Sex Blogging Rank:  1

One of the original couples of sex blogging. Not to call them old, but they have been sex blogging online since 1997. From hosting AOL private chat ‘ask me anything’ sessions, to leading the sexual blogging revolution on blogger (which eventually banned and forced adult content creators to start their own pages). Their blog is a real life open book on their lives, opinions, photos, videos, and more. Before onlyfans and pay sites, we had this.  Beautiful content for free, from couples who just loved to blog.


Twitter Feed:

Study shows, Longer Penis Size Does Matter, especially to women that have vaginal orgasms through penetration

Q & A: My Husband (almost 5 inches in penis size) offered to wear a big strap on to see if I could orgasm. Should I?

From not having orgasms as a teenage girl, to guaranteed orgasms as a woman.

Q & A: What Are Some Creative Ways To Please My Wife Sexually?

Q&A: How to introduce condoms after months of raw sex?

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