Q&A: Sex twice a month?

Pay day? Sex day?

Joanna from Michigan:

Dear Venice,

How do you have sex with your husband twice a day and not get wore out?  I have sex with my husband maybe 2 times a month and usually for the next few weeks  I am too sore to walk.  Is this because he is too big or is this normal?   If it’s normal, how do you manage to have sex so much?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Venice’s Response:

Hi Joanna.  Firstly, go to your OB and ask him/her if there is anything wrong with your body.  If you get the green light that everything is okay, move on to the rest of my answer.

It is very possible that your husband has such a large penis that it makes sex uncomfortable for you, but I highly doubt that’s the problem.  Your vagina is made to take the abuse from your partner, it’s what makes a woman so special.  A man can work all day lifting moving furniture, stressed out from his boss giving him too much overtime, come home, pull your panties off, and take out all the stress in his life out on your pussy.  It won’t break.  It’s also the same hole that gives birth to eight-pound babies.   Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and limping around for the next week, pride yourself in being fucked properly by your husband.  Most women would kill to have such a stud in the bedroom that for the next  week their thighs and vagina are sore.  In fact, that’s the exact feeling I go for when I have sex, which is why I beg Ryan to pound me out as hard as he can.  I like walking around the next day knowing I have bruises on my inner thighs and my lips are torn from being fucked right.   It makes me feel like a woman.

Perhaps part of you problem may be attitude.  Do not be a victim and pout around for a day about your vagina being sore.  If you want to take care of your husband each day, by all means do it!  Good luck to you both!

 Ryan’s response: 

It’s too bad your husband only gets to experience one of the greatest pleasures in our short lives twice a month because you are hung up on how your vagina feels after sex.  Venice burns the skin off of my penis half the time, but this doesn’t stop us from loving each other and being intimate each day.  It’s part of a healthy relationship to be sexually active with your partner, and I’d say if you tried having sex more than once a week, you’d get used to feeling like a real woman.  In fact, I believe you’d love it.

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