Sex Games For Couples: Fucknite – Fortnite Duos – If You Die, You Suck

Sex Games For Couples: Fucknite – Fortnite Duos – If You Die, You Suck

Any battle royal will do.  Apex Legends, PubG, or Fortnite.  Whatever your flavor.  We prefer Fortnite Duos.  But if you die, you suck.   

What can make sex more fun and playful than turning it into a game? Throughout our years of marriage we have came up with ideas that we may or may not have actually used. But nonetheless, we have decided to share our ideas with our readers. Some of these sex games may help with communication or kinky secrets, some may be for sex parties, but others just may be simple quick fun to use as foreplay. If you and your partner have your own games, please share in the comments below or email us ideas!

The Game: If you Die, You Suck

fucknite fortnite duosThis one is pretty straight forward.  Whether you are straight or gay, the same concept applies.  The first person to die during a battle royal duos game, in our case Fortnite duos,  that player puts his/her controller down and services his/her teammate.  My wife loves Fortnite and she is better than me.  So if I die first, I just go down between her legs and eat her out while she finishes the match.  Vice versa.  

Fucknite – Fortnite Duos Rules

If the player alive respawns the dead player at a respawn van, he/she can get whatever they’d like after the match.  A quick golden shower shot, quickie, rim job, etc.   You can decide your own sexual options.

fucknite fortnite duosYou can also add rules to what happens if the player clutches the game solo and actually wins the match.  Although I’d say that if he/she is able to clutch a match with you down on her/him, you need to work on your Fucknite skills.

Alcohol.  This will level the playing field.  The player that is still alive takes a shot.  This will ensure that eventually the better player will start dying first because they will not be able to see straight.  This will give the player with less skill a chance to get serviced as well.

No camping, bush hiding (pun), or delaying the game.  You must stay active and move towards the center of the circle at all times.  Aggressive play.  This rule is to keep the game fun and interesting.   It will also keep a player from getting a blow job for 20 minutes while hiding in a bush.  

Similar game ideas with more players below:

Fornite Squads.  Same concept except with a group of four.  Maybe a swinger sex game.  All four players playing squads, first person to die has to service any remaining player of their choice.  As each player dies, they turn they have to turn their attention to the players still alive.  The last guy/woman alive gets serviced by the other 3 players.  If you are bisexual, this one could be insanely fun.  Because you’d have both wives and the other husband trying their hardest to make you die, or make you cum.

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Oh, I’m definitely gonna have to suck, cause I can’t play computer games at all)))

I don’t think the title of your article matches the content lol. Just kidding, mainly because I had some doubts after reading the article.