thong song

Naughty Selfies – Thong Song

thong songNaughty Selfies – Thong Song

Anyone remember the thong song?  Thongs were big in the 90s.  Since I really am not up on my panty trends, they still may be big, but as far as I know they are a bit out of fashion.  However, a good ass will never be out of style!  And a good ass in a thong will probably always turn heads.

The obligatory spiel about this section and our goal:  I’ll try to keep these selfies limited to new outfits, panties, and ideas, rather than the exact same poses and panties every day. Thankfully, I do change my panties! Unfortunately, until I learn how to stretch and morph my body into alien-like positions,  I am a bit limited at what I can do with my camera! Either way, hopefully you guys have a great week and enjoy another edition of our naughty selfies.    

Dear Naughty Selfie Diary: Thong Tha-Thong Thong Thong

Although they are thongs, they seem to have a nice front area.  I don’t feel them riding up between my lips and irritating me.  This may be good for my husband tomorrow, as they may be able to hold his balls in place.  I sent him a few of my ass shots and here is his response:

Oh God, thongs again?   You look hot but now I am dreading tomorrow!



thong songI think he looks great.  He confirmed that they do hold his package in place but the back side, well…it’s a thong.  What does he expect?!  He told me he is scared to fart because it may whistle and alert his entire office that he is wearing panties!  


And since it’s a thong song, what better place to put our asses front and center.  Enjoy the view!

You can check out all my naughty selfies here.

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Please post more of these!! Love it!

I like that also 😉 please keep going

sexy ass