About Us:

We have a fee of $100 USD to review your product. This fee is non negotiable and includes our time, as well as promotion on our social media and platform. 

All our of blogs and reviews get posted to our SexBlogging Twitter Account (23K followers), our SexBlogging Facebook Page (10K likes – if it is not vulgar and doesn’t break Facebook TOS), and of course to our website Sexblogging.com.  We have been married for 25 years, blogging for nearly 27 years!   We have proudly carved ourselves as a permanent fixture online as sex blogging pioneers and a truly authentic couple that enjoys blogging for no other reason than we just like to share our thoughts with our long time friends and readers.  We still love and enjoy what we do. 

Sex Toy Reviews:

If you have any questions about having us review items from your toy shop, please contact us with a link to your store and a limit to which items we can review.  Please note, we have reviewed every lower priced item we care to review and are no longer interested in creating carbon copy reviews of toys that only slightly vary from the previous toy.  A vibrator is a vibrator.  It shakes.  However, if you have something unique, please let us know.   

We will not review items we do not enjoy, as it is not our goal to do negative reviews and hurt companies that reach out to us.  We appreciate the item, but that doesn’t mean we are obligated to do a review.   If we do review, we will put in the description that the item was sent to us for review, as to not confuse our readers.  If you are okay with these terms, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  

Please check our Sex Toy Reviews section to see our review style:  Sex Toy Reviews