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fuckblogging sex blog life and everythingWe are just amateur bloggers that share various things in our life.  Amateur is in bold because we make no income through this blog / sex blog, which we kind of consider our public diary. The little sponsor money we’ve made, has been put back into the blog tenfold.  We do not sell items, private memberships, onlyfans, or anything else of that sort. We have no “fake” links or pop ups.  Anything in our articles linked, isn’t automatically put in the articles like, Google AdSense, but just us, manually linking to various articles and things we find that relate to our blog or the article we are writing.  Real old school blogging with no agenda other than we just like to share our life.  And we try to share everything free and openly here.  This sex blog / diary has now been around for over 7 years, as a place we write about our ideas and our personal stories.  If you’d like to support our blog, simply drop a follow on our blog’s twitter account and like us on facebook. Our Facebook isn’t “vulgar” and is safe to like. This helps us keep a bigger presence online so new people can find our site.  Thanks for your support.

About Us:

fuckblogging sex blog life and everythingWe have been married for over 20 years.  This blog will share our new and old experiences as a couple, our nsfw personal photos, and give insight into our compatibility. Our thoughts, philosophies, and beliefs may change (or have changed) over the years.  As a result, we learn, make our relationship stronger, and improve ourselves as people,  and as a couple. We like to keep our minds open and constantly explore new things.   

We do not recycle blogs.  If we have the same idea, we write again with an updated perspective.  Our published blogs are always new and something we haven’t published before.  

If You Are 18 And Older [Enter Here]

Disclaimer:  All writings and watermarked photos on this sex blog are original unless otherwise stated and may not be used on other blogs without express permission from sexblogging.com and  sexlifeandeverything.com. If you are under 18 please leave this website now.  

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