Extreme Sexual Ideas And Trying New Things Together To Enhance Your Connection

Extreme Sexual Ideas And Trying New Things Together To Enhance Your Connection

This blog post is going to be a bit more of “confessions of our relationship” than how relationships should be.  Every couple is unique and different.  A lot of things we do is different than most couples.  For instance, we’ve opened our bedroom to other women,  published experiences online, posted amateur videos, shared our opinions on all types of sex, and religiously post naughty pictures on social media.  I am going to make a pretty safe assumption and guess that the rest of our neighbors don’t do any of those things above (Although if they do…kinky!  Let’s connect!).  This type of thing may not be different for those of us who are in the lifestyle, exhibitionists, or just naughty couples looking to explore new things.  In fact, if you are reading this blog, you are probably more like us, than unlike us.  But you already know, you are different than most couples.   With a long list of things most people consider disgusting, we have posted videos and blogs of us face fucking until she vomitstattooing my wife’s name on my penis, urinating in my wife’s throat while she deepthroats, or even sniffing cum off a mirror like it’s a drug (anyone remember that video?).  Just to name a few.  We’ve even been banned from sex and marriage forums because we posted about the advantages of having sex during her period.  We didn’t do any of that to shock people.  Trust me.  Nothing we do is to shock other people.  It’s how we connect. It’s how we explored each other long before we posted on social media.  In our opinion, it’s how we stay in the honeymoon stage after 21 years of marriage.

And then we share it.  Unsure why, but we share our life.  We share things that we should keep locked in a closet.  We share our skeletons.  We share things that people may find gross.  We don’t do it for the reactions, we do it because it gives us a new connection.  Admittedly, when people don’t get it, it does make our connection stronger.  It also makes more sense to us when people don’t get it.  That’s why we do it.

regardless of how “extreme” we consider ourselves, there are still a lot of couples much more extreme than we could ever be (full swapping, gang bangs, no holds barred photos)

Let me explain.

From the beginning of relationships both people subconsciously set up mini goals they would like to accomplish.  Whether it be about seeing if he will open the door for you, or seeing if she will let you kiss her on the first date.  These little goals constantly progress, especially up until marriage.  Think about it, every step towards marriage has little goals you achieve, slowly advancing the things you do together. 

This is why a game like The Sims is so popular.  It simulates life, and much like real life, we have small personal goals we set for ourselves before we stop playing.  /endgame.  

I’ll create an analogy from my perspective, the perspective of a man with a high sex drive.  Moreso than wanting to be President of the United States, my goals are more simple.  I just wanted to fall in love, stay faithful, and marry a woman that enjoys taking care of me after a long day.  You know, make sure I know that my work day is over, the stress is gone, I am at home, she is going to take care of me, and I am the king of her world.  /endgame

For humans, mini goals are apart of our life.  We don’t stop at kindergarten, we go to the first grade. We go to middle school.  We go to high school.  We go to college.  We go to graduate school.  We go for our doctrine.  If we stop, our life gets complacent.  The more we keep going, the more we are rewarded at the end.  The military?  The same.  You are awarded rank depending on the time and effort you put into your career.  In fact, all jobs are like this.  Firemen, police officers, even attorneys who start as affiliates and become partners.  Our entire life is based off progression, rewards, and a constant need for doing new things.  This is why video games have a leveling system.  Otherwise most people wouldn’t be interested.

Marriage is no different.

Back to my analogy.  When we first start dating, it’s all about going to the movies and putting your arm  around your date’s shoulder for the first time. We judge to see if she moves or is uncomfortable.  The next time we go to the movies, we immediately put our arm around her shoulder. It’s no longer an advancement, but an established connection we’ve both decided is something we enjoy.  Now, what else can we do?  Do we stop there?  Maybe we can rub her thigh?  If we are brave, maybe we can even slide our hand up her leg and see if she reaches down to stop us.   Eventually, we are resting our hand at the seams of her panties.  At this point, you have overcome so many mini goals and progressed your relationship.  As your relationship advances, you will eventually find your hand inside her panties rubbing her genitals during the movie.   If she lets you progress that far.  This could happen over multiple dates, or just one movie.  This would depend on how fast you advance.  Me personally, I advance slow.  

Either way, advancement is what keeps things new and fresh. It creates feelings that make you feel accomplished.  And she is the one giving you that feeling.  So you feel indebted.  You enjoy how she makes you feel, which may lead to you starting to fall in love.  Later these accomplishments  keep you falling in love. 

Unfortunately, a lot of times advancements revert.  For instance, once married, she may be more irritated that you are ruining the movie for her.  Or maybe you have butter on your fingers from the popcorn and she doesn’t want to get her thigh greasy.  Real life is taking over, germs matter again, you don’t kiss as long, and your fingers are greasy from popcorn so you aren’t even allowed to touch her during a movie anymore.  This is just as common as advancement.  This is also normal.  And yes, this could be considered  “falling out of love.”  

Imagine playing a game for years and the developer decides to take away your Dragon Scale Sword… because it gets your girl’s leg greasy!   All the sudden, this game isn’t quite as fun anymore.

Or what if you have the highest possible sword you can earn?  What happens when you “No Life” Runescape your marriage and max level everything? Either the game developers need to give you something else to do, or you will find something else to play.

Does any of this make sense?  

How many ladies loved anal while dating?  How many women loved experimenting with your new lover?  Once you fall in love and no longer feel the need to chase these new experiences, you decide to tell your partner that you never really even enjoyed anal.   It hurt.  It made you want to use the bathroom.  You would rather just stop having anal.

We ourselves went through this transition.

50% of marriages in the United States end in divorce.  /endgame

This allows for those same 50% of divorcees to find new relationships and relive all the advancements that drove them to fall in love in the first place.  And the second time around, they’ve learned to continue experimenting, continue trying new things, and continue pushing the envelope to keep their marriage new and exciting.

So why not do that with your first marriage?

Now what does all that have to do with us?  Well, we learned the hard way.  Our relationship got stale and complacent.  As game developers (our marriage), it’s our job to come up with various ways to challenge our relationship.  To make sure we do not max out and run out of new things to do.  I can still remember as a teenager having guy friends that thought eating out a girl was disgusting.  I can remember girls saying giving a blow job is gross, or even the site of a penis is yuck.  As we grow and mature, things we once considered gross, seem normal.  We push our limits and force ourselves to open our minds.  And it’s been exciting and fun doing things that some people still consider disgusting. We’ve matured and continue to push our limits.  And regardless of how “extreme” we consider ourselves, there are still a lot of couples much more extreme than we could ever be (full swapping, gang bangs, no holds barred photos, and on and on). 

Much like our first kiss, we still have firsts that most people may never try.  We’re proud.  We don’t do it to gross people out.  We don’t do it to get banned for trolling.  We don’t do it for entertainment.  We do it for us. 

Next blog:  We Eat a Plate of Food Off Each Others’ Hairy Crotches while Dipping Our Food in the Sauces We’ve Poured Down Each Others’ Cracks and Anuses.




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I fucking love this Blog already and only been reading for like 10 mins! I’m like someone actually gets it!

you are so inventive, hot and sexy that I’m going crazy about those tips amd trick you are providing here in your posts