Finding a submissive male to lock up in a penis chastity cage and make him our pet.

penis chastity cageFinding a submissive male to lock up in a penis chastity cage and make him our pet.

Some couples are into cucking or the cuckold fetish, which seems to be extremely popular on social media. Some couples enjoy the hotwife fetish which is similar to cucking but not quite the same. However, we are into a less known kink called a threesub. This is a threesome where one of the third person involved is a total sub for a couple. This kink is the lesser known of the three and the sub can be a male or female, but in our situation we are looking for a sub to lock into a device called a penis chastity cage.

A Threesub (Threesome)

A threesub is where a couple takes on a third person that is totally submissive. The submissive person is usually male, but that would depend on the couple and the relationship dynamic they want to create. If the third is male, he will stay in a penis chastity cage throughout the relationship and only the couple can free him from this cage.

Although the sub’s role can vary, for us and our threesub, our pet’s role is to clean us both up with his mouth after my  husband and I have sex, always remaining obedient (as long as it doesn’t affect his marriage and real life), and service us both with oral sex on demand, possible waterplay (if all agree), and being penetrated and/or pegged at our discretion. This kink is clearly connected to BDSM.  We also hold the key to our pet’s penis chastity cage. When he decides or is caught without his cage, the relationship is over. We have no interest in our sub/pet if he decides he no longer wants to be caged. This rule for us is a hard boundary and the submissive knows this from the beginning.  

Having a threesub is great kink if the couple is interested in MFM threesomes without having to deal with the third person crossing the line or having to deal with another man’s ego. One man’s ego is enough for me! I prefer a total submissive. Neither I nor my husband have a desire to include a guy without a penis chastity cage involved. This kink is similar to cuckolding except the third male is the humiliated one. We have learned that this gives a great escape for a married man who is dealing with his sexuality (bisexual / curious), yet has no desire to share his own spouse or be cucked in his own relationship. However, he still has a strong desire in being humiliated. It also includes a few perks such as eating a woman’s cream pie, giving a man oral sex, and being fucked and pegged.  On the other hand, it gives the couple the advantage of having a threesome / pet, and not having to deal with the negative stigma of having another man in your bedroom. And although we are open, neither of us have any interest in seeing me fucked by another guy.  But as natural voyeurs, we love watching a third undress, be nude, and service us. 

A cuckold is a man who enjoys the humiliation or feeling of being emasculated by the fact that his wife is sleeping with other men.

The term cuckold is from around 1250 AD and probably derives from the cuckoo bird, who laid her eggs in other birds’ nests. The implication of female adultery was that a man could not control his wife, or satisfy her. The female’s other lovers—her bulls—have more sexual stamina, are more attractive, or have larger penises.

Cuckolding can involve penis size humiliation, chastity, abstinence for the husband, and forcing the husband to clean up the women and eat the “bulls” semen off or out of her body.


A hotwife is when a couple accepts that the wife is so hot that she attracts other men. Both of them are turned on by the fact other guys want her.

A hotwife is not about humiliation, but more about the husband accepting that his wife is so attractive that other men will do anything to be with her.  In response, the husband is turned on because the attention makes her feel good. She gets to be treated like a goddess. He loves the idea of other men wanting what is his. A hotwife will usually come home from a hotwife date and fuck her man immediately. Rather than humiliation and withholding sex for a “bull” like in cuckolding, the couple will fuck much more passionately because of the attention the wife received.

Maybe we will share more experiences as we are new to this lifestyle ourselves. So far we have been lucky enough to enjoy having our sub clean my fresh creampie while caged, wear my dirty panties throughout his work day, give us oral sex, and follow all our boundaries without asking for more.  

Please comment below if you are part of a threesub or have a desire to join a couple as a total submissive.


Face Slapping During Sex: Everything You Need To Know About Slapping Your Partner

Face Slapping During Sex: Everything You Need To Know About Slapping Your Partner

Some people may go through their entire sexual lives and never once think about slapping or having their face slapped during sex. It’s not something all people think about. I know I never thought about it and I like to consider myself someone who has tried everything. 

