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Sex Blogging in the Beginning

Ryan and Venice are a couple that sex blogs and among the first generation of sex bloggers and sex blogging. They began sex blogging by naively sharing everything about their relationship before they understood that the internet never forgets.  From an early age Venice (a moniker she created in high school) first started writing entries and sharing random thoughts on her personal website through Geocities.Sex Blogging Origins Most of Venice’s entries in her public “diary” were about growing up as a Filpino / Korean girl in California, but she also posted fantasies and dirty thoughts she kept from everyone except her online diary.  Eventually her diary focused on documenting her encounters with her high school crush, Ryan, and all the small steps they took in their relationship, which included losing their virginity to one another. As the content slowly became sexually driven, so did the amount of unique visitors her webpage had. Does anyone remember those visitor counters on the bottom of your personal websites with people signing your guest book as the only comments? As you can imagine, her guestbook was stacked with guys wanting to be part of her diary!  This was when Ryan was introduced to blogging and started “trying” to blog himself.  Around 1997 – 1998, both Ryan and Venice participated in AOL sex education seminars via online chatrooms. Much like AMAs (ask me anything) on Reddit, these sessions were for questions and discussions regarding sex, sex education, and advice on how to safely maneuver through meeting and dating online (this was the beginning of online connections, long before Tinder). This was when searching local AOL profiles became a new form of “hooking up” and awareness was important.

When Sex Blogging turned into more than just blogging…

Sex Blogging Polaroids - 1997 - 1999

During this time Venice and Ryan released a few Real Audio files that we’re home videos of various sexual acts.  They also posted photos of themselves modeling nude and having sex (taken with a Polaroid camera which they scanned at Kinkos and stored on a 3.5″ disk).  For a couple who felt invisible inside their little bubble, it excited them to share their bodies with the world. After getting married in 1998, Venice and Ryan tried to take on the typical role of marriage, finishing college, having children, and moving away from sex blogging to return to normalcy.  These were the days when collectors of smut were rampant and those few sex bloggers that did share adult content, would have their content collected and traded among other people via person 2 person networks.  With Venice joining the military as an officer, you can imagine it was important for them to stay discrete.   Unfortunately that didn’t happen as the content they released was collected and shared millions of times on p2p networks.

sexblogging sex blog life and everything

Just When I Thought I Was Out, They Pull Me Back In!

While Venice and Ryan were “on the run” from their past, playing the role of a vanilla couple took away from who they always were:  introverts who enjoyed being naughty (s)exhibitionists sharing private details of their sex life from the sanctuary of their home. They felt they lost touch with themselves, their communication, and became zombies to their marriage.  They mutually decided to venture back into sex blogging, focus on being themselves, and being more open with each other, and others.  Part of their healing process involved sex blogging because it helped them both read each others’ thoughts, needs, and ideas again.  More than anyone else reading their blogs, they wrote articles for each other and are each others biggest fan.  And this was a way for them to write to each other, post selfies to each other,  in a medium that is a bit naughty because it’s open to the public.  

A Second Life Sex Blogging

In 2005, Venice and Ryan discovered a platform called Second Life and started hosting online meet-ups with other couples to share and enjoy sexual content in a virtual atmosphere.  They also created a marketplace on a private island which sold 3d skins, animations, and sexual themed objects other couples could enjoy in a virtual reality setting.  

Finally we’re on our own:  Sexblogging.com 

Around 2008-2009, Venice and Ryan removed their content from Geocities when Yahoo announced they were shutting down the platform.  Various websites automatically started archiving old Geocities websites, leaving bloggers unable to control, remove, or edit their content.  Because of what happened to Venice and Ryan earlier in their sex blogging experience, losing control of how their content was shared was not acceptable. Archiving is important, but not when it takes control of your personal photos, videos, diary, and likeness without you being able to edit/remove it.  Venice and Ryan went through a long DMCA process to remove content that was out of their control. Afterwards, being a bit jaded, they floated around in obscurity trying find a new home. They dabbled around with a few different anonymous monikers and tested the waters on various platforms, from Weebly to Blogspot (Mr & Mrs. Smith), until they finally decided to permanently move their blog to their own domain.  For most sex bloggers, this is how it usually goes. There were not a lot of sex resources for sex bloggers and most of them were just horny nomads searching for a free website to share their stories and pictures with other people like them.  Eventually Venice and Ryan smartened up and started their own website.  Over the years they have used the domains fuckblogging.com (2012-ongoing) and sexlifeandeverything.com (2014-2022), and now our permanent home,  sexblogging.com. If the idea of an online journal or diary about a couple and their sex life bores you, this may not be the website for you.  What was edgy and hot in 1997, is now just a boring diary of a couple and their sex life.   Which has always been their intention anyway.

Disclosure: Sex Blogging

sexblogging sex blog life and everything

Venice and Ryan are just amateur bloggers who share various things in their life.  This sex blog does not have any “fake” links or pop-ups.  Anything linked in the blog is not automatically injected through Google AdSense, but manually inserted by Venice and Ryan because they felt the links they use were related to the articles they were writing.  Real old school blogging with no agenda other than using this sex blog as an outlet for two introverts to publicly document their thoughts and opinions on sex and their relationship.  If you’d like to support Sexblogging.com, simply drop a follow on their blog’s twitter account and like them on Facebook.  Sexblogging.com’s Facebook isn’t “vulgar” and is safe to like. This helps Venice and Ryan keep a bigger presence online so new people can find their blog.  Thanks for your support.

Disclaimer:  All writings and watermarked photos on this sex blog are original unless otherwise stated and may not be used on other blogs without express permission from sexblogging.com.  Our sex toy reviews are creative writing / fictional and for entertainment purpose only.  We do check items to see if they are quality and working, but do not actually use these items.  You can only use so many dildos and toys and describe the same thing over and over.  If you are under 18 please leave this website now.  

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