Have You Ever Recorded Yourself Having Sex and… DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY

Have You Ever Recorded Yourself Having Sex and…


I have this huge mirror in my bedroom (like a full wall because the mirror is actually on the closet’s doors) and the first time I looked at it having sex it was horrible. It felt completely ridiculous, like two chicken nuggets rubbing each other while missionary position. From that day on, I avoid looking.

So you and your girlfriend are getting hot and heavy.  You look over at the side of the bed and see your phone laying there.  She smiles up at you as she sees you look at it.  She motions for you to grab it.  You pick it up and she makes the prettiest face possible, as you hit the record button.  She reaches up and grabs the phone and lays it over to the side so you can continue making the greatest sex video that ever existed. 

After 25 minutes of pure piston action while she moans for you like the whole world is watching.  Slowly, your body goes weak, and you feel the urge to release.  You want to pull out to show the camera the next Peter North, but you just don’t have the strength or time.  You try to stay upright so you can show your hips and ass muscles pumping inside your partner, but your muscles keep giving out.   It won’t matter, this is going to be the greatest cumshot ever.   You’re sweaty.  Your worn out.  And now your phone has video footage of the absolute perfect sex.  The holy grail of amateur porn.

A few moments later, after showering, you and your girl lay down together and click on the video clip in your phone.  As the video starts, you start noticing a few back pimples you didn’t know existed, a spare tired around your lower back, and your penis isn’t quite the same size as it is when you are staring down on it.  Did someone swap your footage with an ugly couple that has no idea what they are doing?   Your girls moans sound more like a wounded seal when listening back.   What the hell?

You decide to fast forward to the greatest cumshot ever and let your girl see why she calls you Daddy.  As you skip forward past 25 minutes of footage you finally get to that moment.  You hold it up to your girl and both see what appears to be a Air Tube Dancing and following all over the place.  Like an uncoordinated new born deer trying to walk for the first time.  And wait, you are drooling on her back too?


You are not alone. 

We were having sex and decided to record everything, I put my cellphone on recording mode and we fucked for fifteen minutes. Then we decided to watch it expecting something that would turn us on again and boy were we disappointed. I thought it would be like some amateur porn I watch to masturbate but it was not. My legs look like cricket’s legs, I have no ass, my girlfriend makes ugly faces and she looks way fatter than in real life (at least in my eyes). Lol, but it was fun, we both enjoyed it. We just didn’t expect to be an ugly couple having sex 🤣🤣

Although we have had small clips reach a million views on Xhamster, it was the best moments we had.  However, we eventually deleted too!  99.9% of everything we ever recorded got deleted.  99.9% of all the pictures we have taken, we’re never shown.   That’s just the way it is .

The explanation to this phenomenon?   Endorphins would be the biggest reason.  Everything is better when you are high out of  your mind because your body is flowing with endorphins.  You can look down and see the biggest cock on earth when are high on sex.  As soon as you cum?  Reality hits. Also the phenomenon has to do with how we all have our own little ideas of how we think of ourselves.  How we think we look.  How cool and badass we appear to the world.  Another reason is that sometimes you watch an amateur porn and imagine how you’d look in the video, rather than actually having a video of yourself.  That can change your perception.

See, this is why my GF and I went the “full-wall mirror next to the bed” option. So we get to watch ourselves fuck (which is great) but we also get the added bonus of what I like to call “boner-goggles” which makes us look and feel hella more hot as we’re in the throes of passion.

And finally, you are your own biggest critic.  Sometimes you look amazing, yet you see all of your flaws rather than the positives.  When watching back a video, you tend to focus on what you look like, rather than what you are doing.  Much like an artist sees all his own flaws, while the rest of the world doesn’t notice.  

My wife hates to see herself naked. She is a BBW and I do everything I can to assure her she is way more attractive than she gives herself credit for. One night I some how convinced her to have sex with me on Chaturbate. She believed people would either not watch, or be cruel about her weight. We had over 500 viewers and she got tons of compliments. We are usually our own harshest critics.

However, it is not a big deal.  You can have porn sex every day.  You can blow your partner’s mind.  You can do everything you have ever seen in porn.   Just don’t record it!   Instead, do it again!  Or do like we do, record our sessions, watch it once and laugh, then delete it. 

We’ve found we have to somewhat sacrifice the sex for a good video. Knowing that up front helps a lot. Concentrate on the angles and try to get some really nice close-ish shots of you entering her. And specifically doing the things that make either of you go ohhhh, rather than just sex. That way it’ll be more of a memory of something great that means something to you rather than a sex video of something average. Filming gets in the way a little. So break it up a bit. Know that while you’re filming, you might have to change the way you do things slightly, and it might not feel as good, but the video will be better. Then stop filming and enjoy yourself. I hope that makes sense. I was being distracted when I typed this so my thoughts are all over the place.


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)))) I’ve deleted all those vids