Sex and Toast – A Helpful Analogy for your Love Life?

Sex and Toast

I heard a pretty good analogy the other day and figured I would share it.  Although Venice and I eat and cook whatever we like these days, there was a time when I was also just eating toast with her.  And anything that wasn’t toast, even if it was tasty and sweet, we had always been told it was bad for us, would make us gain weight and possibly ugly to everyone else.  We were both conditioned to eat safe and healthy, and toast was just that.    Now, before I get into the analogy, I will say over the years I have heard sex compared to various things.  I believe the first comparison to food I ever saw, was to cereal.  A man that wasn’t married compared married to eating the same cereal each day.  He may have been a comedian, I was young. He bragged about there being so many different flavors of cereal on the shelves, why would he choose to eat one forever?   I also heard an analogy from a swinging couple that compared vanilla sex to vanilla ice cream.  Sometimes they just wanted neapolitan ice cream.  And after they ate neapolitan ice cream together, vanilla just tastes so much better.

Anyway, analogies are a great way to communicate in a relationship.  They have always worked for me.  If you can find an emotional connection to something your partner loves, and compare it to something you love, it may help them understand what you are going through.  Below is a good example of a that.

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