Q&A: Opinions On Buying A Huge Dildo For My Wife?

HugeQ&A: Opinions On Buying A Huge Dildo For My Wife?

Been married 19 years and our sex life really got good again a couple years ago. I am 43 and she is 41.

She has a low sex drive and hates to talk about sex, so I usually just try stuff and sometimes it sticks. I noticed one night on giving her an erotic massage I was fingering her and I kept adding fingers. I couldn’t believe how much she was taking but she was loving it and eventually had a small vaginal orgasm which is rare (she is clitoral).

She doesn’t like to admit such things but she admitted liking this. I told her I had 4 fingers in there and she looked at me like don’t tell me that. So…like I said, she doesn’t like to talk about it.

I have kidded around about a large dildo. She usually laughs but sometimes looks interested. She took advantage of my birthday by saying, “if you really want to use one on me, you can.” BTW – I am above average. I don’t think she would have ever considered until realizing the “stretch” I gave her with my hands felt so good. Plus, she has become more vaginal in the past year and even squirting.

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