, job well done!

It also comes with two 6.5″ (realistic/anal probe) phthalates free dildos, which will probably be my only complaint.  These dildos were about 6.5″ inches, but because of the build of the machine, the padding, and the distance between my body and the thrusting mechanism, I could only feel a few inches inside me.  And on the way out, it felt as though they were going to slip out at any time..   I’d highly recommend that you buy longer dildos to use with the machine.  

Apollo 13

After we got the Glider against the couch, our plan was to bend Ryan over while I eat him out. I’d slowly rock and enjoy the Glider beneath me.  But first, we had to make sure the item was totally hands free.  I don’t usually orgasm from top, but I almost always orgasm if my clit is being vibrated.  That’s right, time to treat our  Love Glider Penetration Machine like we were on the Apollo 13 and engineer a way to attach a wand to the front of it!

First we grabbed a pool floaty that I used as a cheap way to keep my high boots stiff when I take them off.  We simply cut off a 2 inch piece of that so we  could elevate my wand to be the exact height I needed it.  With a bit of Velcro tape, the first part of our build was complete.


Next we needed a way to attached the wand to the machine.  Oh boy!  I started running around the house looking for rope.  I mean, Ryan and I used to tie each other up for fun so this shouldn’t be hard to find.  After searching for a few minutes I realized we weren’t as kinky as we used to be and all the rope in the house was gone!   Dang it.  I went into Ryan’s closet and grabbed a tie he had blindfolded me with in the past.   Perfect!

With the build complete we were ready to start our mission!  Today we were going to put the Love Glider against the couch.  Because the stool is so high up, we could bend Ryan over on the couch and have him put his ass in my face.  While I lean forward and lick his ass, I will rock back and forth and test out the Glider!

Our experience with the Love Glider Penetration Machine

Sitting on the Love Glider Penetration Machine, my only real complaint is that the dildo felt like it was going to slip out of my vagina.  This threw me off and kept my mind off the things I should have had them on.  I wish I would have had a longer dildo to ensure that no matter how much I move, it was going to be massaging my sweet spot.  I don’t really use strap-ons or dildos, so those were the only choices we had.  The two dildos included with the Glider are a 6.5″ realistic dildo and 6.5″ tapered anal probe.  However, the adapter connects to any Vac-U-Lock attachments, so you can use your favorite dildo with that attachment type.  Other than the dildo being a bit too short for me to totally enjoy, it was a great experience. 

I leaned forward and rested my face in Ryan’s ass while rocking back and forth slowly.  The dildo slowly moves in and out of my body while the wand vibrator pulsated my clitoris.  My hands were free to feel around Ryan’s body and tickle his balls.  Although I do not usually cum from the top position, with the various sensations I felt, I was able to achieve an orgasm!  Had I not attached the wand that probably wouldn’t have happened, but I knew that before I started.    As creative as I would like to think we are, there really wasn’t too many options with positions for couples.  Ryan could have stood in front of me and I could have gave him a blow job while I gently rocked back and forth.   That was pretty much it. 

I’d say the Love Glider Penetration Machine is built for a male or female solo experience.  Whether you are on webcam, or just sitting at home watching a porn and wanting to feel the sensation of being penetrated.  It could also be great at strengthening your core because depending on your movement, you will have to balance yourself.    Want to lose weight?  Ride this machine once a day!

Again, I would like to extend our gratitude to the great people over at TabuToys for allowing us to review and experience this type of product.  No, we are not sponsored by them or affiliated in any way!  We are just an average couple that blogs and we do not really have the extra income to afford these type of things.  In fact, this item may be out of most peoples budgets, but if you want a dependable store with great costumer service, make sure you check them out.

More Information and Price: $599.99

Love Glider Penetration Machine

We are not affiliated with and get no revenue from this review.  Our goal isn’t to make money promoting things in hopes you buy it, we are just sharing our reviews on products we have tried for our readers. This item was sent to us as a promotional product.   All reviews are just our opinions and experiences.

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