Q&A: Help, My Husband had 17 orgasms in one session! Multiple Orgasms Question

Help, My Husband had 17 orgasms in one session! Multiple Orgasms.

So, I was wondering how common this was… my husband (38) can ejaculate and orgasm multiple times without having a break in between and without losing an erection. I’ve been with a few guys in my time and they always go once and once they cum that’s it, game over for at least half an hour. But with my partner he can keep going until he gets physically tired/ or too sore to carry on. Our record was 17 times in one session. On the flip side I’m a female who’s never experienced a multiple orgasm because I think I have a strong refractory response. So my question is, how is this possible? He stops fully ejaculating (producing semen) after around 6/7 orgasms but the response is still the same. I’ve tried asking my husband if he was always able to do it and haven’t really had a definitive answer. I worry I’m not pleasuring him enough as well as I seem to link this with him having a high sex drive.

Venice’s response to a man with multiple orgasms:

Semen production seems to just be the byproduct of ejaculation, because if a man can ejaculate 17 times, it’s only natural to assume that he will not produce semen as fast as he can expel it. So after about 6 or 7 times, for him to be completely dried out…yea, that makes sense. However, I don’t believe this is an issue of you not pleasing him enough. Some mens’ libido is insatiable, and the only way things that can stop him from going on forever are pain (e.g. dry/chafed penis skin, pulled muscle) or stamina (e.g. each orgasm takes exponentially longer to achieve). It’s rare, but from reading online and seeing various questions like yours, a lot of men also do not have the refractory period that shuts their libido down.  Probably the ones with the really hot girlfriends and wives?!   Sex feels good. If he can easily get 17 orgasms out in the time it would take another man 1 or 2, then why wouldn’t he? 

My only advice here is, communicate with him and make him understand that after 16 of them, it isn’t quite as fun or special to you.  If it is, ignore this advice.  If it bothers you and you are bored because he keeps going, make sure to let him know.  Some men think  going forever means they are good in bed.  That’s not true.  Knowing when to stop makes you a great lover, not timing yourself and going forever.   

Ryan’s response to a man with multiple orgasms:

I used to masturbate prone which gave me the ability to orgasm without needing to be erect.  I made a blog about the effects this had on me later in life, one of them being I can also have multiple orgasms until I get tired. I think because I didn’t need an erection to masturbate, I could just keep going for as long as I wanted.  When I first started having sex with Venice, I didn’t even know I was supposed to stop until I was tired.  I would orgasm over and over until I couldn’t produce anymore semen and then stop.  The internet wasn’t as informative and there really wasn’t any place I could learn how a man should orgasm.  It was natural for me to cum and keep going.  Honestly, I don’t think Venice knew better either, because it wasn’t something we discussed or mentioned being different from normal sex. Neither of us was sexually experienced. Over the years I have gradually had orgasms where it was one major ejaculation and I stop.  In those cases, I do have a refractory period.  I am not sure if I learned to build up my release so when it does happen, I relax and just let everything in my body go.  Or gradually over the years, I cum once because I am tired after cumming once and don’t really see the need to keep going and make myself feel like I am dying from exhaustion.   There are still times I can release and ask Venice to keep going, or she will give me oral sex when I pull out of her until I cum again.  I can’t explain why or how I do this other than my sex drive is so strong, having an orgasm doesn’t take away how much I want to cum in her.  My body stays turned on because of how good sex was, not that I wasn’t satisfied.  If I wasn’t satisfied, not only would I have a refractory period, I’d have a hard time getting hard to begin with.    

It’s a compliment he wants you so bad.  If it bugs you that he keeps going, let him know.  Admittedly, without a refractory period, it’s easy to get “greedy” and keep going.  Sometimes the urge to orgasm makes you forget that there is a human underneath you that is exhausted, in pain, sore, and just wants to relax and wash.  Sex isn’t about torturing your partner just because you can keep going.

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