Things You Can Do When You Are Alone, Bored, and Horny

There are a lot of things you can do when you are bored, horny, and alone. We have decided to help our readers come up with a few ideas on how to spend a lonely night.  Below we will list a few things you can do when you are bored, horny, and all by your lonely.  


1. Load up your handy dandy websites and do the obvious.

This is the easiest and most obvious idea, browse the best adult cam sites you have on your lists and grab your lotion. Not that anyone needed to read this, as it is the most obvious option, but we’d be neglecting the topic if we didn’t mention it. Whether it be an old school porn magazine or the latest and greatest website, watching adult videos or live cam sites can take up your entire night. So stock up on Cheetos and Mt. Dew and get to browsing!



2. Dress up!

Getting dressed up can be a great way to spend a lonely night when you are bored and horny. For a man, dressing up could mean trying on a sexy thong, or maybe even cross-dressing.  

It puts the lotion on the skin.

As a man, putting on your girls panties or wearing her heels, can really give you a kinky feeling and give you some unexpected dopamine on a lonely night. If you are female, putting on your hottest lingerie and sipping  a little wine can really give you a good night vibe. A lot of our suggestions are more “feel good” ideas than anything. Dressing up can really make you feel good about yourself. So slide into something kinky and walk around your house in your sexiest outfit.



3. Undress!

Well, if dressing up can get the hormones flowing, undressing does the same thing. Walk around the house nude. Total nudity while doing housework, cooking, eating, napping, or performing other everyday tasks can be sexually intoxicating. Enjoying the freedom of restriction of wearing clothes, especially underwear. I can still remember the first time I slept nude by myself. It felt so naughty for some reason, because I didn’t know if someone would walk in or a house fire would have me running out in the middle of the street with my birthday suit. However, it made me feel good about myself and I never slept again with clothing on. It really is a great feeling to enjoy the free movement that nudity brings. 



4. Groom yourself.

If you are alone and horny, grooming your body hair can be very fun. I can’t even tell you how many times when I am bored and horny I ended up in the bathroom shaving hearts into my pubic hair or the letter of my man’s first name in my nether region.  That’s right, you have the whole alphabet to work with here, so play Sesame Street with your crotch and pick a letter!



5. Create DIY sex toys.

So you are bored and lonely and tired of stroking until your member is numb.  Well, grab a towel and same tape and create your own fifi.  

Fifi is a prison slang term for an artificial vagina made from whatever materials are available.

We have done this a few times ourselves, the latest being our Do It Yourself Milking Table!  This was a fun project and we even started selling it to others when we completed ours!



In conclusion, when you are bored, lonely, and horny, the options are endless. We have tried to list a few starting points but could probably go on forever.  Life is short, be creative, and enjoy finding different ways to entertain yourself on a lonely night. 

webcam model

Who Can Create Amateur Pornography?

webcam model

Who Can Create Amateur Pornography?

A lot of couples spend time watching pornography online each week. Some couples watch porn together each day. Many of these couples are watching amateur porn because it is much more relatable to their own personal sex life. Nevertheless, many people still put a negative stigma on porn stars, as if they are professionals. They are not and anything they do, so can you! The amateur porn genre is so popular because it is so diverse. The performers can come from many countries and backgrounds.

In basic terms, anyone can spend time creating amateur pornography. Doing so allows them to make money, have fun, and entertain people around the world. Who can create amateur porn? Read the thorough guide below to find out.

The Requirements

One of the best things about amateur porn is that the entry requirements are minimal. You don’t need any experience to start creating amateur porn. Instead, you’ll need a computer, an Internet connection, and a camera. You can start with a webcam before upgrading to something better. More importantly, you should have a passion for sex.

You’ll also need confidence since you’re going to be showing off your body. Over time, you’ll become more comfortable performing in front of the camera. If you think you have what it takes, you can begin performing live amateur sex shows immediately.

