Below are different blogs and websites that have set up a link exchange with us.  Most of them we see on social media, twitter, and have just been associated with them throughout the years.  Other’s are websites that we have linked up with and both sites maintain links to help others find our websites! 

If you go to any page below, please know that you are leaving our page and we have no control over the content.  


Sex Life And Everything Connections

A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind – The creator of this blog has passed away, but we loved her content.  Great site with a lot of good content. We have supported each other’s blogs since the beginning and I’d suggest if you enjoy a good blog, you read this page. Long time friend and supporter of

Nudes For Troops – What do our troops need?  Ass and titties.  That’s what they need.  If you are in the military and want to show off your goods to other military men, this website is your spot.  If you are not in the military and want to check out military women, military wives, or just women showing their titties for our soldiers, this website is for you.  Long time friend and supporter of

Spices of Lust – Season your lust with sex toys and kinky ideas – Great bloggers, awesome content, and extremely well written erotica.  We met this couple on twitter a few years ago and they continue to improve on everything they do in the blog world, as well as expanding to kickstarter projects, books, and more!

Happyendingz – Confessions of an Erotic Masseuse – No idea who this person is other than a now inactive blog with a lot of great blogs about the massage business.   Very entertaining reads.  Maybe she will make a come back some day?


Let’s Link Up!? – This is a great website that deals with everything sex related.  When we first started blogging this was the website motivated us to try harder! We wanted so bad to be higher on their sex blog list.  I believe we hit top 10 once, but the variables for how their lists ranked changed and we dropped down into the 40s!   Either way, great website, great content, and has been around just as long as us.

Sex Blog Toplist – Usually a top list isn’t great, but this one actually separates blogs in categories and actually has a great list of bloggers I would have never heard of otherwise.  A top list used to be so popular when the internet hit it’s first boom, and these types of things will always be necessary for people that just want to see a list of all the bloggers out there.

Sexe Cherche – Another great top list that pretty much has every porn site known to man.  Not a lot of sex bloggers though!  Maybe we can change that. – This is a nice website that stays updated with great stories and erotica.   Although we do not know them personally, years ago we set up a link exchange and this is one of the few sites that have kept our link up over the years!  And of course, we do the same!   

Best Erotic Porn Sites – Great site that links to various porn sites and blogs all over the internet!   


The long list of blogs we used to keep have all either stopped blogging or quit updating. If you want to link back up or still blog and want to network, contact us.  

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it would be nice to right click and create a link to your site …easy trip from desktop to site.