Naughty Selfies – All Your Base Are Belong To Us

cpapNaughty Selfies – All Your Base Are Belong To Us ( Marking Her Territory )

I got a text message today from Venice that said she needed to go home to pick up paperwork. She works 2 jobs so she can’t always remember to grab what she needs before she leaves in the morning. I acknowledged her and went about my work day. About an hour later I looked at my phone and realized that when she went home, she also decided to mark her territory. Exhibit 1: The photo to the left is my CPAP mask.  Obviously that isn’t just my CPAP mask, because Venice decided to hold it up to her crotch and tag the photo with, “Sniff that lolllll.”

PillowI would call this behavior unusual or her being extra horny and cute, but really, this is just her personality in a nutshell.  A little bit of “fucking with me”, a little bit of making me laugh, a little bit of horny, and a lot of making sure I know that there is nothing in our house that she won’t rub her vagina on at any given time…and I just have to live with that idea. Exhibit 2: My pillow. This photo was captioned “Take that, memory foam pillow!!” 

ChairAnd since she has decided to be funny today, I decided to add Pee-Wee Herman popping out of her vagina for no other reason that I find it hilarious.  She will too. What better way to cover up her little slit than with Paul Reubens.  Exhibit 3: My new computer chair. This photo was captioned “New chair smell.”  

She then followed up these photos with random shots of her showing off her Who-ha in different areas of the house.  I admit, if it wasn’t Monday, I would probably say this was the most perfect day in the world.  I can’t wait to go home and get to sleep tonight with my pillow and CPAP mask on!!!! Yay!

*PS: She woke me up last week and said, “Sorry, you can’t wear your robe this morning, I peed on it.” No explanation, no rhyme or reason, just peed on my robe for fun I suppose. That’s my girl.

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Venice is so hot, and Ryan is old as dirt! CPAP! lol