Celebrity “Self” Sex Tape Reviews: Randy Couture

Celebrity “Self” Sex Tape Reviews: Randy Couture

Randy Couture, also known as the Natural, has unfortunately had a sex tape leak which captures him wearing nothing but his all natural birthday suit.  For those not familiar with Randy Couture, he is a UFC Legend, Champion, and has went on to star in various movies.  During one of his fights, he was famously coined by Joe Rogan as “Captain America.”  Well, Captain America is now in a legal battle over a sex tape that has leaked on the internet.  

After a podcast named The Fighter and The Kid, with Brendan Schaub and Bryan Callen, went viral making fun of Randy Couture’s Sex Tape, the world was exposed to another side of a UFC legend.  In essence, they recorded what is commonly known on YouTube as a “reaction video.”  With this video going viral and being The Fighter and the Kids most popular clip of all time, curiosity got the best of us.  

As always, we will review this self sex tape below:

1 poor, 2 fair, 3 average, 4 good, 5 excellent

Venice’s Review:
Quality: 1
Entertainment Value: 1
Star Factor: 2
Skill Level: 1
The Woman: There was no woman.
The Man: 4
Sexual Value: 1

Well, for a 50+ year old man, he has a great body.  You can’t take that away from him.  Although one would imagine an MMA fighter and legend having huge balls, you will be disappointed when you realize Randy is just an average man with an average sized penis.  No extra muscles, no human growth hormones making it larger, no tattoos on it, no cock rings shaped like UFC belts, and nothing really to keep myself from clicking on “next” on chatroulette other than I am looking at a former UFC champion. There isn’t much else to say.  The money shot was interrupted by a poor wifi connection.   

Ryan’s Review:
Quality: 1
Entertainment Value: 1
Star Factor: 2
Skill Level: 1
The Woman: He was masturbating.  Frank and beans, frank and beans.  He was masturbating!
The Man: 3
Sexual Value: 1

Well, I have now seen Randy Couture spank Tito Ortiz during a fight, spank himself to apparently turn on a woman, and spank his monkey until it throws up all over his webcam.  Obviously this was not made to be leaked on the internet.  I really can’t say much about it because it really is just a video of a UFC legend spanking his own nude ass, rubbing his nipples and balls, and masturbating on camera.  Unfortunately some things cannot be unseen.   Thanks a lot Fighter and The Kid.

A Complete List Of Celebrity Sex Tapes

farrahFarah Abraham
2013: The MTV personality announced that she had filmed a sex tape with porn star/actor James Deen. She claimed the video is a celebration of her body and nothing more.

More about Farah Abraham:
Farrah Lynn Abraham (born May 31, 1991) is an American reality television personality. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, and raised in Council Bluffs, Iowa, she came to prominence after being cast in the reality television series 16 and Pregnant in 2009, which documented the pregnancies and first months of motherhood for several young women. Later that year she was cast in the spin-off series Teen Mom, and appeared in each of its four seasons until its conclusion in 2012. That August she released her debut studio album and first memoir, both of which were titled My Teenage Dream Ended. The book made it onto The New York Times Best Seller list, while the album was named the 32nd best album of 2012 by The Guardian, which called it “the weirdest record you’ve heard this year. A truly bizarre mix of generic Guetta-pop beats, drilling sounds, and Abraham’s abrasive AutoTuned vocals”.

In 2013, Abraham gained worldwide notoriety after the release of the ‘sex tape’ Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, in which she appeared with adult-film star James Deen; its sequel Farrah 2: Backdoor and More included unused footage from the first shoot and was released the following year. In 2014, she appeared on the fourth season of Couples Therapy individually; in doing so, she became the first cast member to participate without a partner. In 2015, she returned to Teen Mom with the spin-off series Teen Mom OG.

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Review


Pamela-AndersonPamela Anderson
1998: The honeymoon Pamela and her then-husband Tommy Lee was captured on camera by the couple and later leaked online by Internet Entertainment Group. It’s one of the first online celeb sex tape scandals. 2005: A DVD of Pamela and Bret Michaels was released.

More about Pamela Anderson:
Pamela Denise Anderson (born July 1, 1967) is a Canadian-American actress. In addition to her acting career, she is also a model, producer, author, activist and a former showgirl, known for her roles on the television series Home Improvement, Baywatch and V.I.P.. She was chosen as a Playmate of the Month for Playboy magazine in February 1990. For a time, she was known as Pamela Anderson Lee (or Pamela Lee) after marrying Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee. Anderson is a member of the animal rights movement and has conducted campaigns condemning the commercial fur industry and promoting veganism through the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). In 2006, she was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame.

