Review: Love Glider Penetration Machine courtesy of TabuToys

Review: Love Glider Penetration Machine courtesy of TabuToys

Let’s just start off this review with what impressed us the most.  TabuToys customer service.  This item’s size and price is not something companies usually let blogs like us review as promotional items.  We also do not guarantee a review if we do not like the item, so these companies take a huge risk on the items they send.  TabuToys took the risk and we love them more for it!   Since we have never tried anything like this, this should be a fun review.

Venice: “Ouch!”

Previously we have tried a furniture wedge that we absolutely loved.  And then there was the trampoline sex machine of death.   The dangerous bouncing chair that almost destroyed my insides and decapitated Ryan’s penis mid bounce.  We happen to record the moment while doing a review!  The entire front of the rubber material suddenly snapped dropping me down too deep, too fast.  It was an uncomfortable moment for us both because you usually don’t land with all your weight down onto a penis that is hard enough to stab your bladder!  Thankfully we lived!   Let’s hope TabuToys didn’t send us another one of these booby traps! 

Like with all the items we review, we try to incorporate these toys into something we can do as a couple. This one was a challenge because it really is an item you should enjoy when you are alone and don’t have a real dick you can use. And what makes it so great is, it is hands free penetration.  It would also be a very cool gimmick for webcam shows, where you can entertain an audience.

We are not carpenters!  

Let’s get into the build and quality.  This item is made for both men and women.  I weigh about 150 pounds and when I sat on the Love Glider, it felt very sturdy.  The padding on my butt and legs felt comfortable.  Ryan is about 250 pounds and he sat on it as well.  Neither of us had any issues with the build quality of this item.  You can check the link and price below if you want more details on dimensions and materials. I mean, can I be honest with you? We are not carpenters!   I sit on things and listen for creaks and snapping.  This Love Glider did neither of those things. However, it did nicely glide front to back while at the same time sexily slide a dildo in and out of my body.  So I’d say, job well done!

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