Pornhub has deleted millions of videos and unverified 1000s of amateur content creators.

Pornhub has deleted millions of videos and unverified 1000s of amateur content creators.

Due to people uploading illegal content (sex trafficking, etc), Pornhub has removed all unverified user uploads.   They have also turned off the option to download (this should have never been an option to begin with).   Unfortunately, they have also removed 1000s of verified users due to the fact they do not show their face in videos, animators, or something where it’s impossible to verify.

We aren’t going to complain or post a rant.  We are just updating our readers and letting them know why some of our content in our blog is missing.   Although we didn’t have a lot of views, since we originally used as our video host, we still lost a few videos and our verification badge.  I believe because our videos did not show our faces, even with a verification photo, they have taken down the content and stripped amateurs of their verification.  All profile photos, profile banners, and content was also removed.  Not that it’s a big deal, but I really wish we would have kept backups!   Unfortunately, we kind of uploaded a few videos of syntribation and didn’t even back them up.  Those are gone.

I assume animators (don’t show their faces, just sexual artwork), amateurs that cover their faces or only show their bodies, and other content creators will be effected by this.  Supposedly Pornhub will be updating their verification process, so we will see how that goes.   The good news is, if other sites follow suit, eventually all your old videos that people copied, reuploaded, and shared, will be harder to find.  We had a bunch ourselves.  Even with our watermark, random people would just upload them on their own.  Those are also gone.  The amount of revenge porn removed was probably in the millions.  So that’s a good thing.  And truthfully, if this deletion removed  illegal videos of underaged children or sex traffickers, I am all for it.   


Coronavirus Drive-Through Test Experience

Coronavirus Drive-Through Test Experience 

Although I do not have the results, unfortunately I have been hit by a flu bug, or  a bad case of allergies.  Either way, since the symptoms are nearly the same, we called our local coronavirus testing hotline and spoke with nurses in charge of testing in our area.  I told them my symptoms and was surprisingly able to get a test the same day.  That’s actually a good thing for our community, as watching the news led me to believe testing would be extremely backed up.   

  • Symptoms:  Flu like symptoms with slight fever and body aches.  This was prior to a case in our county.  However, symptoms continued and I have kept a nagging dry cough with shortness of breath.  Although shortness of breath sounds scary, for me I noticed because I was talking and have to stop to breath.   This could be because of my nasal congestion.    To be honest, this is usually the time of year I get allergies and make my annual doctor’s appointment for antibiotics for a sinus infection.  However, you can’t help but want to be safe now as to not infect others.  If you have testing available, and you have symptoms, get a test.  

I then received a text regarding making the drive-through process easier by pre-registering.  This was as simple as clicking a few buttons on my phone.  I skipped the parts regarding insurance, payment, and photo.  As the testing is free and that’s what I was told to do.  

I pulled up to the testing site and there was a cop there with a yellow siren on his vehicle.  He remained in his car.  There were 3 workers all with masks that came up from a first tent and asked me to roll down my window.  They verified my information and then communicated with the second testing area tent that I was ready.  I hear the other tent over the radio, “Let him through.”

I again had to yell out my information because they nurses stood away from the vehicle.  Although this felt unusual, it felt much safer (social distancing).  And then a nurse in a hazmat suit walks up and explains that she will have to stick a q-tip up both of my nostrils extremely high.  She let me know it was going to be uncomfortable.  She also handed me some brochure, which I did not like.  They could give this information over the phone or through a link.  Although I understand why they are giving out this information, I didn’t even want to touch it. I may be testing for the Coronavirus, but I didn’t for sure have it.  And I didn’t want something from them in my vehicle.  

Either way, the test itself took seconds.  The nurse did not touch my vehicle at all.  She stuck her arm through the window and got two deep swabs of nasal fluid.  Although I have heard on television that it hurt (from our president and vice-president), for me, it did not.  Yes the swab goes deep.  Yes you can feel it go into an area that feels “sensitive”.  However, it takes seconds and it was painless to me.  It made my eyes water, but other than that it was nothing.  

I was told to how to leave the area and that was it.  I rolled up my window and sprayed the brochure they handed me with Lysol.  

They let me know I will get my results in 4-7 days. 

