The Advantages of Couples Who Have Sex While Drunk

Sex While DrunkThe Advantages of Couples Who Have Sex While Drunk

There are a lot of articles online about the advantages of having sex while drunk, but most of them discuss the easing of sexual tension between people.  It’s known that alcohol lowers inhibitions and can help make easing into sex at the end of a date easier, or better.  It can also help with premature ejaculation, as you tend to focus less on getting your orgasm, and more on the experience.  As well as, alcohol seems to make the genitals a little less sensitive.  Our article will not go into that aspect.  I wanted to focus more on how alcohol can make sex better for a couple that is already committed and in a sexual relationship with each other.    

Let’s Get This Out of The Way First

There are obviously a lot of disadvantages to alcohol, specifically your health.  That’s why we stress drinking in moderation.  We also are a blog that focuses more on sex and life as a couple, not sex from a single person’s perspective.  Neither of us drank while single, as we were too young.  However, we have researched various articles that mention alcohol leads to some women regretting their decisions while drunk, lowering their standards of who they sleep with, and that being tipsy makes it easier to be taken advantage of.  Not good.  Men on the other hand, just get a cool pair of beer goggles.  Either way, these disadvantages have nothing to do with our article, as we are talking about committed couples, alcohol, and better sex.  If my husband wants to wear beer goggles while fucking me, I’m okay with that.  After 25 years of marriage, I’ve learned beer goggles actually amplify all the positive things we see in each other, so it’s a good thing in a committed relationship!   


  • Whiskey Dick – Whiskey dick refers to a temporary condition where a person cannot get or maintain an adequate erection after consuming too much alcohol.
  • Whiskey Clit – Whisky Clit refers to a temporary condition where a female takes much longer to get off due to too much alcohol consumption.  My husband once went down on me for 3 hours before I had an orgasm.  Wait, is whiskey clit really a con?    It wasn’t a con for me!  


Sex While DrunkDrunk Sex – Enthusiasm

A lot of experienced couples call sex while being drunk, “porn sex.”   The reason?  Because sex while drunk usually turns out to be “extra.”  The enthusiasm is different.  That dick you have sucked on 1000 times seems to be a lot larger, a lot more tasty, and whatever comes out of it will be the best thing you’ve tasted in the last year.  Rather than going down on your partner and your mind wandering off wondering what you will be doing at work the following day, you are caught up in the moment and love having them in your mouth.  So much so, you go above and beyond to show the man you are with how much you enjoy his dick.  I’d even go as far as suggesting that a lot of women deep throat their men for the first time while being  a bit tipsy.  It makes you extremely experimental.   It also might be the first time you vomit all over his dick.  And that’s okay too.

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Yes Men, Women Do Notice When You Glance At Our Breasts

Yes Men, Women Do Notice When You Glance At Our Breasts

For the record, Ryan and I used our own photos for this blog!  Humble brag / We notice you looking!

I remember when I was younger and one of my brothers friend’s came over to help with my computer.  I had just gotten out of the shower and was wearing a tank top with no bra.  As I walked into my room I saw my brother and my brother’s friend sitting near my computer working on it.  Well, my brother was…his friend couldn’t stop staring at my braless breast.  I noticed.  I shrugged it off and decided to mess with him since he was being a little pervert.  I walked over near the desk and leaned down near his face to point at something on my computer screen and asked, “Is this supposed to be there?”  Although I didn’t check, I assume this would have put my cleavage on full display for him, since he couldn’t keep his eyes off them from afar.  He blushed and tried his hardest to keep his eyes focus on me and my finger.  I laughed to myself and left the room.  

We notice fellas.  Some of us do it on purpose, some of us don’t, but most of us still notice when a guy’s eyes glance at our breasts.  Below we have gathered various responses from women (and men) that were asked, “Do women notice when men look at there breasts?”

Yes. I definitely notice. I think for the most part it is ok and I take it as a compliment. I had breast implants a few years ago so I suppose if I said I didn’t like the attention that would be a bit hypocritical. Like most girls, when I put on an outfit and it really makes my boobs pop and look awesome I feel great and I suppose its natural if I like how they look so would a guy. As long as nothing offside is happening (like Ive had guys sneak a handful of my tits in crowded areas) I think its ok.