In our relationship, my husband and I had certain kinks that prior to ever doing anything sexually, that was already in our minds. When I my husband his dirtiest fantasy, he told me it was being rimmed by a woman.  This was in the 90s when this just wasn’t something that girls did (times have changed).  My husband believes this kink was planted in his head when a rumor floated around his school that a popular guy gave his letterman jacket to a popular girl when she licked his ass. This is at least what the guy told the fellas in the locker rooms when she was spotted with his jacket. Although never confirmed, the seed was planted. 

My fantasy was being forcefully taken.  I will avoid the word commonly used with this concept, since it could trigger some people. However, I was pretty vanilla otherwise, but always had a fantasy of being forcefully held down and fucked. This wasn’t something my husband had thought about or even liked, but I can tell it really affected him. He was naturally soft and gentle but would slowly start getting more rough during sex because he knew it is what I liked.  

So lets talk about face slapping during sex. 

Are you curious about slapping your partner or being slapped by your partner during sex?  A slap across the face can be fun and exciting, as long as you are doing it correctly.  

When it comes to spanking, slapping, whipping, choking, biting, and scratching, things can get a bit painful. There are also questions of whether or not slapping is abuse, harmful, or a sign you’re unhinged. Any erotic pain-play can stir up emotions in many of us. That’s normal. Sex comes with all kinds of emotions, both positive and negative.

However, nothing is wrong with any sexual act between two adults if you are both into it, have consented, and are turned on by it.   Slapping is totally acceptable.. In fact, any sexual act between consenting adults is perfectly fine. You’re not an evil person for wanting to slap or be slapped.

If you are new to face slapping, here are a few tips that can help you transition into 

Communicate about Slapping During Sex

  • Before you do anything, you have to talk everything through. There should certainly not be any unexpected face slapping during sex. That is non-consensual play and a big no-no. If you’re going to slap your partner (or be slapped), everyone must be on board and into it.
  • If you’re wondering how to introduce the topic, no worries. First, ask them if this is something they’d be willing to explore. Slapping a face is a step up from spanking a butt. Slapping can be very empowering and sexy for some people, and not at all for others.
  • I find that the easiest way to introduce a partner to slapping is by watching some porn where slapping is an element. The key is to find a video where the slapping isn’t scary or seemingly non-consensual. Meaning, no going to Pornhub or RedTube.

Due Diligence or Deep Dive, Do Your DD.

  • Do your due diligence. Do not go into aggressive sex or BDSM without knowing what you’re doing. You can read blogs like ours or search for articles on slapping during sex.  Although this will not teach you all the ins and outs, it can prepare you for what is next.
  • Sit in on a sex class about slapping during sex. At various sex conventions you can sit in on classes that teach you about slapping, choking, and every kink in existence. 
  • Watch YouTube videos that go into detail about slapping during sex. Here is a good video on spanking from sex educator Jess Wilde. He is another intro video, from Nina Pain, which is basically face slapping for dummies.

Explore Ass Smacking First

  • If you haven’t gotten good at smacking her ass during sex, do not move into slapping her face. Face slapping is basically butt slapping, only more advanced and with more risks.
  • No slapping until the you’ve learned to spank properly . Now, you might not be into butt slapping, but are turned on by face slapping. This is totally valid. It’s not so much about doing things that aren’t sexy to get to the sexy part, it’s about working on a meatier canvas before going to a bonier, softer one.
  • A butt is going to absorb a slap more easily than a face. There is generally less pain and greater surface area to work with. Practice on butts, and then move to faces.

Have A Safe Word.

  • Before aggressive sex or role play, set up a safe word. This should be a non-sexual word that lets your partner know they should stop and check on you. I recommend something like the following: pineapple, stop before I bite you, or whatever phrase or word you want.  Personally we do not need a safe word, as we can talk openly and I’d just say stop.  But every couple is different and do whatever is best for your sexual dynamic.
  • Admittedly, depending on the dialogue you use during sex, safe words are important because if you’re in a session where you are being submissive, the words “no” or “stop” might be a part of your role play.  A safe word should stop all role play and bring your partner back into reality. Remember, that as the person being slapped, you are still in control of your body. 

