The Advantages of Couples Who Have Sex While Drunk

Sex While DrunkThe Advantages of Couples Who Have Sex While Drunk

There are a lot of articles online about the advantages of having sex while drunk, but most of them discuss the easing of sexual tension between people.  It’s known that alcohol lowers inhibitions and can help make easing into sex at the end of a date easier, or better.  It can also help with premature ejaculation, as you tend to focus less on getting your orgasm, and more on the experience.  As well as, alcohol seems to make the genitals a little less sensitive.  Our article will not go into that aspect.  I wanted to focus more on how alcohol can make sex better for a couple that is already committed and in a sexual relationship with each other.    

Let’s Get This Out of The Way First

There are obviously a lot of disadvantages to alcohol, specifically your health.  That’s why we stress drinking in moderation.  We also are a blog that focuses more on sex and life as a couple, not sex from a single person’s perspective.  Neither of us drank while single, as we were too young.  However, we have researched various articles that mention alcohol leads to some women regretting their decisions while drunk, lowering their standards of who they sleep with, and that being tipsy makes it easier to be taken advantage of.  Not good.  Men on the other hand, just get a cool pair of beer goggles.  Either way, these disadvantages have nothing to do with our article, as we are talking about committed couples, alcohol, and better sex.  If my husband wants to wear beer goggles while fucking me, I’m okay with that.  After 25 years of marriage, I’ve learned beer goggles actually amplify all the positive things we see in each other, so it’s a good thing in a committed relationship!   


  • Whiskey Dick – Whiskey dick refers to a temporary condition where a person cannot get or maintain an adequate erection after consuming too much alcohol.
  • Whiskey Clit – Whisky Clit refers to a temporary condition where a female takes much longer to get off due to too much alcohol consumption.  My husband once went down on me for 3 hours before I had an orgasm.  Wait, is whiskey clit really a con?    It wasn’t a con for me!  


Sex While DrunkDrunk Sex – Enthusiasm

A lot of experienced couples call sex while being drunk, “porn sex.”   The reason?  Because sex while drunk usually turns out to be “extra.”  The enthusiasm is different.  That dick you have sucked on 1000 times seems to be a lot larger, a lot more tasty, and whatever comes out of it will be the best thing you’ve tasted in the last year.  Rather than going down on your partner and your mind wandering off wondering what you will be doing at work the following day, you are caught up in the moment and love having them in your mouth.  So much so, you go above and beyond to show the man you are with how much you enjoy his dick.  I’d even go as far as suggesting that a lot of women deep throat their men for the first time while being  a bit tipsy.  It makes you extremely experimental.   It also might be the first time you vomit all over his dick.  And that’s okay too.

Drunk Sex – Testing Your Limits

Much like drinking and driving, drinking and diving can end up getting messy.   I first threw up during face fucking tipsy off alcohol.  Although we have blogged that experience, it led to a lot of different new experiences where the goal was to capture that same feeling we got that night.  Nothing could ever duplicate the spontaneous moment, no matter how hard I tried.  Alcohol helps you test your limits.

While drunk you are just reacting.  You do not have “everyday” sex like you normally do,  you have sex based on the euphoric buzz you are feeling due to the alcohol.  You are more attuned with how your body feels.  Rather than timing yourself or overly caring about how your body looks, you are melting inside each other, lost in lust and having a good time.

Sex While Drunk

Drunk Sex – Personality Changes

If you are a passive woman, submissive woman, and maybe even a woman with a low sex drive.  Alcohol can raise your sex drive, make your more assertive, and make you more domineering.  Each person is different so the effects of alcohol are not the same, but alcohol removes your inhibition.  Alcohol can lead to a total role swap.  Much like they say that alcohol brings out a whole new person, well…it does.  And during sex that whole different person can be extremely aggressive, when normally you are passive.  And vice versa.  It can make a man that has to be in total control, relax and let a woman take over.  This alone can make sex while drinking the most amazing experience ever.  These changes could include pegging, face sitting, and even urine play.  However, I have noticed that when I am tipsy I will push my husband on the bed and aggressively flip him over.  I go down on him and eat him out from the back, sucking on his ass and taint.  He will squirm, moan, and whine the entire time.  I may even hold him down and finger bang him.  Once I turn him back over, I can do whatever it is my heart desires and be in total control.  When I have been drinking, I tend to enjoy taking control and being in charge of how our sex goes that evening.  When sober, I have no desire to be in control and want to be taken.  Want to be dominated.  And want to be held down or told what to do.  Alcohol creates that much of a change in your sexual personality, which if you communicate with your partner, can be an amazing thing.

Drunk Sex and Threesomes

With all that said, during most of our threesomes, we drank prior to getting the night started.  For all of the reasons above, as well as all the “single” reasons we briefly went over in the very beginning of the blog.  However, with both of us in the room, we can’t really be “taken advantage of.”  Plus we only fuck women.  So the negative effects of alcohol aren’t something we are too concerned with.  We’ve made our decision on who we are going to have threesomes with long before the night starts, so being drunk takes the edge off and makes the moment more relaxing.  

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