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We are just a blog that writes about our everyday experiences.  All our of blogs and reviews get posted to our SexBlogging Twitter Account (23K followers), our SexBlogging Facebook Page (10K likes – if it is not vulgar and doesn’t break Facebook TOS), and of course to our website Sexblogging.com.  We have been married for 25 years, blogging for nearly 27 years!   We have proudly carved ourselves as a permanent fixture online as sex blogging pioneers and a truly authentic couple that enjoys blogging for no other reason than we just like to share our thoughts with our long time friends and readers.  We still love and enjoy what we do. 

Toy Reviews:

If you have any questions about having us review items from your toy shop, please contact us with a link to your store and a limit to which items we can review.  Please note, we have reviewed every lower priced item we care to review and are no longer interested in creating carbon copy reviews of toys that only slightly vary from the previous toy.  A vibrator is a vibrator.  It shakes.  However, if you have something unique, please let us know.   

We will not review items we do not enjoy, as it is not our goal to do negative reviews and hurt companies that reach out to us.  We appreciate the item, but that doesn’t mean we are obligated to do a review.   If we do review, we will put in the description that the item was sent to us for review, as to not confuse our readers.  If you are okay with these terms, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  

Advertising and Sponsors:

We write all our blogs and do not post articles we did not write.  The  purpose of this blog is to share our lives, more specifically our sex lives. We pride ourselves in our sex blog and like to believe people see us as sex bloggers with integrity.  With that said, we do appreciate those that want to sponsor a blog of ours.  A sponsor can choose a post category they would like to sponsor.  Whether it be our Naughty Selfies (Friday), or our Wednesday blog that is on various sexual topics.  At the bottom of our blog, we will thank our sponsor and include the following:

We really appreciate (yourlink.com) for sponsoring this blog and enabling us to continue to release our content for everyone.   Please show your support by checking them out.

This blog was sponsored by:   Yourlink.com
Followed by a short description.  Ex:  Yourlink.com is a sex website that has live cam shows of amateur women all over the world. 


We can also links via the sidebar on a monthly basis.  

For full transparency, we do check the websites prior, review the site, and make sure it passes our quality control inspection.  Part of our check includes, but it is not limited to, checking for disruptive popup ads, malware, and anything we consider harmful to our readers.  Any agreement we make is void if the contents of your page no longer meet our quality standards.  


We can work with bloggers, authors, or just various content creators to help illustrate a project   If this is something you would be interested in, please contact us for pricing and details.  And remember, whatever we illustrate will have to be thorough instructions, example photos, your color choices of the models, positions, etc.  These will be your illustrations you can use for your amateur or commercial projects.  For examples of the type of work we can do for your project, please see:  Sex Positions Archives


Question and Answers:

You can contact us and ask questions that we may answer on our blog.  We sort through a lot of different questions so we do not use all submissions.  We try to only answer questions we feel are appropriate for our blog.