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The Secret To Keeping Your Vagina Clean

The Secret To Keeping Your Vagina Clean

My goal with this blog isn’t to shame women with smelly vaginas or add to the stereotype.  Even if you have the most beautiful vagina in the world, you still have dealt with unwelcoming odors from their vagina, whether they admit it or not.  Saying you’ve never dealt with having to clean your vagina is much like saying you’ve never brushed your teeth and/or had morning breath.  It’s just not a reality. 

I get it, that’s just something anyone wants to think about.   We do have to deal with old semen in our bodies, we do have to deal with the chemicals in condoms changing the pH in our bodies, we do have to deal with taking antibiotics for a sinus infection and the good bacteria in our bodies getting removed with the bad, and the list goes on and on.  Anything that can cause a yeast infection, which can be something as simple as a woman being turned on and getting too wet all day, can affect your smell.  With this blog I will try to go over my own experiences and what I believe is the best way / secret to keeping your vagina clean and stay odor free.   It isn’t technically a secret, but it also isn’t discussed for various reasons: talking about the secrets to eliminating odors can be embarrassing because that would mean your vagina odors (all women do), odors can be embarrassing, the vagina is usually self cleansing and if you admit it smells it suggests your vagina is broken, it’s natural, it gives more power to a man’s dick, and odors can be embarrassing

Mom knows best… clean your vagina daily

When I was a little girl, I saw a commercial on TV for Massengil, which was a product women would use if they ever had that “unfresh” feeling, aka a douche. At the time, I didn’t understand what that meant, and if I’m being perfectly honest, I don’t think I fully understood until I was well into my early 20s. I did unfold the instructions that came with the box and saw a crude caricature of a woman with one leg up at a 90 degree angle. In the next frame was the douche bottle headed right for the opening between her legs. What’s she doing that for? I thought. Does the water stay in there? What comes out? My six-year-old mind couldn’t even comprehend, and I don’t even think I asked my mom what she did with that bottle.

To be fair, my mom did emphasize the importance of washing your “private area” every day and putting on a fresh pair of panties. I didn’t question it. I thought it was part of my bathroom routine, same as brushing your teeth, combing your hair, washing your face, etc. I washed faithfully without question because you should always listen to your parents.  I never had any odors that I recall other than maybe a slight urine smell when I was a little girl.

Things that can cause odors in a vagina:

  • Semen
  • A dirty penis / balls
    Yes, your penis can introduce harmful bacteria to our bodies!  Keep your junk clean and stop trying to fuck us after a long day of work and no shower.
  • Period blood. 
    Whether it’s heavy or late in the cycle, it changes our body’s chemistry.
  • Saliva from oral sex
    When it comes to bacteria, the mouth is incredibly dirty and has hundreds of different types of bacteria living in it at any given moment.   This bacteria transfers to our vaginas when you go down on us.  Brush your teeth and use mouthwash prior to oral sex.
  • Getting wet and turned on
    Getting wet is natural, getting wet and turned on without having follow-up sex can lead to an excessive build up of moisture and bacteria.  We need dick, or something shaped like a dick daily.
  • Antibiotics
    Anytime you take antibiotics for other ailments such as a sinus infection, it can kill the good bacteria in  your body as well and temporary change your body chemistry.
  • Being fingered
    Dirty fingernails can carry harmful bacteria
  • Tight Panties
    This locks the moisture in.  If you can’t air it out, things happen.
  • Baths
    Bath water can not only cause an UTI, it can also cause an imbalance in the pH of your vagina.
  • Soap directly in your Vagina
  • Douche (mom never knew!)
    Not only kills the bad smelly bacteria, but it also kills the good bacteria that helps get rid of your odor
  • Wiping after using the bathroom
    Always wipe front to back
  • Hygiene 
    Take showers, change your panties.   

The solution to all of these problems?   A penis.


My Vagina Now…

Fast forward to married life.  Although I am religiously intimate with my husband twice a day,  that doesn’t mean just vaginal penetration.  That means massages, handjobs, blowjobs, face fucking, 69ing, or him eating me out.  Having vaginal intercourse has changed to maybe 2-3 times a week.  And most of the time this sex ends with my husband cumming inside me.   Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but let me explain.

When we were younger, we would have sex regularly, because we didn’t have all the various techniques we now use to please each other.  I was never on birth control and didn’t have my tubes tied so I could still easily get pregnant.   So although we had sex daily, it didn’t end in a cream pie.  That, plus the next day having sex again, my vagina was a workhorse.  Constant sex kept my fluids flowing, kept my body self cleansing, and without semen inside me, I stayed very fresh.   This is a sneak peek into how women can keep their bodies clean.  A penis is shaped to penetrate, but it is also shaped to “plunge”.  The glans of the penis is shaped to get deep inside your body and pull out (plunge) all the old fluids deep inside our bodies.     

