Homemade Milking Table by SexBlogging

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Original price was: $300.00.Current price is: $120.00.

Disclaimer:  This table is a folding plastic table with a weight limit of 100lb.  We were able to use it with the person on top being 6’4, 250 pounds, but that was a risk we decided to take.  If you want us to build this project for you, we are not responsible for any incidents that may occur.   Please understand that this is just a do-it-yourself quick project to get an experience, then fold it away into a closet so it is out of the way.  This milking table worked for us for what we needed, our videos, and our experiences.  Since we did not want a huge heavy table, this was perfect.  

You are looking at our makeshift milking table.  When you aren’t being milked on this table, it can convert to anything you want it to be. If the hole in the center seems suspicious, trust me, it is not.  It can be a hole for things like a lamp, sewing table, or Christmas village set up where the cords need to go down through the table. We used ours as a table for our Christmas Village and the hole was perfect for getting the lights down to the outlet in the “middle” of the table/town.

We custom make these tables after you send payment.  Step one will be an order page that collects NO FINANCIAL INFORMATION.  You do not pay until after we email you back and let you know we got the order.  From there, we will find out what size hole you want (2 inches or 4 inches), or if you want both.  What that means is if you want a 2 inch hole with the silicone lips, that acts like a very tight cock and ball ring and leaves your penis veinous and engorged for the person underneath.  Or you can just put your cock through it.    Or we can give you a 4 inch hole so you can easily place your balls and cock through the hole,  We have done a 5 inch hole but that is limited do to the spacer costing much more money for 5 inches.  You will have to let us know what you want.  


Hole Sizes: 
4″ Hole
     Easily fits all sized men penis and balls through hole.
2″ Hole
     Acts as a cock ring for more experienced men that know how to get cock and balls in tight space and creates veins and a thick pump
     Or you just want the 2″ hole for your penis only, which makes your shaft seem much longer to the person below because it keeps the balls above the table       

Other possible options

As you see in the photos, which are all tables we have made for others, there are various options you can request that we may be able to add.  It will cost extra, because it costs us extra.  From color, to padding, to a specialized sheet that changes the table appearance.  This would have to be discussed via email prior to making any payments.  

Prior to any payment we will get all the details of your order. The most basic table is as priced, $120 plus shipping.  We’re sorry shipping is so high but we have 0 control over that.  

Please read our blog on this project, which we are selling by demand of readers who just want the DIY table without buying the tools.  All variations in the photos are what we have put together for others. 


Details on DIY / Home Made Milking Table:

If you want us to make this project for you please contact us personally and we can discuss it.  This is just a homemade item that is efficient and cheaply made.  However, because of shipping it does add a bit more to the price unfortunately.   Although it’s a folding table, it’s still awkwardly shaped and large.  If you do not care about all that and just want us to do it for you, contact us below and we can discuss the details and get your table made ASAP.


Due to shipping price restrictions we can only ship to the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.

Contact Us:  DIY Milking Table


We are not responsible for the stability of this product. It has a 100lb weight limit but it was able to hold me at 6’4, 250 lbs.   That DOESN’T mean its safe.  We created this listing by popular demand from our readers due to our blog on how to make a milking table.  If you do not want to make your own, do not have the tools, which can make it expensive to create a table, then you can now purchase the DIY milking table directly from us.    Please be careful when using this table, weight restrictions apply.   

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 38 × 31 × 4 cm

4 reviews for Homemade Milking Table by SexBlogging

    Homemade Milking Table by SexBlogging photo review
    @milk_yields on Twitter
    May 13, 2023
    I've received the table and already tried it out :) It works great! The first guy literally drenched me lol. I'm just trying to be careful when I place a guy on the table and when they are getting off the table. Sharing some Pics. My bulls are so happy to get milked lol. I also posted video on my twitter using the table! @milk_yields
    Happy Wife Happy Life
    April 22, 2023
    I ordered this as a surprise to my husband as a birthday night surprise. Ryan and Venice worked with me and added whatever extras I wanted, like a padded top! It cost bit extra but my husband loved it. He said it was the sexiest thing I had ever done for him! OMG, thank you so much you guys.
    Sean from South Carolina
    April 22, 2023
    I read their DIY guide and didn't even want to try it. Just easier for me to order from them, and I am glad I did. Straight to the point, good simple table, and personable customer service. My wife and I are long time readers of their blog (over 10 years), so we had no issues trusting them. They didn't let us down.
    Larry T
    April 22, 2023
    We found their table through their helpful do-it-yourself guide but did not have the tools or time to make a table. We then ended up down the rabbit hole reading their blog and actually watching the milking table videos Ryan and Venice made together. We wanted to try it and first searched around for massage tables on Amazon. Unfortunately we ended up buying a great table but it had all types wires and things underneath it that literally looks like it would chop off your penis while beheading the personal under it. We returned it and decided to try this do-it-yourself table they make. They were helpful and walked us through the entire process. They linked us to every item they used and apparently make little to no profit. Although the table has a weight limit, we used it with no problems and now have it folded up in our closet. Great experience for us and if we ever want to try it again, we just pull it out, open it up, and enjoy ourselves. Big thank you to Ryan and Venice for really helping us out!
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