10 Things A Woman Should Not Say To A Man On A First Date

hiding2For fun, Ryan and I have created a list of 10 things a woman should not say on her first date.  We will post our “10 Things a Man Shouldn’t Say” in our next blog.  If you have some things you think a woman shouldn’t say on her first date, please add them to the comment box below.

10. “Although I’ve had a lot of one night stands, I decided that wasn’t who I was anymore.  I’m a reborn virgin.  In fact, I don’t plan on kissing another man until after I am married.  I’m so glad I met you!”

9. “Well, 3 of my kids are horrible…but hey, at least that is only a 50% bad to good ratio right?!”

8. “Well, my current husband is in prison because he murdered one of my boyfriends.  I’m trying to save money to post bond.”

7. “Well, I for one would rather swallow than have some strange man’s semen all over my shirt.  You know?”

6. “I knew when I first saw you pull up I wanted to marry you.  Let’s just do it now!”

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