Women Reveal The Specific Movements That Make Them Orgasm

How to make a woman orgasm.

The study was published in July 2017 by researchers from Indiana University in partnership with OMGYes, an online interactive learning tool that teaches users about female pleasure. Researchers conducted the national online survey in 2015, which included 1,055 primarily heterosexual women (91 percent) between the ages of 18 and 94 years old. More than half of respondents were married and 65 percent identified as white. 

The survey asked a wide array of questions regarding female pleasure including the participant’s sexual preferences, sexual behaviors, quality of orgasms and if she can orgasm during intercourse. 

Researchers found that 36 percent of women reported that they needed clitoral stimulation in order to orgasm during intercourse with another 36 percent reporting that while they do not require clitoral stimulation to reach climax during intercourse, it most definitely enhances an orgasm. 

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