According to Professor Gordon Gallup from the State University of New York who led a team of scientists to investigate the anatomy of the human penis and its use, the thrust of the penis – and the ridge that separates the head from the shaft – could help clear a woman’s vagina and reproductive system of a previous lover’s sperm.

Which also means it can also help clear a woman’s vagina and reproductive system of the same man’s cum from the night before.  Hence, keeping your vagina clean.

Getting my tubes tied means I want my husband to cum inside me every time

This is important to note because vaginal sex now usually ended with semen in my vagina. And because of this, I can be left with a lot of old semen in my body. You may be saying, “There’s nothing wrong with semen! It’s clean! That’s nature!” That’s right, it is; however, when you have fluids in your body, semen included, it festers in the vaginal cavity, and after a day or two, you’ll notice the distinct “fish” smell. That’s right. How does this happen? When you have bacteria in a tight crevice (vagina) that isn’t given the opportunity to flush out, it will sit. And sit. And sit. And sit in you until one day you notice a pungent smell emanating from between your legs. You can wash your lips and your clit, and it may cut that odor just slightly, but it’s still there! 

Not to mention, now that I have vaginal penetration less often, I notice that sex is much more traumatizing.  Previously my labia and vagina could handle the abuse from a penis rubbing each night between my walls; my body was acclimated to sex.   Now, having sex less often, my labia get sore and swollen, my vaginal walls tighten and become engorged (the opposite of what men think happens when we get fucked by a big dick), and any semen left inside me, stays inside me until my vagina recovers from the trauma of sex.   In other words, my vaginal hole tightens and closes after a long sex session.   This means the cum deep inside me can’t really leak out as easily.   And I know the next day when I am at work and nothing leaks out, my husband’s cum is still deep inside my body festering.  I never had this problem when I was sexual active daily.

Our Menstrual Cycles

I came to the conclusion that my mom was probably douching right after her period, because traces of blood left in your vagina can easily lead to foul odors. “Light days” or “Day 5” of your cycle doesn’t just mean you can stop using tampons – it means you should also start cleaning yourself.

But how?   

If you have a man, on day 5 or light days, you should be asking him to clean you out.  If that makes you uncomfortable, then you should have a shaft shaped toy that has a prominent mushroom shaped glans.

I will be dead honest.  At the end of my cycle I will message my husband and flat out tell him, I want you to fuck me tonight and clean me out.  It’s called a maintenance fuck.  It may not be sexual, it may not be something he fantasizes about, but he knows that I am serious.  I want to use his dick to clean my body deep and thorough, especially at the end of my cycle.  We use coconut oil (which naturally kills yeast) and he will fuck me slow and deep to get it all out.   The next day?  I am as fresh as can be.  That’s the secret, a maintenance fuck.

The researchers found that the penises with a more pronounced “mushroom shape” — those that had a marked coronal ridge, where the head meets the shaft — fared better in the experiment. The most mushroom-shaped penis scooped out nearly 87% of prior sperm.

If it can remove 87% of prior sperm, it can remove 87% of the old blood and bacteria still inside your body from your menstrual cycle.  In other words, if you want to clean your vagina, go fuck yourself. Whether that is with a dick or dildo.  If you don’t have a man and you’re allergic to certain materials, use your fingers. I once had a girl who wanted to hook up with, tell me on a Monday, “Heyyyy, I’m on my period right now, but should be good by the weekend (wink)!” Girl, NO. I’ll see you NEXT Friday, and if I’m on my cycle at that time, see you at the end of the month. That’s just common courtesy.

Something is fishy and the secrets out…

I feel like during the first 20 years of our marriage, I didn’t have that fish problem because, you guessed it, we were constantly having sex, and in doing so, kept my vagina balanced and fresh. Think brushing your teeth (and tongue!) and scrubbing away old food, soda, and candy. Think oral thrush (yeast infection of the mouth) and having no stimulation to free your mouth of bacteria. It works the same for a vagina: the more often you have sex, the less likely you’ll have bacteria sitting and ruminating in you. 

On another note, my cousin was a prison guard and they had a post-op transgender inmate.  This inmate, by doctor’s orders, was prescribed to use a dildo each night on her body to keep from getting infections.   Now I know that this was to prevent the post-op vagina from closing completely, but the same concept still applies.  Using your body each day keeps your body regenerating and functioning properly.  The vagina can absolutely be self-cleansing IF YOU ARE USING IT.

