Homemade Milking Table by SexBlogging



Homemade milking table delivered to your front door.  When you aren’t being milked on this table, it can convert to anything you want it to be.   If the hole in the center seems suspicious, trust me it is not.   It can be a hole for a lamp, sewing table, or Christmas village set up where the cords need to go down through the table .

Please read our blog on this project, which we are selling by demand of readers who just want the DIY table without buying the tools. 


We are not responsible for the stability of this product.  We created this listing by popular demand from our readers due to our blog on how to make a milking table.  If you do not want to make your own, do not have the tools, which can make it expensive to create a table, then you can now purchase the DIY directly from us.    Please be careful when using this table, weight restrictions apply.   


Due to price restrictions we can only ship to the United States, excluding Hawaii and Alaska.




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