How Erotic Audio Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Every now and then we get a content creator that really brings something new to us that we haven’t really thought about. Lewd Lexi has a great new blog she created and really treats her readers with something special: Erotic Audio.  We asked Lewd Lexi to do a guest blog for us and share with our readers what exactly Erotic Audio is and how it can spice up your sex life.

How Erotic Audio Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

Have you ever explored the rapidly-growing world of audio porn?

This unique form of media is rising in popularity not only between individuals, but between couples as well, who are using it to enhance their sex lives in ways that other forms of pornography cannot compete with.

In this article, I’ll be covering four different ways that erotic audio can help to spice up your sex life, and why it may be worthwhile to explore it with your partner!

What Is Erotic Audio?

For those who have never heard of erotic audio before, it is essentially a form of pornography that is done completely through audio.

There is usually no sort of visuals to go along with it, and all imagery is created entirely in your head. This usually has a creator reading off of a script, while using sound effects and ambiences to help you create a scene in your mind.

For creators, this is great because you aren’t bound by the same constraints that a filmmaker would have. You don’t need to bother with things like designing costumes, creating believable special effects, or finding a location for filming that matches the scenario. Whether the scene takes place behind a football stadium or on a spaceship on Mars, audio can be created easily without breaking immersion.

This means that you can create believable, realistic, and immersive scenarios in your mind that extend far beyond what you would find with regular pornography. Voice actors and actresses are able to create scenarios that wouldn’t be financially feasible to create in regular porn, or even go beyond what’s realistic in real life.

So, how can it be used to help you and your partner in bed? Let’s look over four different reasons!


How Erotic Audio Can Improve Your Sex Life

1. Erotic Audio Makes A Great Foreplay Tool

One unique thing about audio porn is that it focuses heavily on building up the scene and setting the context as to why the characters are engaging in sex together.

This makes it great as a foreplay tool, as the buildup before the sex happens may make up a large portion of the audio. In fact, it’s this lengthy build up that makes audio porn so erotic when the sexual acts finally occur.

Contrast this with regular pornography. In regular porn, the buildup is often quick, and if there even is a storyline behind it, it is usually kept brief. This is because unlike with audio, actors need to memorize lines. It’s all about getting to the sex right away.

This may be exciting of course, but considering how important foreplay is – especially for women, the slower and more immersive buildup that erotic audio offers can help mentally prepare you both for sex, and get you hornier at a much deeper level.

2. Erotic Audio Allows You Partake In Roleplay, Without Being Good At It

Many erotic audios consist of roleplays. Again, as voice actors and actresses, our job is to create a role – and act it out with you in a believable manner.

This can be anything from roleplaying your loving wife pleasuring you after a long day of work, to a demon succubus that you accidentally summoned, to the college cheerleader you used to fantasize about decades ago.

According to one study of 2,000 couples in the United States, 29 percent of people are interested in roleplaying, while 27% of Americans have a sexual act they want to try, but are too shy to bring up to their partner.

Roleplaying requires you to be vulnerable and comfortable with each other. Listening to erotic audio together – and either using it as a form of guided practice, or diverting from it completely to continue the roleplay in your own direction, can help the two of you open up and get closer together. And it does so without the added pressure of needing to come up with the scenario yourself.

3. You’re Able To Consume Porn Together, Without Being Distracted By A Screen

According to one study published in the National Library of Medicine, couples that watch porn together experience improved relationship health and higher sexual satisfaction than couples that do not.

However, porn is best used as a tool to bring the both of you together, rather than to cause a divide or distraction.

One great thing about audio porn is that you are able to play it and engage in it, without being distracted by a screen.

This means you are free to focus more intently on your partner – both visually, as well as with your touch, too.

As someone who creates audio porn, I’ve been told by many couples that they use my audios while engaging in mutual masturbation, before focusing on each other more intently.

Being able to consume pornography without needing to focus on a screen – or the people on it, makes it easier to keep your attention on each other – leading to better sex between the two of you.

4. Erotic Audio Allows You To Explore New Fantasies Together.

Finally, erotic audio is a fantastic tool for exploring new fantasies and fetishes that you may not have been exposed to previously.

As mentioned earlier on, audio porn is not bound by the same constraints as real porn. It is easier to explore new scenarios or fetishes, without having to worry about creating a realistic visual production.

This means that many erotic audios are heavily focused around novel scenarios or ideas that you won’t usually find in regular porn.

You may find that the two of you are both really turned on by an idea that you have never been exposed to before, or that you’ve never shared with a previous partner.

Ultimately, this unique experience and shared fantasy will bring the two of you closer together, while giving you more unique ways to mix it up in the bedroom.

Closing Thoughts

There’s a reason why erotic audio is on the rise – not just among individuals, but as a tool for couples as well.

While the erotic audio community is mostly made up of individual actors / actresses like myself rather than professional studios, there is already more audio porn out there than one could ever listen to in their lifetime.

So, find an audio that appeals to both of you, and load it up! You may be surprised how much the both of you enjoy it.