Any Gender

As most people know amateur live porn is very popular around the world. When you begin browsing websites that offer this genre of porn, you’ll find that most of the performers are women. Although this will likely always be the case, the genre is suitable for all genders. Whether you’re a man, woman, or transsexual, you can partake in amateur pornography. Millions of viewers are watching this type of porn. Therefore, their preferences are going to differ significantly.

Some people are looking for female amateurs, but others are eager to watch men. Then, you’ll have people who want to watch transsexual performers. Suffice to say, there is a market for everyone. Regardless of your pronouns, you can easily create amateur porn and find a suitable audience.


Another thing you’ll find is that your sexuality won’t matter. People are eager to watch amateur content more than anything. Each viewer will have different preferences so there will be something for everyone. If you’re bisexual, you’ll have a bigger audience since you can perform with men and women. Nevertheless, straight amateurs and lesbian amateurs are also extremely popular.

Amateur stars will work hard to find a way to satisfy their audiences. If you can do that, you’ll succeed regardless of your sexuality.



It is often believed that only college girls are creating porn. Others think they’re single mothers who need to make money on the side. Although this might’ve been true many years ago, times have changed. Now, there are more performers than ever. Plus, people from different backgrounds are creating adult content. If you follow the news, you’ll find that teachers, doctors, cops, and others are involved in the amateur porn industry.

Whether you’re creating videos or photos, you can make a lot of money using amateur porn. However, you may need to separate your porn business from your career to avoid potential problems.

Should You?

Amateur porn isn’t right for everyone, but it can be a good choice for people who need to make money. If you’re struggling to pay your bills, you may want to consider delving into adult content. Doing so may be a good choice for you. All you have to do is turn on your camera and tease your audience. If you’re willing to work hard and expose yourself on camera, you’ll quickly gain a following and become a popular amateur performer. You can even turn your hobby into a profitable career.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sex Doll Experience


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Sex Doll Experience

As our readers know, our blog tends to focus on couples and the various things they can do to keep their relationship sexy, healthy, and strong. We started our blogging journey in high school but slowly opened up to share every aspect of our relationship, which included our very detailed path to experimenting with opening our bedroom to other people. Since then, ethical non-monogamy (ENM) has gotten extremely popular and threesomes have become part of a lot of couples’ relationships. This is likely due to the explosion of internet, dating apps, and people slowly evolving to accept different lifestyles. With the change, couples are out looking for unicorns like never before. We have explained in the past that we believe the safest unicorn experience would be with a sex doll. These realistic companions, available at reputable sex doll shops globally, offer individuals a unique and customizable way to explore their desires and intimacy. To ensure the best experience with a sex doll, here are ways to maximize your sex doll experience.

A unicorn is a person who is willing to join an existing couple. They may join the couple only for sex, or they may become a more involved part of the relationship and spend nonsexual, companionship time together too.

Choose the Right Sex Doll Shop

Start your journey by selecting a reputable sex doll shop. Look for one that offers a diverse range of adult dolls made from materials such as Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) and luxury silicone. A reliable shop will provide quality assurance and a wide selection to suit your preferences.  

A Thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE is a flexible and rubber-like material that processes like plastic. A TPE is a true thermoplastic, which does not require vulcanization or curing.

Your Sex Doll Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene is essential. Clean your sex doll thoroughly before and after each use. Use a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser, and follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions to prevent damage.

Lubrication Is Always The Key

This is a great life lesson, because much like with all intercourse, sex doll or human, lubrication is still the key.  Whether you want to use your own saliva while practicing giving your sex doll oral sex, or you purchase water-based lubricant (as much as we love coconut oil for lubrication, avoid it with your sex doll).  Coconut oil and silicone-based lubes can damage TPE sex dolls over time.

Experiment with Different Positions

We have a some cool artwork we created with various threesome positions that you possibly could try with your sex doll. The fun part about using a sex dolls is their versatility. They also consent to any position you want to try. So if you and your partner have talked about rough sex in the past but it seemed a bit scary, having a threesome with a sex doll could be a great way to let your partner experience rough sex in person. You can choke and slap your sex doll all you want, they won’t complain. But remember, doing things softly while going through the “rough” theatrics is the key to letting your partner see that it isn’t as scary as they may think it is. In fact, it may totally turn them on and they may want to be your sex doll the next night. Either way, experiment with different positions to find what works best for you. 