For those interested, we have a tracker up with embeds of various global | United States | and local statistics

Loneliness, Porn, and Losing Your Soul Mate

porn lonelinessLoneliness, Porn, and Losing Your Soul Mate

Below I have added an interesting story from an anonymous author on Reddit we decided to share with our readers.  These type of random stories get a lot of attention so we decide to archive it in case it gets deleted.  It deals with being lonely and needing porn.  However, unlike young kids not finding dates because they are addicted to porn sites, it is quite the opposite.  It’s about older gentlemen that uses porn as a way to get through life after his wife has passed.  Loneliness isn’t easy.

I get it.

This actually reminds me of Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots being arrested for paying for an illegal hand job at a massage parlor.  However, what is usually left out of this story is that his wife has passed and he was 75 years old at the time of the incident.   It doesn’t make it legal or moral, but maybe it explains why a billionaire would risk his reputation to get an illegal hand job at a massage parlor.

Below is the full story: 

Writing this on a throwaway account because I could get fired for what I did.

I work at a store that deals with technology. I won’t be specific, but it’s a pretty big store, and a family store with things for kids to play with and little classes for them. We do sales and repairs, so we’re pretty full-service and often busy and crowded.

The other day, I was approached by a coworker with a question about the parental controls on a device. I’m one of the people who is very familiar with software and interfaces, and parental controls are one of my knowledge points that a lot of the younger workers aren’t familiar with (even though I’m not a parent myself), so this wasn’t unusual. The questions centered around removing them. My coworker asked if I could take over, and I said okay. This was all very normal, right up until he said “It’s this old guy. He wants to watch porn.” That got the requisite “WTF” look from me, and my coworker stifled a laugh. “Thanks for dealing with it,” he said. I kind of shrugged. I mean, I like porn, I’m not shy about browsing it, and that people have “needs”. I had no problem handling it, though I bet other coworkers might say I should just send him to a manager to get “politely declined service for that subject.”

He takes me over, and introduces me to this very old man. He looked like he might have had Parkinson’s, with the tremor in his hand. His iPad was also very old, as was the software on it. I could tell at a glance that his system had a version from before 2013 (because I’m a nerd who can tell these things at a glance). His iPad would not even be compatible with newer systems.

The old man didn’t say anything about porn, but he said that his grandkids had been over, and he thought they did something to his iPad, because it wasn’t working like normal. He said he thought that they’d set some parental controls “to block stuff so kids can’t see it”.

I smiled, and sighed, and began to tell him the usual speech about how parental controls work, and how we’d need the passcode if one was set up, and if he didn’t have it, it would require deleting the device and beginning without a backup to get things working again. His iPad didn’t appear to have much on it. But when I got to the settings, I was surprised to find there were no parental controls turned on.

I stopped, and I let him know that it appeared there were no controls or limits set. I turned them on and off just in case. I had to ask him. “So what wasn’t working?” I was starting to worry it might be a software incompatibility due to new web standards, and that his old iPad might not be able to be updated to match them. Internally, I did not want to have that conversation. People his age were often on fixed incomes, and could not afford to get a new device.

He began trembling again. “I’m 93,” he said. “My wife died. I have nothing left. And the…the videos I’d watch, they aren’t working anymore.” He took the iPad and started to go to a webpage. “I go to xnxx, and the images are there, but when I…”

I stopped him. “Sir, uh, our WiFi blocks that,” I said. I remembered using that site myself. It was one of the regular sites I’d used to go to for many years.

He nodded and closed his eyes. “Please, I don’t have anyone. I just…need something.”

I was struck. It stopped being funny. He was so fucking lonely, and the videos he watched online were important to him. I could see in his eyes, it was something he needed, to just keep existing. And I could see just how ashamed he was to come in, with such a subject and a need, but his loneliness was too much for his shame. He was practically in tears.

I acted like what I did next was a big decision, because I thought I had to put up the act, even though it was a quick decision for me. I pulled out my phone, and I turned on the hotspot, and I put his iPad onto my phone’s WiFi. This would bypass the content restrictions our WiFi had. He thankfully had a cover on the iPad. I held it at a low angle, and positioned it so we could see but hopefully there’d be as little a chance for anyone else to see. I typed in xnxx.

The porn site came up, and I kept furtively looking over my shoulder. He said “This is how it comes up, but when you tap, it doesn’t play anything…”. So I tapped. While the page changed, I remembered to turn down the volume, and I did.

The video came up and started playing. A-okay, no problem.

He began to say it wouldn’t do that at home, but still started thanking me. Still, I wasn’t satisfied. If there’s a bug, and it works sometimes but not others, it’s not fixed, it’s just a clue to find it. I tried other videos and they all worked.

