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Submissive Feminist started off as a personal blog back in March of 2011. Since then, the blog has grown to be a place to connect with the online community, share her experiences and knowledge in kink and sexuality, and teach the importance of self expression.


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My mother is new to medical marijuana but it's been a unique bonding experience teaching her how to do cannabis in various ways 😂 SubFeminist photo

The good thing about polyamory and alternative relationship structures is you can renegotiate relationships and what they look like, especially when one or more people is chronically ill. The bad news is it can be super raw, vulnerable, and scary to make changes.

I'm not like other men, I want my sexual partners to be AUTHENTICALLY disappointed by my dick SubFeminist photo

anyone else have a sour stim masochism kink? 😳 SubFeminist photo

Having one of the worst pain days in a long time so my partner finally bullied me into making an appointment with my doctor & I came here to pout about it. Adulting is hard. SubFeminist photo

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