Start Slow When Slapping During Sex

  • Don’t begin your adventure into slapping by screaming “woooooooo” and doing the Rick Flair slap across the face of your partner. That’s probably not going to end well. You may end up with a bruise or a black eye. Not sexy at all!
  • Start with soft slaps. When you’re making out, pull back and lightly slap your partner across the face. Rub the spot where you hit them to soothe the skin. Kiss them lightly in the same spot you slap them. 
  • Work your way up to harder slaps. Communicate and talk with your partner to make sure they are okay. 

How To Warn Her Prior To Slapping Her During Sex

  • When slapping, never just surprise her with a random slap. This doesn’t feel good, trust me. Let us prepare so we can brace ourselves or enjoy the sting. A random sting sucks. Try placing one hand on the opposite cheek of the person you’re slapping. This helps stabilize their head to absorb some of the slap. 
  • Rub her face or grab her cheeks gently prior to slapping her. This is a great way to warn her that a slap is coming.
  • Softly grab her by her throat without choking her and gradually put your hand around her lower jaws. Grab each side of her face and squeeze a bit, not really a choke but more of an aggressive warning that a slap is coming.
  • Put your hand over her face and put pressure down on her. This is a huge warning that a slap is coming.

Where Should You Slap Her?

  • The face is a highly sensitive area so be careful.
  • Stay away from places like the ears, nose, throat, or eyes. Try to focus on her cheeks. If you slap someone in the ear, it doesn’t feel good.  You may not always hit directly on her cheeks, but try to keep in that general area.

Face Slapping During Sex

So do you think you are ready? Make sure you communicate with your partner and both of you figure out what is best for you. No guide will be perfect for you because every relationship is unique and you have your own sexual dynamic.  With us, I like to be slapped and choked as I orgasm on his dick.  It makes my climax much more intense. I also like to be slapped as he cums inside me because there is something about feeling him angry while he cums inside me that turns me on.  It’s almost like he is mad at me because my pussy is so good he can’t control himself.  I love it.  I love slapping. And I really love to be choked.  But that’s a whole other blog!

Kinky Games Couples Play To Keep Their Love Life Fresh

Kinky Games Couples Play To Keep Their Love Life Fresh

Even in relationships where you are madly in love, sex is great, and you seem to have no issues, there are “down times”. What these couples have figured out is how to handle “down time” and still keep things kinky and hot.  I will share a few kinky games couples play to keep things in the bedroom exciting. We personally have tried all these methods and so far, none of them have gotten boring for us. You have to use your imagination at times, but that’s the fun part.


Kinky Games Couples Play:  The Role Playing Game

This game is kinky and fun. I do not care how experienced you are, role playing that you are two strangers meeting at a random spot and setting up a one night stand can really give you that dopamine rush you only get from meeting a new person.  One of the biggest things couples feel they lose after being together for years is that “new” feeling. We are social creatures and it’s normal to desire wanting someone new, but that new person could be your partner who stays in character and lets you get that new experience.

Playing a Board Game Totally Nude

Pick any board game on earth and take your clothes off. We don’t care if it is Monopoly, Trivia Pursuit, or Candy Land, having your clothes off while playing makes every board game 100x better. If you want a prize, winner gets oral sex! Personally I’d stay away from long games like Risk or Monopoly though as you may have to hold off oral sex until days later when you can actually finish the game!  


Kinky Games Couples Play: Tap Out

Tap Out is a game my husband and I created that is basically no holds barred until one of us taps out.  It can be sex, oral sex, a hand job, or just wrestling nude in our living room. We don’t stop until the other person quits or orgasms first. If you are having oral sex or sex, and he ejaculates before the woman taps out, he loses. So during sex it is my goal to scream for him to go harder, say the most sexiest things I can think of to make him lose control, and move in a way that he will not be able to slow himself down and edge so he doesn’t cum. On the other hand, his goal is to keep going until I can’t handle it anymore and beg for mercy. I’ve never quit yet!