And it’s not just semen or old period blood that can cause that odor. If you’ve ever been so turned on that your vagina starts to get wet, your own fluids can cause it, too! It’s the bacteria sitting in your vagina that does it. I remember distinctly in grade school the older sisters of my classmates saying vaginas smell like fish, or something to that effect. Basically blaming a girl for having a “fishy” vagina. But no one knew why! And that all girls are prone to it! It was just something to tease a girl about when you wanted to piss her off. So even if you’re not sexually active (i.e. having semen in you regularly) or if you don’t have a regular menstrual cycle, your vagina is susceptible to odor. No woman is immune, and it’s unavoidable. Practice total vaginal care – your future partners will thank you.   

World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Competition – Leaderboard and Past Winners

The World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Competition – Leaderboard and Past Winners

Years ago we posted a blog about the Best Anus Contest, which only had a 1 year run. Much to the dismay of the million asshole lovers on reddit, the contest and leaderboard is now offline.   So all that is left is our article, the 1 time winner of the world’s most beautiful anus,  and a few submissions.  Because of this loss, we decided to archive the World’s Most Beautiful Vagina competition winners and link to the yearly leaderboard for our blog readers.  As of now, this link below still works.  We are not affiliated nor sponsored by this contest.  We just enjoy the idea and find it sexy and fun to share.

World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Leaderboard

Past winners:   

The World’s Most Beautiful Vagina Conclusion

As you can see, the past winners have all types of appearances.  Admittedly, the tight and compact labia seems to be the most popular, but a few larger labia did win it for the year.  I believe the smaller labia reminds men of a “tight” sensation visually and they can’t help but to vote for the more compact look.  However, they are all beautiful and definitely deserve their crowns!   The contest also seems biased to DSLR cameras, high quality lenses, and completely shaved.   Hair is beautiful too!

We are not sponsored nor affiliated with any of the links above.  As with all our Wild Wild Web entries, this is just dumb sexual things we found  interesting and wanted to share with our readers.


8 Weeks Of Growing Out My Bush In Photos

growing my bush shaved8 Weeks Of Growing Out My Bush In Photos

When I first announced that I was thinking about growing out my bush as my next project, I immediately received a lot of flack from visitors to our site.  The response to the idea was almost funny, because a few people messaged me telling me not to ruin my body.   The messages expressed how much they hated how the bush on a woman looked, how it was gross, how it was unclean, and how they would never be attracted to any woman who had a hairy snatch.

They are wrong!  A bush is beautiful and I will show you why in photos!

Why I Am Growing Out My Bush

I guess before I start I will try to explain why I thought the idea of growing out my bush would be fun to begin with.  I’ve notice online, and probably because of the laws in Japan that prohibit porn from showing the actual genitals, that a lot of Asian women have a bush.   I’d assume this is because if Japanese women did not have a bush, then their porn would show nothing.  Although the genitals are censored, the hair is not. growing my bush week 1This would make pubic hair in the Japanese culture very important.  Even if a Japanese man is with his wife, obviously in real life there is no censor blur in front of her vagina, but since men have been conditioned to only enjoy the site of a pubic hair through porn and photos, why would he ask his woman to remove this aphrodisiac  (which we can now call an afrodisiac)? I believe the same can be said for the older generation here in the United States.  The younger generations seem to think that the bush is gross or unclean, while the older generations love and appreciate a hairy vagina.  When they grew up, all their porn had hairy women.   Their first experience was with a woman who had hair.  The bush was a sign of womanhood for them.   This lust and fetish doesn’t change because women in the 90s started shaving landing patches and bermuda triangles in their crotches.  Eventually, getting rid of any sign of hair and going completely bald eagle.   Some men absolutely love a thick bush, and I can respect that.

