I’ve been banned for trolling because of my ideas about Sex on my Period

Sex on my Period

As weird as it may sound, I have been banned from marriage forums because of my lifestyle, my ideas about sex, or how I believe relationships work.  I guess I can understand why.  A lot of these marriage websites preach ideas about monogamy, so I already do not fit in.  The fact I allow other women in our bedroom with me and my husband is already breaking a few marriage rules.   However, my ideas about sex on my period wasn’t something I thought was out of the ordinary or so unbelievable that I would be banned and called a troll.

First, let me remind you of how much I love my cycle.  To have a period is a blessing. It’s beautiful. It’s Mother Nature telling you, “You can have children now.” It means legacy. I love my period. I embrace it every month. I look forward to it and everything that comes with it – good and bad. When I tell my husband that I want him to fuck me on my period, I’m not trying to disgust him. I’m not doing it as punishment or revenge. I do it because he is the only person in the world who deserves to mix fluids with me. How can I not love feeling a hard dick easily slide inside me because of my heavy flow of blood.  I love feeling the wetness beneath me, the red smearing between our bodies.  Nothing turns me on more than soaking his lap, his man bush, his balls, his stomach, with my blood and egg.  To me this is equivalent to his cum dripping all over my body.  His semen is one half of procreation, my egg is the other half.  He isn’t using his millions of sperm to make babies, we are done with that.  So in other words, his little “eggs’ are in his body swimming around waiting to be released for no other reason other than they want to explore the world, my vagina, my back, my face, my throat, and my ass.  Lucky little guys!  Well, my egg is also waiting to be released.  And when I release it, I like to cover my man’s body in it.  I want to ride him on a heavy day and let my fluids pour out all over him.  And much like men want to see how we react to the release of their semen, I like to see him react to release of my blood and egg.  So much so, that I will get off him, grab my phone and demand he stroke himself in my fluids while I take pictures of his body and dick soaked in my menstrual cycle.  I’d upload the pictures, but I’d probably be banned from the internet!

Is that weird?  lol   Okay, maybe I deserved to be banned! Sex On My Period

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I always loved it when my first wife was on hers. It has always, for me as a guy, a HUGE turn. This is the most intimate time I thing for a female to share her self. I always made it my duty (the least I could do) to clean her stains from anything that I found. We were once out and about when she suddenly got hers. She went into the ladies room and the next thing I knew another lady comes out looking for me. She said my wife really needed my jacket to put around her waist. We had to make a quick end and drove home.