Watch Porn Together

We have always been big advocates of watching your dirtiest porn videos together. This can give each person the opportunity to suggest new things to one another. This also can allow you or your partner to understand that various things you may not be into, really aren’t that bad or naughty. Depending on where you are in your relationship, porn can sooth the guilt a person may feel for desiring certain things that they have been taught their whole life is wrong. Personally, when I met my husband, I thought everything except doggy style and missionary was the only thing normal.  Everything else was extreme and things men want to take advantage of women. Although I had life long fantasies of having rough sex and being totally used, I suppressed those desires and tried to keep our relationship “normal.”  Now after being married 25 years, all those hesitant feelings are gone, porn can be fun, but it’s actually lame because we do so much more than you see in videos.  I believe this is the normal process for a couple, slowly opening up to new things and ideas until porn is actually calm compared to your own sex life.  This is why watching porn together can be fun and help you both learn to grow sexually!


Kinky Games Couples Play:  Hide and Seek

OnlyFans can have 1000s of models to seek out and discover.  It also has a lot of other couples sharing their kinky content.  You can use sites like to find models or couples and explore their amateur content together with your partner. This can be a kinky game for a couple who is open to swinging and has their jealousies under control.  The advantage to this game is you can actually chat or catch a live show with the model or couple that you’ve discovered hiding out on OnlyFans.


Kinky Games Couples Play:  The Pantsing Game

What in the world is the pantsing game?  Well, you and your partner stand in the room with nothing but some sport shorts on, tops are optional. The entire goal of the game is to pull the pants down of your partner. Obviously the man has a bit of a strength advantage but believe it or not this can be extremely exciting because it creates that animalistic feel of ripping off each others clothing. Although it’s a game, it can still be rough and exciting.


Create Your Own Kinky Games

There are 100s of games you and your partner can create and try. From giving your partner oral sex while they try to win in a video game, to setting up a personal gym in your house and working out nude with each other. If you need more ideas, we have a list of various sexy games we have created for couples that you can check out.  


How Having A Gay Experience Made Me A Better Lover To Women

How Having A Gay Experience Made Me A Better Lover To Women.

Every now and then we snag up stories we feel may be interesting to our readers.  We archive them on our sex blog and throw them in the category of The Wild Wild Web.   Here is an interesting piece about a guy getting fucked by another guy and it changed everything he thought he knew about sex and his sexuality. For him, being gay or having a gay experience made him realize how good men can be in bed, and in response he became a better lover to women.

Getting fucked by another guy changed everything I thought I knew about sex and put me in sort of a crisis and also a new beginning.

I am a 55 year old guy who was recently divorced (amicably) after a long marriage and currently have a relationship with a younger woman in her 20s as her sugar daddy. It’s more than just trading money for sex though, we have a relationship as friends and can talk about things I’ve never been able to talk about with anyone else.

I always suspected I was bisexual and now had the chance to try stuff with guys. I had a couple of bad encounters hooking up on my own with random men and so, my sugar baby offered to set me up with a guy who is her FWB and identifies as straight but is willing to occasionally fuck guys.

The Gay Experience That Made Me A Better Lover

He is like the male version of her, attractive, fit, nice personality, younger but there is no sugar arrangement, it’s just sex. He has a high sex drive.

My first experiences with men were awkward and some were scary! I had no idea how scary it can be to have sex with someone who can overpower you until I tried it! One guy had anger issues that came out when he drank!

The difference between this new guy and the others was night and day! He was amazing! He has a nice dick but it was his abs and butt that made the difference He was like a machine that could fuck effortlessly and he can very easily overpower me but I never felt unsafe. He also knew when to turn it up and be more aggressive but never to the point where I felt threatened.

The main thing was just how much longer he could fuck than I ever did. I kept expecting it to be over and he’d just be able to keep going.  It was incredible.

