Q&A: Older Woman Giving Me Money For Sex. What Do I Do?

Q&A: Older Woman Giving Me Money For Sex. What Do I Do?

I started seeing her when I was 18 and I just turned 19. She is 46.  At first, we just had regular sex and would hang out. She would buy me my favorite food and would give me small gifts and I let her know I wasn’t expecting anything in return for spending time with her. She said it was fine and that she wanted to just “spoil me sometimes”.

Then we got a little more kinky.  She started giving me some money, like $50 or sometimes $100 or even more.  I have tried declining, but she always insists on having me accept it. Well she started getting kind of rough with me- like slapping me, scratching me to the point where it leaves marks , biting me, and I even let her spit in my mouth.

I just do it because I like to satisfy her and I want to do things that she likes for her. When she started doing this kind of stuff she started trying to giving me A LOT of money. She tried giving me like $500 and even more, but I feel like that’s too much considering that I didn’t even wanna take the smaller amounts from her, but she insists on me letting her buy me stuff or giving me money. She already bought me a new phone and I don’t want her to feel like I am just using her.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful or like I don’t appreciate her either. What do I do with this money she gives me? Should I return it or what? How do I get her to stop giving me so much?

older women pay for sexVenice’s response to older woman giving money for sex:

It sounds like you have found a sugar momma!  Although I think it’s polite to decline any payment, if she insists, it may be part of her kink.  She may enjoy the idea of fucking a younger guy and paying him for it.  A variation of power or a maturity fantasy.  She gets off on you being a poor college kid that she uses for his penis, helps pay his bills, and has nothing in common with.  She just wants to fuck your brains out.  She probably thinks about this payment during sex, and even during her orgasms.  Knowing she pays you to pleasure her, may be a form of control, but also self degradation.  She may feel that a young man wouldn’t want to fuck her unless she paid his bills, and that gets her off. 

Either way, enjoy the ride and consider yourself lucky.  I’d never pay for a dick.

older women pay for sexRyan’s response to older woman giving money for sex:  

Talk about sex problems that really aren’t problems at all!  Jeez.  This isn’t something most of us deal with.  I’ve never been paid to slang this dick, so I wouldn’t know where to begin.  

Possibly, part of her fantasy is paying a young man to service her.  You have tried to decline, you have done everything you are supposed to do.  If she insists on paying you, take the payment and give her that young cock of yours.  It’s possible she has a form of self degradation.  This can come in all genders and ages.  We ourselves aren’t unfamiliar with doing kinky things that most people find disgusting.  

She may get off thinking a young man wouldn’t want her unless she pays.  Although that isn’t true, it could turn her on to think this way.  This may be part of her kink and how she orgasms, thinking she isn’t good enough for your young dick.  She pays you as a way to build up for her next session with you.  And this works both ways.  It may possibly be a form of degradation, where she wants to treat you like a prostitute.  She may get off using you and then leaving money for you, as if you are just her little boy toy.  Who knows?  But both variations require you to take the money.  What do you do with the money she gives you?  Well young Hugh Hefner,  buy yourself a Versace robe and stop asking so many damn questions!


Q&A: Cleaning Your Bed Sheets Between Partners

I have a partner who has a lot of other partners. And I’m cool with that, I do see other people too. We usually meet and have sex at her place. Which suits me as well.

But as far as I can tell, she doesn’t seem concerned with the hygiene of her bedsheets.

I could have sex with her on it, finish on her bed, and she won’t mind sleeping on it afterwards. So she probably does the same with other people.

I already asked her before laying there if she was confident about the hygiene of the bedsheet. She brushed it off like it was a weird question and she was obviously sleeping on hygienic sheets.

The issue is that I’m pretty sure the bed would be dazzling if we put it under fluorescent light, if you know what I mean…

But maybe it’s completely unharmful and normal in the hookup scene, and everyone is aware of it, and nobody really cares…

So am I being weird with my wish not to be bathing in other people’s bodily fluids when I get on the bed ?

Venice’s response to cleaning bedsheets

It’s easy to forget how important it is to change your sheets when you have a new lover.  Whether it be because you are comfortable in your own bed, or you just have poor hygiene, change your dang sheets!  

In fact, change your sheets regularly regardless of having a new partner or not.  It’s just good hygiene to keep your bedding clean and smelling good.  Most of us sweat a lot while we sleep, so after a week or so, it’s time to change those sheets.

Ryan’s response to cleaning bedsheets

For me, this is obvious.  Whether inviting over a third person into our bedroom or after the third person leaves our bedroom, we change our sheets.  Especially with all the extreme things we do. For me, this is common sense. 

Future title suggestion: “Clean your genitals between partners.”   

The same can be said for the vagina.  Please clean your vagina thoroughly if you are sleeping with various men.  I understand that douche is bad for the vagina but so is another man’s semen on my crotch, or in my nostrils when I try to have oral sex with you.  If you have multiple partners and you let one of them cum inside you, please make sure it’s clean!  Whether you are a swinger (especially swingers because usually their spouse orgasms inside them regularly) or a girl that has various partners.  I get this may be some weird kink or something, but at least let the other person know.  We can clearly tell and…smell.  And I mean CLEARLY. 

Can you imagine a man sleeping with one woman, wiping it down, then sleeping with another woman the next day?   Baby, my penis naturally cleanses itself on my underwear, that smell is totally normal….