Top Drop, Aftercare, BDSM, Threesomes, And Vanilla Sex

aftercareYesterday while on twitter I made a comment about no longer wanting to have threesomes with Venice because I feel depressed afterwards. Although I have never tried to figure out the explanation behind this depression, I got a response from a twitter follower named @Verbal75 that used the term Top Drop. Venice and I had never heard of the term so I asked him to explain what it meant, and he did.  Although I am unsure if that is exactly what I am feeling regarding threesomes (that will be another blog), I have dealt with feeling depressed after having everyday vanilla sex with Venice.  Either way, as an introvert I was interested in the terminology and asked if @Verbal75 would like to write a blog about what he was trying to explain to me.   Amazingly, by the next day, I had this story in our inbox.

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