How This Gay Experience Made Me A Better Lover

After the first time was over, I just sat there alone and actually cried, because of how great it was but also because I felt like I wasted my own potential in MY sex life just because I didn’t know any different. I didn’t finish too early but compared to him, I realized I was in my late middle age and had no clue what I was doing. I felt bad for my ex wife whom I had a long and wonderful sex life with and instantly realized it could have been so much more. I felt like all my life I was cutting sex short before it really even started, when it could have been so much more.

Nobody teaches you how to have sex right? So you just fall into a pattern and it becomes HOW you have sex and you start to think it’s like that for everyone. Guys don’t like to admit to themselves that they are lacking in that department so they generally don’t like to think about it or if they should improve.

She Noticed My Gay Experience Made Me A Better Lover

I mean when I have sex with my sugar baby, she obviously is younger and fitter than I am so I never really thought twice about it. According to her, I am a lot better than the other (older) sugar daddy she had before me and the last boyfriend she had who was her own age liked porn and video games more than fucking! She started seeing her FWB to get her needs met.

After getting fucked by him though, my own skills improved just by knowing I could do more! She noticed and was pleasantly surprised! We talked about how I was feeling and she told me my performance was fine.  She told me that sex with men is either awful, mediocre, or fucking amazing and it’s rare that a man is fucking amazing. She said when you can find a guy who is that good at it and not an asshole, you hold on to him!

How My Gay Experience Changed Me

It also made me realize I am bottom with men which made me question my self image. I have a female side that likes being overpowered and just going for a ride where someone else is driving! I didn’t expect to catch feelings for a guy either but that is starting too. I catch myself wondering what he is thinking or second guessing myself when I am waiting for him to respond to a text.

It also made me notice guys in public. It’s like I had blinders on all my life. I can see how confidence is sexy. I notice things I never did before. My Ex and I have college aged daughter and we went through hell with her when she was almost engaged to this complete jerk and we could not possibly see what she saw in him. I started having sexual fantasies about guys like that now! It’s just that IDGAF attitude and the sense of danger and excitement. The guy I am seeing is not like that but he can tap into it and knows how to!

As for advice, I am wondering if the regret I feel is normal or healthy? Is it something that is likely to pass or should I seek out counseling? I also have no idea what the rest of my life is gonna be like. I don’t want to keep seeing sugar babies and having random hookups. I realize this is a phase but I also know that most women are turned off by bisexual men and I am definitely bisexual.

Venice’s Response: to a gay experience made me a better lover

This story is a good take on how a person can finally realize how good men fuck through being fucked by a man, but I’d like to add, as a woman, sex is amazing when you have an amazing connection. Some women may not need a connection, but I did. From my readings, most women prefer a connection prior to sex. The idea that a man being great in bed with zero connection is foreign to me. No lover can be a good lover if I do not have a connection, no matter how long he goes or how good he moves. My husband and I learned how to fuck each other, and even the very first time when neither of us even understood sex, it was the best sex imaginable.  Not because of some technical move or his stamina, but because I never wanted to fuck a person so bad in my life.  The same as if you are starving and you get served a meal, it will be the best meal ever.  And with my husband, I stay in a sexual famine, because I was always hungry for him to fuck me.  

I just felt this was something I should clarify due to the opinion of his sugar baby who gave her opinion on how guys can be bad in bed, mediocre in bed, or great in bed.  Her perspective isn’t something I would change my entire perspective on sex and life on.  That’s all I am saying.

So as a man who got great sex with no connection from another man, that doesn’t mean that is what women want. You aren’t a woman. 

Ryan’s Response: gay experience made me a better lover

This is an interesting story and I believe that you were right when you said you went through life with blinders on. I am unsure if you never watched amateur porn (much different than highly edited professional porn), but some men can fuck for hours. Some men are stallions built to fuck, built to last last long, built with huge dicks that you’d think every woman would love to try.  Maybe you were complacent.  Maybe you didn’t believe porn was actually real sex due to editing.  But it wasn’t until you had a stud that knew exactly how to fuck you that you realized you had been doing it wrong your whole life. Well, your life isn’t over. You were a bad lover at 20 because you didn’t believe good sex actually existed. You had blinders on. You will be a bad lover at 50 because you believe it’s too late to change. You still have blinders on, except you can’t see the future. In both instances you are wrong. Stop telling yourself why you can’t be a good lover, or thinking about what you missed, and start creating experiences that you want to have.  

