Threesome Memoirs – Tasting His Cum On Her Pussy

2 pussiesSo I planned a date with one of my girlfriends that I haven’t really seen in a while.   When I say plan, I really had no plan at all.  I just wanted to fuck her.

When she came over Ryan was in the shower.  I really don’t get too excited over the idea of one-on-one experiences but Ryan did tell me prior to taking a shower that I didn’t have to wait for him.  My girlfriend didn’t care regardless, because as soon as she saw me she grabbed my head and pulled me in to kiss her.  She back walked me into my own bedroom and tried to scoot me up against the bed, but I turned her around and laid her down first.  Yes, we were fighting for position to see who wanted to eat whose pussy the most.  I won.

I stripped her clothes off and mounted her body.  I took off my top and let my breasts hang in her face.  She greedily sucked on my nipples like a newborn baby.  I left my panties on and slid my body off the bed so I could stick my face in her pussy.  I loved it.

Ryan came out of the bathroom behind me with nothing but a towel.  That quickly fell to the floor when he saw his wife eating out another woman on the bed.  He didn’t hesitate to get down on his knees and start kissing on my ass while my face was buried in another woman’s crotch.  I felt my panties slide down my legs, then felt Ryan’s warm slick tongue slide inside my pussy.  I tried to keep eating her pussy but I guess I was more horny than I thought.  The sensation of Ryan’s tongue forced me to stop eating pussy.  I closed my eyes and laid my head on my girlfriend’s inner thighs so I could relax and enjoy the  feeling of Ryan’s tongue fucking my slit.

I felt Ryan slowing down and start to lift his head off my body so I turned around and said, “You know better than that.”

Ryan looked at me smiling and replied, “Did I forget something?”

I grabbed Ryan’s face and arched my back so my ass hole was in his face.  I then pulled him into my body and smothered his mouth and nose with my ass cheeks.  I responded, “You don’t come play until you’ve eaten my pussy and my ass, Ryan.  You know better.”

Ryan moaned, loving what he just heard.  He loves my ass hole totally.  I felt his tongue circling my anus rim and I decided to put my girlfriend’s pussy back in my mouth.  As Ryan would dart his tongue deep in my body, I would moan and squeeze my rim as hard as I could so I could trap his face in my dirty ass.

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