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Sex Toys from your favorite Sex Bloggers.  All items in our shop are personal stock, which means we do not sell items in bulk.  These are items over the years we have received and either unopened, or opened to inspect the item properly prior to writing our reviews.  Some items we received duplicates of certain items with different color variations.   Some items were identical to an item we had already reviewed so other than opening the package and confirming it worked, we did not use the item in any way.  Some items we decided not to review and remain totally unopen.   Please check prior to purchasing the condition the product you are ordering.  With that said, if we opened an item, we took time to sterilize and clean the item prior to repackaging to guarantee we are selling a clean item in new condition.  Please check our 20 year history online, as sex blog contributors, and as online personalities.  Our website is secure, all financial info is saved through Stripe (we do not get any payment info other than the order and address), a reputable 3rd party that almost all websites use.

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