A Gentleman’s Guide To Making Your Ass More Enjoyable For Women To Eat

A Gentleman’s Guide To Making Your Ass More Enjoyable For Women To Eat

My First Time Eating A Man’s Ass

In a previous article about eating ass, we included this experience about my first time going down on a man.  I will share again, because it goes very well with the topic of how a man can make his ass more enjoyable for a woman to eat.    Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

One night, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I was talking on the phone.  He was away in college and we were talking about things we wanted to try over Christmas break.  To be honest, long distance and talking over the phone helped us more than anything ever could.  When we were together physically, we tended to shut down our line of communication, and just act and react.  We talked, but it wasn’t necessarily deep. We kiss, say cute things, fuck, then go about our day like everything is perfect.  No real communication. I do believe, that had we not had time apart, it would have took much longer for him to communicate that he had a desire to have his ass licked.  This was over 20 years ago, so it wasn’t a common thing.  In fact, it wasn’t anything I had heard a girl did to her man.   Just totally unexplored territory.  In hindsight, I thought giving a rim job was a joke about gay sex, because I had always heard the term “tossing salad“, but never thought it was a real thing.

Tossing Salad Woman’s Guide To Licking Your Man’s Ass

This actually originated on an HBO documentary called “Prisoners of the War on Drugs” produced in 1996. In the film, there’s a segment called “Tossed Salad man” who describes to a reporter one of the ways another prisoner might pay for drugs or pay off a drug debt. It involves having the person apply some jelly from a jelly packet to his ass hole and then sucking his asshole like it was a pussy, while he jacked off…

We’ve also heard, they can apply salad dressing from a salad packet.  Anything to change the flavor. 

It gets into A LOT more detail than that, as well as a few other “methods of payment” they practiced inside the prison…

The same year, the comedian Chris Rock, having seen the film, worked the term into his stand-up comedy routine. It has been heard in other places since, including movies like Me, Myself and Irene, when Jim Carey is viewing the Chris Rock comedy special on TV…

Here is a clip of the original HBO film:

Okay, so now you know where I had to take my mind to.  A dark place.  I had to prepare myself for prison life.  A live or die mind-set here.  Just a young girl trying to survive…

It didn’t matter.  I was newly in love and nothing would have intimidated me.  I would have agreed to try anything, if he had brought it up.  I was ready to toss his salad, no jelly or salad dressing needed.

During Christmas break, he was staying with me at my house.  My mom would leave for work each day so this is when I would go downstairs and explore all the things a girl will explore when her boyfriend is living with her.  Oral sex, cum shots, having sex 13 times in a day.  You know, the things we do when we are allowed to actually have our boyfriend live with us!

As Christmas break neared an end, he got up the nerve to say to me, in a nervous shaky voice, “Do you want to try to lick me down there?”  

Shocked, I asked, “Do you want another blow job?”   I had no idea.

He didn’t make eye contact and responded, “No, my ass.”

My heart dropped.  Not because it was gross or because I wouldn’t do it.  But because for the first time, I was going to face something sexually that I hadn’t thought about 100 times.  I had thought about giving a blow job for the first time.  I had thought about a guy going down on me for the first time.  I had thought about having a guy on top of me as he pushes his penis inside my body.  I had even stuck things in myself to see what it would feel like.  So when my boyfriend and I were together sexually, nothing intimidated me.  I had already done it in my head so many times, it felt natural.  And I loved the thought of it, so it felt right.  But this?  Licking his asshole?  I had never thought of doing that to anyone.  Not once, in all my teenage years, did I sit in bed late at night and imagine myself putting my face down on a man’s ass, and sticking my tongue out to taste his butt hole.  No way.

This may be hard to relate to, because these days anal play and rim jobs are much more common.  Porn and quick access to any type of fetish, is just a click away.  But back then?  Unheard of.  More woman’s guide to licking your man’s ass below.

