Threesome Memoirs – Double Penetration

double penetrationWith a blog titled Double Penetration I am scared I may have to block our emails from the surge of men ready to fill out a DP Job Application to join us in our bedroom.   Don’t worry, you didn’t miss the sign up sheet, that is never going to happen.

Saturday night, I was taking shots of Patron and preparing the camera for a second night of photoshoots with Venice and her friend.  This is the same friend who the weekend before we hooked up with and had more of an oral only threesome.  She and I ate out Venice, Venice and her sucked my dick and balls, etc.  We already know where we stand with her, so the night usually ends with some sort of play.  I wasn’t in the greatest mood but hopefully as the clothing came off and my lenses heated up, I would feel a little better.

The first shot was of an Asian massage, so both ladies stripped and Venice grabbed the Grape Seed Oil.  Venice made sure she let her friend know that Grape Seed Oil can be used on the inside or outside of her body.  That made both girls giggle.  Venice had never really given an Asian massage, so they both discussed the positioning or what exactly should be shown on camera.  I sat back with the camera in hand and waited for them to figure out exactly what they wanted.  To be a photographer isn’t hard, but to be a photographer that has to continuously come up with sexy ideas is absolutely hard.  Therefore, tonight I wanted to drink and just make sure they were focused.  My goal was to stay stress free and click the button.

As the shoot went on, the girls got more into each other and less into the idea of there being a camera in the room.  I had a hard time even doing my only job correct, keeping them in focus, because honestly I didn’t want to see what was going on behind a camera lens.  At times I would quit clicking and just watch the action.

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