The Asian Girls and their Hairy Bush

, think of the times you have seen pubic hair in an American movie.  Full frontal nudity is still rare, but when it does raise its head, the female actresses always seem to have hair.  The hair represents nudity without it being labeled as pornography.  It represents the taboo of the revelation in American cinema.  Conversely, in almost all American X-rated movies, the adult film stars have their pubic hairs shaved off (which has become an accepted norm) making it easier to see the details of dicks and pussy in action.

growing my bush GrowthThe History of the Bush and Pubic Hair

The history and the importance of why humans have pubic hair is unknown, but a lot of people suspect it has to do with the pubic hair helping to retain the natural pheromones produced by glands to entice the opposite sex.  Before you shrug off the idea that we actually need a reason to attract the opposite sex, try to understand that animals do go in “heat.”  Smells released from the female body attract the opposite sex (cats & dogs for example), and the male will know it’s that time.   Although we are not cats or dogs, the concept remains.  As noted in an article written by Dr. Kristie Leong:

A thick patch retaining a woman’s natural pheromones makes sense.  According to some theories, animals and people are attracted to members of the opposite sex who have pheromone scents that are distinctly different from their own. This reduces the risk of inbreeding, which could produce offspring with genetic defects. Pubic hair helps to trap these volatile scent molecules, which are quickly broken down when exposed to air.

I personally find myself attracted to my husband’s underarms, which I kiss and lick each morning.  I also know my underarms drive my husband insane.  I’ve watched him sniff and lick under my arms (when I do not get ticklish) and get the hardest erections I have ever seen.  I also will notice at times when we are having sex, he can cum almost immediately if I lift my arms up and let him smell my pheromones.  This isn’t just some article I read, this is my own experience.

growing my bush monthsI have heard of other reasons for pubic hair which I may not agree with, but I suppose are worth noting.  It is said that rough hairs in the pubic region help protect the delicate tissues of the genitals.  This would explain why the pubic hair is unlike the hair on your head.  I am unsure about this theory, as I let Ryan beat my thing up to the point of no return, and within the next few days my “delicate” skin is back and ready to fuck.  Hair or no hair, my vagina doesn’t feel more protected from the large penis going in and out of my body.   Since I wear clothing and do not walk around nude, I will never know if the bush protected women, or kept them warm when they didn’t have much clothing.   I assume the same would be said for the bush being this great protector.  I’ve heard that the bush helps keep harmful particles out of the vagina (an argument I’ve heard in defense of actually keeping a bush — people’s misconception of the lack of bush being “cleaner”).  Since we wear clothing, again, my vagina is protected from whatever harmful particles it needs to be protected against.   I am not a big fan of these reasons for keeping your pubic hair, but nonetheless, they are different theories worthy of this blog.

Less so now, but prior to civilized times,  pubic hair would also be a sign for a male to know a woman is ready to reproduce.   Pubic hair is a sign of puberty, which is also a sign a woman is fertile.  For that reason, girls with pubic hair are no longer girls, but women.  This concept is not too far fetched as Ryan has also told me that he cannot wait to see my pubic hair in all its glory.  He has also said that when he grew up, a shaved vagina was unheard of.  A real woman had hair.   All the porn he had seen, which wasn’t much, but the same dumb little VCR tape him and his siblings hid from their parents, had nothing but 70s porn stars, all full of hair.   This was the most sexual thing he had ever seen, and these women, hair and all, definitely turned him on.  Not to mention, he has told me all the movies in the 80s never showed genitals.  The only way “nudity” in a movie was either breasts, or a huge bush.  Unlike the younger generation that have no idea what it’s like to see bush in an 80s film (what do the films show these days?), Ryan loved it.   That love has definitely created a slight fetish, as he is excited as hell to see my thick Asian bush.

growing my bush full growthEnough with History, Let’s Get Into Growing My Asian Bush!

The last time I had a bush was when I was in my early 20s.  That was many years ago and we had both forgotten what it looked like.  Growing up and hitting puberty, I had a bush and that was that.  I never thought about shaving, trimming, or shaping it.  The first time I’ve seen myself truly clean shaven since puberty was after my husband (then just my boyfriend) shaved it with me because we were horny and bored, about 6 months into our relationship.  Since then, I have never grown out my bush to its fullness, never going more than a week before shaving fully again.  I know from experience that the first day after I shave my skin gets very irritated.  In preparing for Day One’s picture, I shaved everyday for a week prior to February 1, 2013, the first day I will start growing my bush.  I did this in order to allow my skin to become less itchy, bumpy, and/or inflamed on the actual day of the the photo, and since I used a brand new razor this week I knew I would be more susceptible to cuts, nicks, and overall skin irritation.  Additionally, I used cocoa butter in the morning and evening to keep my skin soft and to lessen the appearance of chafed skin.  In my opinion, it has done an excellent job.  I expect that as my hair starts to grow in, I’ll experience major itching and prickling.

For the finished product, if I get one “you look like you got Buckwheat in a leg lock” joke, I know that I’ve succeeded.