Still, I played it cool.  I lead him into the downstairs room and bent him over a day bed we had against the wall.  Without saying anything, I slid his shorts down.  This is probably the most unromantic story ever.  We had just gotten out of the shower, so I knew he would be clean.  Much like two young kids exploring their privates for the first time.  I had my boyfriend’s ass exposed, with his shorts around his ankles, bending down on the bed in front of me.  I got down to my knees behind him and spread his butt cheeks.  I remember saying, “It looks like a balloon knot.”  We both started laughing.   I could see his face turning bright red, embarrassed, and still totally exposed to me.  I leaned forward and barely stuck the tip of my tongue on the rim of his anus.  I think I was down there for about 2 or 3 seconds licking his rim when he pushed away from me and said, “Okay that’s enough!”  He was embarrassed, but totally satisfied and happy.  He didn’t really want to feel the sensation, or hadn’t really came up with a kinky fantasy regarding getting his ass licked, he just was really turned on that I would do that for him.  He felt loved.  He knew he had a girl who would do anything for him.  And I knew I had a man I’d do anything for.  It was so silly, so innocent, and yet, something I never thought I would do to another person.  The nerves made me feel so good inside.  Like I was naughty.


Given that we’ve reached the peak in ass eating, most men now have no qualms with eating a woman’s ass.  There was a time when discussing if you would even go down on a woman was a topic, but now most men brag about how much they enjoy eating a woman’s ass.  And as this becomes the norm in sex, women want to return the favor.  And this is the new taboo.    Is it okay for a man to get his ass ate and brag about it?  Enjoy it?   Let’s go through the psychology behind having your ass eaten and talk with Charlie Glickman, a sex coach and relationships expert, and author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners:

One thing people don’t realize is that your pelvic floor reflects your emotional state. That’s where we get the phrase “tight ass” from. The more stressed out you are, the tighter your pelvic floor becomes — in the same way a dog or a cat tucks their tail under when they’re scared. Being present in your ass doesn’t mean you have to try anal play, but it begins with paying attention to that part of your body. Anal stimulation is one way people start doing this, especially because of how much it relaxes the body. We have this cultural attitude that men do and women receive when talking about heterosexual dynamics, so it can be a change of pace for men and their partners to explore that in reverse.

Other guys are worried receiving anal pleasure makes them gay. But it’s who you want to have sex with that defines your orientation, not any particular sex act. From a sexological perspective, anything that people with two different genders do is heterosexual sex. Now, whenever trying something new, it’s always a good idea to start off making it a side dish rather than the main course. Maybe she starts off with a blow job that progressively moves a little further down until it becomes rimming. Or while receiving rimming, your partner can also use their hand on your penis, or you can use your own hand on your penis. Basically make rimming an “add-on,” because it can be more comfortable for a lot of guys if they begin receiving this pleasure when combined with a kind of pleasure they already know.

Either way, try to create as much emotional and physical comfort for yourself as possible. Get into a position that feels good. For some people, that’s lying on their back with a pillow under their hips and raising their knees to their chest. For others, it might mean standing on the floor and bending over the end of the bed or lying down face down flat on the bed. Others might get on their hands and knees. Every guy is different. So communicate personal information about what might make you feel most comfortable or get you off before you begin.

The biggest question I get from guys is about hygiene. If it’s been a hot day and maybe you’ve gotten a little sweaty, you might want to take a shower and have a quick rinse off. You can also do the little bird bath thing with a washcloth in the sink. Most people have body hair, and a lot of guys have a lot of hair around their anus. As such, you might feel more comfortable giving or receiving rimming if the receiver shaves or waxes. It’s just a way of keeping things a little neater down there.

What Do You Think Makes Eating A Man’s Ass More Enjoyable?

So we decided to move away from what others think and directly ask you.  What do you think makes eating a man’s ass more enjoyable?

We surveyed our readers and have received a few great tips on what makes it more enjoyable to eat a man’s ass.  

Most popular response:

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