I closed the webpage and the iPad. He looked so thankful. I told him I didn’t do anything, so I wasn’t sure it was “fixed.” I considered that maybe his kids, the grandkids parents had put parental blocks up on his own ISP, but they’d block the entire site, not the vids. I told him to try it again at home. I didn’t know why it hadn’t worked, but at least we’d proven that his iPad could play them.

He left, and even as I told him that I wasn’t sure we could help further he kept thanking me. I just stood there for a moment, and then I started tearing up and had to leave the sales floor.

It struck me how lonely he was, how the porn was one of his only ways of just having moments of satisfaction. I felt that hard. I’m serially single. I’m very lonely, and porn is my escape, and I’m just 42. I realized the state he was in, that’s something that is likely coming. For all of us.

I know that a lot of my coworkers would laugh at the guy, the pervert coming in, needing his porn. But I felt sad. Sad for him. Sad for all of us. I know that loneliness. It’s waiting for us all.

I don’t know if there’s a moral here. I just thought I should share. And please, I know porn is something we laugh about and make fun of, and it’s deserving of that. But sometimes…let’s take away the shame of it. You’re lucky if you don’t need it to get those little moments. Don’t take it for granted. And allow whatever moments others have, however they get them, without shame or looking down.

There is a moral here.  It isn’t just about being sad.  It’s about having a soul mate… and maybe having to deal with losing your soul mate.  And what happens if your soul mate passes in this life and you are left alone?  What happens if you do not want to “move on” and find a new relationship, a new person to love, or someone else to fill the void. Male or female, you may still have urges to release or have a physical need that needs to be met, but do not want an emotional connection. What can you do?   Well, you can move to Nevada (or any country) where prostitution is legal, or watch porn.   Whether you call it therapy or a release, porn isn’t always such a terrible thing.   


Would You Get a Tattoo of Your Wife’s Name On Your Penis Instead of a Wedding Ring?

tattoo on penisWould You Get a Tattoo of Your Wife’s Name On Your Penis Instead of a Wedding Ring?

If marriage is really forever ever, and ever ever…. call your local tattoo shop, get ready to be slightly humiliated, and grab a towel to bite down on fellas!  The first question I usually get regarding a tattoo on my penis is, “Did it hurt?”  Tattoo on my dick or a Tattoo on my Penis.

Does Getting A Tattoo On Your Penis Hurt?

No, it didn’t hurt.  After years of rubbing up and down on this thing with my hand, driving it in mouths and rubbing it against teeth, my dick has the rigidness of elephant skin.   Going back and forth inside of a woman’s tight vagina 1000s of a times in a fuck session is going to leave your dick more sore than a tattoo.  Therefore, a tattoo on my penis was nothing.  You will have much more pain getting a tattoo on your leg, chest, ribs, or stomach.  I have a tattoo in all these spots and by far the tattoo on my penis was the least painful.

Is a Tattoo of Her Name on Your Penis Commitment or Dumb?

I think it is a bit of both.   I don’t care though.   Personally, I don’t really need a perfect dick, nor did I ever have one.  Random threesomes may have a quick awkward moment before the other girl puts her mouth around your penis, but that’s about the extent of it.  If we decide to fuck other girls, it has Venice’s name on it.  Which she loves.  When she says to the other girl, ‘You look so pretty sucking my dick…”  She means it.   Tattoo on my dick or a Tattoo on my Penis.

Much like how Andy wrote his name on the bottom of Woody’s foot, Venice has written her name on the top of my dick.  

Where Can You Get A Tattoo On Your Penis at?

Any tattoo shop will probably do this for you; however, it will cost a lot more.  Much like shipping and handling adds to the cost of things you buy, tattooing your dick also has a handling charge.  If you aren’t comfortable with being nude, or having another man hold your penis while drawing on it, then the wedding ring option may be more for you.  More than likely you will have to get a male tattoo artist.  Either way, bring your wife with you so she can enjoy the tattoo experience with you.  If you end up with a female artist, she may appreciate that you aren’t some pervert and brought your wife with you to ease the tension.  

If you really don’t want to do it at a public shop, you could do it at home yourself. It may cost a bit more for a tattoo machine though.

How Do They Tattoo Your Penis?  Do You Have to Be Erect?

No you do not have to be erect.  They will take your flaccid penis and wrap it around a small sterile bat shaped object.  This will tighten your skin and enable the tattoo artist to tattoo whatever it is you need onto your penis.   In fact, much like the photo above, you can see my penis wrapped around Venice’s wrist. That is the exact process.  Except you aren’t going to wrap your penis around the wrist of the tattoo artist.  Once it is tight and stretched, you will be surprised at how easily it can be tattooed.

