A Day Off Turned Into A Month Off

Gamer coupleSo a day off turned into a week off.  Then a week off turned into a month off.  Looking at our blog in the last few months I have noticed that we’ve slowed down a whole lot.  There are a few reasons why, and I guess I will spend some time explaining a few. 

One, the topics of threesomes got a bit stale and since we are still currently hooking up with a few regulars there isn’t much else to say.  Regrets or problems?  None.

Two, we dealt with a problematic blog reader that seemed to enjoy drama.   Think, flirting online just to tease her husband and then trying to get caught flirting so she can see if her husband gets jealous.  Thankfully we navigate through those situations fairly easy.  Thank you middle school for teaching us how to deal with these types of things.  With our life and blog posted for the world to read, we’ve had to learn how to handle random situations that we never thought we’d have to deal with.  Although it is fun and exciting, we prefer to stay away from drama if at all possible.  For all future husbands and boyfriends, if your wife/girlfirend reaches out and flirts with us, check your wife/girlfriend, not us.  We aren’t going to filter out the crazies from the normal and we try to be friendly with everyone.   We aren’t your problem, your wife/girlfriend/or yourself is the problem.  Work on that.

I not only want to thank middle school but I’d also like to thank the block features on our server and on Twitter.  

Three, we didn’t want to bring the blog back full circle and start talking about our more vanilla lifestyle.  We’re unsure if our readers want to hear about Venice learning to deepthroat again or us having normal missionary sex each day.   Because yes, our sex life is actually extremely vanilla.  With each other, we’ve never really had limits, but hooking up with other girls doesn’t define us as who we are.  In life, in this blog, or in our love.  To me, as much as we have written about our experiences, a threesome is nothing more than foreplay.   I personally get a thrill from the experience of another person in our bedroom, but the only sexual satisfaction I get it when I am with my wife later.  Whether it be comfort, not really turning my mind on to the experience, or the fact I am driven by an emotional connection.  The only time I feel any emotional connection is when me and my wife kiss during a threesome or when we are alone together. 

Four, we both tend to go through different hobbies and phases together.  Right now, we are doing something else together that is the exact opposite of a sex blog.   We now take up all our free time playing games together on side by side PCs.   Yes, we’re gaming nerds.  We will leave a game and tell our gaming clan to give us a moment to freshen up or run some errands, go fuck each others’ brains out, possibly have a threesome, then log back in and raid a base together.  We used to chat back and forth about different blog articles or what sexy picture to take next, but now we chat back and forth about what game we are going to play and how we are going to take over the world.  It’s what best friends do.

So, what does all that mean?   I think we will bring the blog back full circle and focus on various topics, even if they seem a bit boring or vanilla.  However, we will still talk about the mental developments we’ve had dealing with a third person.  We’re still growing a lot.

I’d also like to start back with Wednesday Snapshots as those pictures have always been my favorites. 

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Good for you two! And that’s the way it should be. Not everything in a healthy relationship is sex, being able to enjoy other activities together (and apart) is just as important. I, for one, missed you guys but am happy that you’re doing great and having fun.
And yes, please start back with Wednesday Snapshots, they’re awesome! 🙂
Krys xoxox

Your blog boring? Never! I’ve missed reading your posts over the past month and a half.

I think the posts about your threesome adventures have been both funny (at times) and educational. You share a lot of insights on what your journey has been like, not just sexually but also from emotional and practical levels.

And don’t ever dismiss vanilla sex! Kinky sex is not always as good or as exciting as vanilla sex.

There’s also a value in sharing the non-sexual lives as a couple. Often times, that 99% of your time together is what makes that 1% of the time in (or out of) the bedroom so amazing.

Just please post new articles about anything. I don’t care if it’s about how toilet paper feels. Just blog!

I am glad to see you back and your blog can be about anything just keep writing. I miss the his and her porn reviews…. Hint hint…

I think you guys are a normal couple who enjoy different things on occasion and you enhance your own sex life by bringing in another person. Compared to some of the other blogs which seem so unrealistic at least to me. You two are real people and thanks for sharing it all

My wife and I do miss your blogs, and the funny way you two put things into words. The both of you should take time off to get your minds back together, and to enjoy other things besides sex, but we are glad you two are back, and please keep the blogs funny and as a learning tool. we have lots of fun reading your blogs (we’ve even learned a few things form you love you both. P.S. We would love to see more body pictures. of Venice even w/o the face shot

Write about whatever you want to & find interesting. That is always the best to read, even if it feels like you’re going back to the start, if you’re passionate about it then it shows 🙂