Safer Than Safe Sex: Using A Condom With Your Sex Doll

Although personally I would never use a condom with a sex doll, if you are worried about cleaning and keeping your sex doll with as little bacteria exposure as possible, using protection can make cleanup more manageable.

So I use a condom with a real woman to make sure not to catch diseases or get her pregnant, and now I am supposed to use a condom with a sex doll because I might be too lazy to clean her? – That guy that always asks the right questions.

Although our article is about making your experience with a sex doll enjoyable and clean up is never fun, we agree! Using a condom to save yourself from cleaning would be like having a threesome and you all decided to use condoms because no one wanted to clean up afterwards. This is  why it is important to understand how to clean your sex doll after you use them.

Maintenance Matters

Regularly inspect your sex doll for any signs of wear or damage. Address any issues promptly to ensure your doll remains in excellent condition for long-lasting enjoyment.

Look For Sexy Accessories For Your Sex Doll

Many sex doll shops offer a range of accessories to enhance your experience with sex dolls. From different lubes, to inserts for your dolls genitals, and even heating options, these extras can add an extra layer of realism and enjoyment. You can also buy matching outfits, shoes, jewelry, and hit up a goodwill for various everyday accessories for your sex doll. If you want a military women experience, thrift shops have a great selection of old camo jackets and uniforms that are no longer used for fair prices. The possibilities are endless!

Sex Dolls: I Don’t Think, Therefore I Am?

The beautiful thing about sex dolls is that they can be very real companions for some people to connect with. Whether it be a need of having total control, being lonely, or just having a strong imagination that creates a personality for your sex doll and gives you and unique bond.  However, with couples, a lot of times the goal is to have a no strings attached (NSA) threesome, and a sex doll can totally give you this experience. They have no feelings, they won’t talk about you around town or gossip, and they won’t steal your partner behind your back. Instead, you can throw them in the closet and they will keep all your naughty secrets hidden. 


In conclusion, sex dolls are becoming more acceptable in our world and couples having threesomes with a sex doll can be the perfect option. As long as you clean and maintain your sex doll they can last for a long time. You can also rest assure that you or your partner will not have any type of drama because your sex doll isn’t going to open their mouth unless you are sticking a dick in them. You can practice positions, roughness, and even dress them up as any type of role-play you desire. The possibilities are endless.

Masturbating together as a couple creates a stronger relationship.

masturbating together

Masturbating together as a couple creates a stronger relationship.

Masturbating together as a couple is an excellent way to bring couples closer together, whether in person or virtually. it can be one of the most intimate sexual experiences we can share with another person. it can be one of you masturbating the other partner while talking dirty, both of you guys masturbating at the same time, or masturbating each other one after the other.

For us, masturbating together has became the most important part of our intimacy. Below I will go over all the reasons why masturbating with your partner creates a stronger relationship.


Advantages to couples masturbating together

  • Masturbating together can help you feel more comfortable talking about sex with your partner.
  • Masturbating with your partner is a good way to talk to each other while you masturbate and share your fantasies.
  • Masturbation can change your entire idea of what sex and intimacy in a relationship really is.
  • If you have threesomes with a partner involved, masturbating together is a great way to communicate and talk about what those experiences meant for both of you.
  • Mutual masturbation is a great way to make sure both of you are satisfied.
  • Masturbation is a great way for a partner to take a “off day” but still make sure the other person still gets their release.

Masturbating Together

Masturbating together can help you feel more comfortable talking about sex with your partner.

