Live Stream for Voyeurs – If These Walls Could Talk

Live Streaming for Voyeurs.  

If you want to have fun, or just interrupt, you can donate $1 or more (text to speech) and you will be able to communicate a message out loud in the room.  That could be interesting?  Donate Here

If these walls could talk…. now they can.  Although our live stream is being hosted on Chaturbate, we have our privacy settings set to where we do not show up on the listing page so only those browsing this blog will catch our voyeur streams.  Our camera is up in the ceiling and other than us being us, we do not interact with any chat rooms.  However, we have added an option for you guys here at our blog to donate $1 and let us know you are watching, or have your text-to-speech play out loud if you happen to get lucky and catch our live stream.   This is only something we are doing for the blog readers, as this option is not offered on Chaturbate. Since we are making ourselves unlisted, we will not get random viewers.  We do not make any profit on this site (no ads, no hidden miners, no random popups) and will not get rich off a single dollar donation, so no worries, you are not being hustled! We just think it would be fun to hear from a viewer live as we play with each other.  We came up with the idea to live stream (voyeur) our sex life because we originally wanted to live stream our bedroom 24 hours a day, every day.  Whether we are sleeping or getting ready for work, we just wanted to leave a camera on and just let it stream to the internet.  Unfortunately, there aren’t any platforms that we know of that allow us to record our room 24 hours a day, because this would mean it would also film us having sex, sleeping nude, and other things that may be against various platforms terms of service.  The only option we know of is a dedicated server, which can costs $100s per month.  Because our blog makes no income we do not think it would be smart to pay fees to purchase a dedicated server that can keep our room stream active each day. Therefore, we are looking into a platform to stream our day to day life, while using chaturbate to stream the “down time”.    We are still testing the waters and have no stream schedule.  If you have to catch a show, please stay positive and enjoy the show.

Extra infomation regarding Live Streaming for Voyeurs

We do not put on private shows for money and our live streaming for voyeurs is purely for our own desires to be sexhibitionists.  If you happen catch a live stream, leave a comment below and let us know.  Any negative comments will be removed.  Good positive vibes only please.  We know, we know, we are no Ken and Barbie and are just a real life couple letting random blog viewers be flies on the wall. 

Disclaimer:  We will not add pop up ads, bit miners, or any other random thing you get from various live cams.  We will not fix our camera angles (it’s a ceiling surveillance cam, true voyeur style), zoom in, show creampies or focus on our bodies or genitals, fix the lighting, or invite you or anyone over to our house to join us.  We are allowing others to view our random sex life as if they are a fly on the wall, voyeurism.  We will shut off the cameras when we are done.  If you want to comment, post below or use the TTS.