Dirty Talk – Breakfast In Bed

breakfast in bedEvery morning Venice wakes me up kissing my neck, under my arms, down my stomach, until eventually she is between my legs playing with my genitals.  Usually this routine ends with her sucking on my balls and dick, maybe a few minutes of fucking, including anal, but never an orgasm.  This is something we practice called “our circle,” and it’s purely for intimacy.   It’s not just a blog topic, it’s really our daily routine.  It may sound weird, but if I know that night Venice will want and expect more intimate time with me, there is no real urgency to orgasm every time I get an erection and am intimate with my wife.  I enjoy waking up with her saliva or vaginal juices  on my penis, semi-hard, and still horny because I didn’t cum.   It’s definitely waking up on the right side of the bed.  This “circle” seems to keep her on my mind all day and makes me much more attentive to her.  Whether that’s right or wrong, it works.

This morning, Venice was in a great mood and extra perky.  This means she hops on me like Tigger from Pooh, and nibbles on the side of my face and neck.  She grabs my arm and lifts it over my head, semi bites my pierced nipple and quickly moves her face under my arms.  As she kisses my underarm area, my penis almost immediately gets erect, no matter how tired I am.  If a guy has a g-spot, this is probably mine.  Venice slowly works her way over to my other nipple and underarm, kissing me across my chest on the way there.  Maybe it’s her good mood that gets my juices flowing or maybe it’s the fact it’s Friday, but before she got down to my dick, I already know I want to fuck her.   This means, I want to cum.  When I say in the morning we usually are intimate with no orgasms, I mean it.  Maybe once or twice a month we have these moments (usually a Friday) where things get a little too hot or heavy, but the goal with our “circle” is to not reach that point, especially on a work day.  Luckily, this was a Friday!

As she plays with my dick and balls, rubbing and massaging, putting a single ball in her mouth and slowly sucking, or just taking my whole dick and shoving it down her throat.  Sometimes it feels as though she is like a kitten.  My genitals become her yarn as she paws my crotch.  Her moans are almost purr-like.  She nuzzles herself in my crotch, rubbing my dick and balls against her face.   I was rock hard.

I look down and ask, “Do you want  breakfast in bed?” 

She immediately responded, “Yes.”  

I then sat up and rolled her over, putting her face near the top of the bed.  She leaned her head back as I positioned my hips over her face.  I let my hard dick dangle above her, rubbing her nose and forehead, as I wrap my arms around her knees and legs.   I slowly drop my hard dick down into her throat, while at the same time burying my own face in her vagina.   We both already know that the goal is to feed her my sperm.   The term “breakfast in bed” has its own meaning in our world, as it took life a few months ago and became a part of our sex language/dirty talk.  I dig my hips low over her face until I can feel my dick pass through her tight throat, down her neck.  I also feel my balls press hard against her nose, pushing them back and up into my own ass cheeks.  I love this feeling.  The tip of my dick, the most sensitive part of my penis, can feel the textures deep in her throat.  I will never be able to explain this feeling properly, but you can almost feel the area of the throat where it seperates the throat passages, lung/stomach.   It rubs and tickles the head of my penis as my shaft moves back and forth inside her. 

The morning talk is loud and dirty as I grind my dick into her face.  “You want me to give you breakfast in bed?”  She can’t still can’t breath, mouth full of my cock.

Until I pull out and hang my dick above her face, she can’t get air.  This means, as soon as I lift my cock out of her, she gasps and breaths as loud as she can.  She is unable to respond to dirty talk until after she catches her breath.  “Give my fucking breakfast!” she screams.   “I want my morning protein.”  My dick hangs half way over her face while she talks and gets ready for more.  It’s dripping my precum and her  own saliva back all over her face as I wait to fuck her more.  She loves every second of it, as this is probably her favorite way to make me cum.  Admittedly, it’s not my favorite, but nothing makes me cum as fast orally as this technique.  And when I do cum, it’s more of a sex (intercourse) orgasm rather than a blow job orgasm (for me, there is a huge difference — later blog). 

After a few minutes of this back and forth, in and out, I unload deep inside her throat.  I bury my hips hard on her face as I thrust, exactly how I would fuck her vagina or ass, digging as deep as I can until I feel my shaft completely empty of fluid.  

Sometimes it’s worth it to be late to work.

When I started this blog, I actually wanted to talk about dirty talk and the language of sex.  After the first paragraph it seemed boring and I ran out of things to say.  Instead, I wrote about my morning.  However, the original topic was “breakfast in bed” and how Venice and I use it.  We both know what it really means, and we are both turned on by it.    Is it the double meaning that turns us on, or just that we call my sperm her breakfast, as if she needed my cum to survive.   Now, anytime she is giving me oral sex in the morning, our dirty talk almost revolves around that term.  It means to finish, to feed, to be intimate in the morning, and that I am taking care of her needs.   I dumb thought like breakfast in bed during oral sex, turned into a dumb thought while I was taking a shower after I came inside her throat this morning, turned into a dumb blog with an extremely sexy story.   I’m okay with that.

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Do you reciprocate the same love she shows your penis?
Have you disturbed her slumber with your tongue on her clit…teasing and swallowing her womanly juices. Your post seems kind of one sided…a good lover is a giver first and foremost…the rest is just desert. You sound lazy