One of the biggest obstacles in a new relationship is being transparent with your partner about your sex drive (sex drive compatibility), your fantasies, and your sexual preferences. It’s way too common that one partner thinks the other partner is innocent and pure and rather than discussing sex, they both play a role. They may feel they will not love each other if they knows each others’ sexual fantasies and experiences. This can be a disaster in a relationship. Once you open the door to masturbating together as a couple, ideas flow. Specifically because as the dopamine take over your body, you tend to open up with your most naughtiest ideas. The first step to opening up with each other is being comfortable that neither of you will judge each other. Once you are in a safe place, masturbating together can literally save your relationship.

Dopamine boosts bonding and the libido. Dopamine is a chemical released by the brain in response to pleasure. It plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior and actually activates libido through sex, masturbation, making out, flirting, or the anticipation of seeing, talking to or being with your partner.  


Masturbating together is a good way to talk to each other while you masturbate and share your fantasies.

Masturbating as a couple can lead to a whole new world. Because your mind opens up and it gives you the opportunity to put your thoughts into your partners head, no telling where it can lead sexually. My husband has told me that when I massage him and tell him my dirtiest thoughts, he is almost mentally numb and listening to my words like audible porn. I am like the alien inside his head controlling his thoughts, movements, orgasm, and excitement level based on the things I am telling him.  And if at first talking isn’t your thing, you can get ideas watching porn together, or browsing various Masturbation Websites. The more you masturbate together, the more you will realize that talking comes naturally. And the more you talk, the more you will open the pandora box to your dirtiest, naughty secrets. I have been married for 25 years and the first 15 years was normal, I guess. But after we started masturbating and talking together, our entire world has opened up and we have done all types of things I never thought a couple could ever do, with other people and ourselves.

Masturbating Together as a couple

Masturbating together can change your entire idea of what sex and intimacy in a relationship really is.

Mutual masturbation has been better than what 99% of the population would consider “sex”. Whether it be me masturbating him, him masturbating me, or us masturbating together, actual sexual intercourse has became the most boring part of our sex life because it’s usually the same dirty talk. I get him hard, he fucks my brains out while  I scream and he calls me a whore or slut,  and we cum together and crash out. But let me say, it’s pretty freaking hard to actually talk and communicate with my husband while his big dick is smashing into the back of my walls destroying my insides. We have both learned that we love masturbating together, and definitely consider masturbating together as a form of sex. Some of you may disagree,  but that’s probably because you haven’t opened your mind to how powerful and intimate masturbating together really is.

If you have threesomes, masturbating together is a great way to communicate and talk about what those experiences meant for both of you.

As most of our long time readers know, we have shared most of the beginning of our threesome journey. Masturbating together after a threesome now plays a huge part in our threesome experience. Although we no longer go into details of our experiences because we felt it wasn’t fair to the third person that we may be criticizing, we still discuss with each other all our naughty thoughts and details. While we discuss, we are usually masturbating each other so we can be in that euphoric state that keeps us both extremely honest and open. This leads to what seems to be our most powerful orgasms.

Mutual Masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a great way to make sure both of you are satisfied.

If you are worried about your partner faking orgasms or unsure if she gets off, masturbating together is a great way to insure that both of you reach a climax. What better way to make sure you orgasm than asking the other person do it themselves? It sounds silly but you can research online how many partners are left totally unsatisfied and quickly understand while masturbating with your partner can change the sexual landscape of your bedroom. 

Couples that masturbate together, ejaculate together.

Masturbating together is a great way for a partner to take a “off day” but still make sure the other person still gets their release.

Much like the previous reason, masturbation can be used as a tool in your relationship to make sure you are both satisfied. However, it can also be used as a tool that when your partner is having an off day, to participate in watching or helping you masturbate, can help sway infidelity. I like to make sure my husband’s balls are empty no matter what. I do not care if I am sick, tired, or just not in the mood, I am draining him. After 25 years of marriage, if he still has the “juice” to want to cheat, he isn’t human. However, I know him well, and leaving him drained kills his sex drive outside of our bedroom. Which is exactly how we both like it. He doesn’t want to go to the gym horny, and I don’t want him at the gym horny. If that’s wrong, I don’t want to be right!  

