A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind – #ChivalryIsSexy Article by MsQuote w/ Ryan Bloggs:

Ms. Quote of A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind writes an excellent article, with input from Ryan, regarding chivalry. I believe this may be a series of interviews she has conducted with various couples regarding Chivalry, but I am unsure.  Follow her website for more information and updates.

Online, Venice and Ryan, the married couple that pens Fuckblogging.com, candidly and explicitly share their sexual exploits in words, photos and videos. Personally, I love the way they communicate about sex. They’re an example for all couples.

After doing an email interview with Ryan, I got the impression that aside from and including their sex life that he and Venice have a happy marriage offline. Perhaps not a perfect marriage, but a happy and solid marriage. While their marriage, like any marriage, takes effort on both parts, I’m really impressed with how Ryan holds up his end. Perhaps he doesn’t think himself as chivalrous, but I do.

For the rest of the article and interview, please check out Ms. Quote’s amazing website linked below:


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