A Cheaters Mark of Shame tattoo on penis

After getting the tattoo on my penis years ago, I searched around online to see if there were any other examples of what I had done.  I saw pictures of elephants trunks, dragons tails, and various other funny things, but didn’t really see much else.  However, I did read an interview with a female tattoo artist that said she noticed that men that cheat tend to be the ones that asked her to tattoo their dicks.  It seems a penis tattoo shows the ultimate recommitment for a cheating man trying to prove his loyalty.  So much so, women take back their cheating husbands thinking, “If he tattooed his dick, he must be sorry.  That other girl doesn’t have her name on his cock.”

That sounds pretty desperate, but in a way, that may subconsciously explain why I had my own penis tattooed.  Although I have never cheated, I was a virgin when I met Venice.  I am very proud of that.  The more girls we hooked up with together, the more guilty and disloyal I felt. I felt guilty because I enjoyed it.  I felt disloyal because I wanted it.  I felt greedy because I knew I didn’t want to stop and go back to a monogamous lifestyle.  

I had always told Venice that my dick is her dick.  Her vagina is my vagina.  If my dick goes inside another girl, it’s our dick.  She loves to see it.  Although the pleasure is physically connected to me (I’ve still never had an orgasm from another woman’s body), mentally, it’s our  experience. As dumb as that may seem to those not in the lifestyle, it makes sense to us.   In fact, I meant it so much that I tattooed her name on our dick.   And I don’t regret it.  So in a way, tattooing my dick was also my form of recommitting myself to her.

Without her, I don’t need it.

Would You Get A Tattoo On Your Penis?

Would you tattoo your wife’s name on your dick rather than wearing a wedding ring?  If you are polyamorous, would you use your dick as a chalk board and just tattoo various women’s names on your penis to show your commitment (bad joke)? 


Ladies, don’t just think NO, say NO. Netflix and Chill OUT

Ladies, don’t just think NO, say NO.

Sometimes Netflix and chill actually means, let’s just watch Netflix and chill.  Unfortunately, your partner may be naïve to your mood and not understand your vibes.  When it comes to sex, your attitude isn’t enough.  You can know someone for 20 plus years and still not be able to read their moods properly.  Always speak up, stand up for yourself, and make it very clear what you do or don’t want when it comes to sex.  Say no. If that means you hurt your partners feelings, then hurt his feelings.  

It’s always important to say NO.

I had been talking with a guy on Instagram for about a week. Basic shit like college majors, tv, music, etc. Nothing special. A couple weeks later matched I with him on tinder and we had made plans to hang out. My roommate moved out a few months ago so the plan was just to chill in my dorm. I’ve done it before and it’s never been an issue. I ended up canceling because I had a bad day and I really just wanted to spend my night alone. I told him I didn’t want to hang out and why I didn’t want to do so but he came over anyway. Now this isn’t easy. I live in a dorm that requires an ID card to get into the building, onto the floor and into the room. He had someone let him into the building and then he just showed up at my door without even saying anything to me first. I was surprised and a little annoyed but I let him in because when we had talked before he had only ever said that he was interested in hanging out and watching game of thrones and getting to know each other. This is exactly what he told me when I asked him what he was looking for. He said he just wanted to chill and get to know each other. When asked, other guys normally tell me point blank if they’re looking for a hookup. He did not. I was nervous but I was fine just hanging out. Not even 10 minutes into him being there, he asked me how I feel about hookups. I said I don’t care for them because they make me feel shitty. I thought that would be the end of it but barely five minutes later he was taking off my shirt. I wasn’t sure how I felt but I said yes and let him do it. It wasn’t long before we started having sex. I stopped him because I realized that I shouldn’t have said yes in the first place. When he asked me to give him a blow job, I said yes because I felt bad about stopping right in the middle of us having sex. While I was going down on him and while he was shoving my head down and making me choke on him, he was watching tv and checking his phone. Not only that, but he asked if he could take a video of me. Of course I told him that he couldn’t. Luckily he let it go and put his phone away. As soon as he finished, he got up and put on his clothes. He leaned over and asked me if everything was consensual. I told him that it was. Then he left. Stand up for yourself. I should have said no, but I didn’t. That was my mistake. Some guys aren’t going to be able to just sense that you’re uncomfortable. They’re going to assume that just because you’re going along with it, you’re more than happy. If you’re not sure, just say no.

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