Pamela Anderson Sex Tape Review

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Review: Screeched (Screech or Dustin “Dirty Sanchez” Diamond) Sex Tape

dustindiamondWhen it comes to sex tapes, this is the one that possibly killed the entire movement.  Dustin Diamond, better known as Screech from Saved By The Bell, pulls out all his tricks for this one… or does he?

Screeched, Saved By The Smell, was supposedly recorded in a St. Louis hotel room with the intention to sell as a “leaked” sex tape.  Although Dustin Diamond has said that he tried to stop the tape being “leaked”, David Hans Schmidt of Red Light District Video, has said Dustin was in on the deal the entire time.  Although Schmidt has claimed the video is 100% authentic to his knowledge, a lot of people question Dustin is actually the guy behind the penis.

“Dustin was in on this deal from the start,” Schmidt tells us. “He made this tape in a St. Louis hotel room with two girls last summer with the intention that I would sell it.”  Schmidt showed us what he vouches is Diamond’s signature on a contract dated Aug. 27, 2006. Attached is a cover letter on which Diamond’s manager, Roger Paul, appears to have scribbled, “Let’s make some money!” Schmidt suspects Diamond has been doubly deceptive. “I have reason to believe that is not Dustin’s [manhood] in the movie,” says the agent. “You never see his face and his [manhood] in the same shot. If, in fact, he used a body double, I’m going to sue him for defrauding me, Red Light and the American public.

Our only question is, why would anyone use that penis as a stunt double?  It’s quite possibly the ugliest looking penis we’ve ever seen.

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Review: Pam & Tommy Lee Hardcore and Uncensored (Pamela Anderson)


I suppose you are wondering why anyone would review the Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee sex tape 18 years later. Damn, 18 years later?!    Well, first of all, our entire site is based off real couples and real sex.  This video is a bit of both.  Also, it doesn’t feel right reviewing sex tapes or future sex tapes without at least writing our opinions about the godfather of them all. Yes, it’s a bit outdated but it has to be done.  The fun part is we have never really watched these videos so for us it’s still our first impressions.

 A bit of background for those of you that may have been underage or under a rock when this tape leaked.  Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee had a sex tape of them on their honeymoon leak in 1995 after it was stolen from their home.  Anderson sued the video distribution company, Internet Entertainment Group. Ultimately, the Lees entered into a confidential settlement agreement with IEG. Thereafter, the company began making the tape available to subscribers to its web sites again, resulting in triple the normal traffic on the sites.

Another tape, which was made before the Tommy Lee tape, involving Anderson and musician Bret Michaels from Poison, was later announced, and an abridged version of less than 60 seconds appeared on the internet. Frames of the video first appeared in Penthouse magazine in March 1998. The tape was successfully blocked by Michaels, but a four-minute sex tape is still available on the Internet.

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Review: Farrah Abraham in Backdoor Teen Mom Sex Tape

farrahabrahamFrom MTV’s Teen Mom to Backdoor Squirting Milf Porn Star.  You saw how she raised her child, now you can see how she makes them. Farrah Abraham released her sex tape via Vivid for sell and download, the same company that released Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (Pam and Tommy), Jimi Hendrix, Kim Kardashian, WWE Diva Chyna, and a number of other B / C / D level celebs that can only get your attention by fucking each other’s brains out on camera…

… the same way we do!

I’m not mad at you Farrah, sex is beautiful, and doing it the way you do it is even more beautiful.   Co-star / porn actor James Deen has openly said that recording this video was just another day in the office for him.  Any claims of this being a “private” sex tape is false, as it was purposely recorded in home video fashion to create more interest.    Farrah, no need to pretend it’s a home video, just tell everyone you take it in the ass and squirt all over the room, that’s all the buzz you need.

Farrah Abraham just went from the most annoying D level reality star / teen mom on earth, to now just a somewhat slightly annoying milf with A level porn skills.  Her new large breasts and open-attitude towards anal sex definitely puts her a lot higher in my book.  Although her oral skills need work,  her anal, ass to mouth, ass to pussy then back to ass then back to pussy then back to mouth,  and squirting techniques will make even the most uptight executive at Viacom proud.  Good find MTV!  Your casting director and talent scouts need raises for sure.

Vivid’s synopsis:

“From Iowa cheerleader to MTV Teen Mom star, midwest beauty Farrah Abraham breaks free with her most daring video ever, Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Made originally as a personal ‘boudoir’ tape, Farrah decided to release the video to her fans due to overwhelming response once news of the tape became public for download. Shockingly explicit, she takes James Deen as you’d never imagine, in a backdoor scene you’ll never forget. With her tight young body and totally uninhibited sexuality, it’s no wonder why she wanted to capture this moment in time. And now you can too!” 

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