Other advantages to masturbating together

  • Masturbating together can lead to more sex, threesomes, and introducing your hidden kinks.
  • Masturbating together can help if your partner has trouble with premature ejaculations. 
  • Masturbating together can break up the routine.
  • If one of your partner likes watching, this would fulfill that voyeurism kink. If your partner enjoys being watched, this would fulfill that exhibitionism kink.


Finding a submissive male to lock up in a penis chastity cage and make him our pet.

penis chastity cageFinding a submissive male to lock up in a penis chastity cage and make him our pet.

Some couples are into cucking or the cuckold fetish, which seems to be extremely popular on social media. Some couples enjoy the hotwife fetish which is similar to cucking but not quite the same. However, we are into a less known kink called a threesub. This is a threesome where one of the third person involved is a total sub for a couple. This kink is the lesser known of the three and the sub can be a male or female, but in our situation we are looking for a sub to lock into a device called a penis chastity cage.

A Threesub (Threesome)

A threesub is where a couple takes on a third person that is totally submissive. The submissive person is usually male, but that would depend on the couple and the relationship dynamic they want to create. If the third is male, he will stay in a penis chastity cage throughout the relationship and only the couple can free him from this cage.

Although the sub’s role can vary, for us and our threesub, our pet’s role is to clean us both up with his mouth after my  husband and I have sex, always remaining obedient (as long as it doesn’t affect his marriage and real life), and service us both with oral sex on demand, possible waterplay (if all agree), and being penetrated and/or pegged at our discretion. This kink is clearly connected to BDSM.  We also hold the key to our pet’s penis chastity cage. When he decides or is caught without his cage, the relationship is over. We have no interest in our sub/pet if he decides he no longer wants to be caged. This rule for us is a hard boundary and the submissive knows this from the beginning.  

Having a threesub is great kink if the couple is interested in MFM threesomes without having to deal with the third person crossing the line or having to deal with another man’s ego. One man’s ego is enough for me! I prefer a total submissive. Neither I nor my husband have a desire to include a guy without a penis chastity cage involved. This kink is similar to cuckolding except the third male is the humiliated one. We have learned that this gives a great escape for a married man who is dealing with his sexuality (bisexual / curious), yet has no desire to share his own spouse or be cucked in his own relationship. However, he still has a strong desire in being humiliated. It also includes a few perks such as eating a woman’s cream pie, giving a man oral sex, and being fucked and pegged.  On the other hand, it gives the couple the advantage of having a threesome / pet, and not having to deal with the negative stigma of having another man in your bedroom. And although we are open, neither of us have any interest in seeing me fucked by another guy.  But as natural voyeurs, we love watching a third undress, be nude, and service us. 

A cuckold is a man who enjoys the humiliation or feeling of being emasculated by the fact that his wife is sleeping with other men.

The term cuckold is from around 1250 AD and probably derives from the cuckoo bird, who laid her eggs in other birds’ nests. The implication of female adultery was that a man could not control his wife, or satisfy her. The female’s other lovers—her bulls—have more sexual stamina, are more attractive, or have larger penises.

Cuckolding can involve penis size humiliation, chastity, abstinence for the husband, and forcing the husband to clean up the women and eat the “bulls” semen off or out of her body.


A hotwife is when a couple accepts that the wife is so hot that she attracts other men. Both of them are turned on by the fact other guys want her.

A hotwife is not about humiliation, but more about the husband accepting that his wife is so attractive that other men will do anything to be with her.  In response, the husband is turned on because the attention makes her feel good. She gets to be treated like a goddess. He loves the idea of other men wanting what is his. A hotwife will usually come home from a hotwife date and fuck her man immediately. Rather than humiliation and withholding sex for a “bull” like in cuckolding, the couple will fuck much more passionately because of the attention the wife received.

Maybe we will share more experiences as we are new to this lifestyle ourselves. So far we have been lucky enough to enjoy having our sub clean my fresh creampie while caged, wear my dirty panties throughout his work day, give us oral sex, and follow all our boundaries without asking for more.  

Please comment below if you are part of a threesub or have a desire to join a couple as a total submissive.