Sexcapades – The Angry Face Fucker

angry sexSo I have decided to add a new series to our blog. Nothing crazy or elaborate, in fact, just the opposite.  A simple diary input of something I want to remember for myself later.  I am not trying to win a Sex Pulitzer, impress anyone with my writing, or create a smut story so detailed you guys can jack and jill off and finish before the ending.  This is just a section for me to keep track of the small things we do and have done over the years.  If it’s something I am doing recently, I will add a date for my own personal reference. Although we still only submit new blogs on Mondays and Thursdays, the dates will be accurate for when the sexcapade occurred.

August 16, 2015

Yesterday morning Venice and I weren’t in the best of moods.  It was early, we just had company leave after a week long stay, and we had things to do around the house.  We were both nude, getting ready to start our day.  Venice was being short and snappy, and I responded by asking her to leave me alone. Usually when I do this, it’s almost like a challenge for Venice to do everything but leave me alone.  Whether it be tickle me, force me to fuck her, cuddle, or she’ll just sit on my face nude and make me eat her out until we are both in better moods. Whatever, it’s all the same.

I was in bed with my face away from her and she was behind me.  She spooned up close to me and reached her hand around to grab my dick.  I had already prepared for this attack and tucked my balls and penis between my legs.  I had my thighs closed securely so no matter how much she dug with her hand, she wouldn’t be able to touch my penis…from that side at least.  However, from behind, unfortunately, she had total access to my package.  That wasn’t the point though, she didn’t want to touch it from behind, she wanted to get her way and force me to open up so she could touch my body.  She knew this would get me hard, and lead to her hopping on top of me or giving me a blow job and edging me out until I apologize…FOR NOTHING.

The harder she tried to reach into my thighs, the harder I clamped my legs.  Every few minutes or so, I would ask her to please just leave me alone.  That didn’t do anything other than make it worse, so I don’t know why I said anything.

She gave up on the front attack because my turtle defenses were too powerful.  Instead, she reach behind me, and grabbed on to my balls.  No matter how mad I am, I can’t really do much with my sac in her hand.  She fondled my testicles and slid her hand gently over my ass as she let go of my sac.  I loosened up my legs because I knew she was getting more serious. This round of attacks wouldn’t go as smoothly if I kept fighting. Venice was on a mission.  She wrapped her leg around the top of my hip and squeezed herself against me like an anaconda.  Her Asian feet locked in between my legs (years of her ancestors climbing trees for coconuts and bananas work in her favor in this position).  I feel like she had her hooks in. She then pushed down her feet as hard as she could to pry open my legs. As my turtle defense breaks, my legs open and my body naturally rolls to my back.  My dick, still buried in my thighs, slightly becomes unprotected around the base.  She reaches down and grabs the bottom of my cock.  She gets enough finger around it to really get a hold of it.  Without any concern of hurting me, she pulls hard on my penis and my penis skin to pull it up through my legs.  The pain makes me open up my thighs immediately.  She sees her opening and grabs my balls too.   No matter how angry I am, my penis uncontrollably starts to grow in her hand.  Venice whispers in my ear, “Oh is my little baby’s penis getting hard?”

It was.  It would only be a few seconds until I’d be 100% erect in her hand and I had no control over this biological response. Whether it be love, her forcing herself on me, or just being a man and always being horny as fuck.  I counterattacked quickly and responded, “I want to face fuck you.”

Ah yes, her favorite position…SOMETIMES.   There is one thing that keeps Venice from being able to really enjoy being face fucked, and that’s my dick being too hard.  Whether it’s a Cialis hard, a drank too much alcohol and got too horny hard, or a random high school moment when my penis doesn’t realize it has limitations and the blood flows to my cock beyond what even my penis can hold.  The erection that is so hard it hurts.  I love these erections of course. If there is no give, this cock destroys her throat.  In fact, this cock destroys everything in its path.  Her throat, her pussy, and her ass.  As much as she tries to conquer it, forcing it all the way down her throat, it pushes too hard into her esophagus and causes pain.  It’s just not comfortable for her.   That’s my goal.

Venice didn’t hesitate and rolled over to her back.  She knew it was a challenge and she wanted to show me up.  It didn’t take long, I straddled her face and didn’t wait for her to pull my hips into her face.  I immediately dropped my dick into her throat and drove it as deep as I could.  Usually when I hit real deep, I can feel texture at the bottom of her throat, that if I poke hard enough, Venice will cough or push me off of her.  I pushed it as hard as I could.  Nothing.  She left her mouth wide open and rolled her tongue on the underside of my shaft. Frustrated, I start to piston my cock in and out of her mouth as hard as I can, forcing my balls to slap on the bridge of her nose and forehead.   Venice isn’t pushing me away and is making loud grunting sounds with each thrust.  I pull out to make sure she is okay, but she grabs the back of my ass with her claws and forces me back down inside her throat.  She is squeezing my cheeks and digging her nails into my skin. She knows I can cum in seconds in this position.   She is not playing around at all.

I reach back with my hand while I am on top of her, and grab behind her head.  It’s almost like a half nelson from the top. What this does is, as I drive my hips inside her mouth, I can also lift her head up into my crotch, almost stabbing the back of her throat to make her panic and push away from me. Usually this is the position I use when she wants it rough.  I’ll be as rough as I can be, and my dick can’t get any harder.

Nothing.  Venice mouth stays open.  I don’t feel the squeeze from her teeth which can be a warning for me to be careful.  I don’t feel anything but her hands on the back of my ass yanking me down into her mouth.  I can’t hold back.  I have been in her throat for almost a minute this time (we face fuck in 40-50 second intervals, let Venice catch her breath, then start over again) and I know she can’t breath.  She never pushes me off her as I cum, so I know I could be in her throat for another 20 seconds while my cock spasms sperm down to her stomach.  Although this usually worries me, today it doesn’t.  I don’t care if she can’t breath.  I slam my hips into her face one last time and get my dick as deep into her body as I can so I can release my cum.  She feels my cock twitch and she panics.  She is out of breath.  She slightly pushes up on my hips and I grind them back down onto her face, forcing her to try to wiggle away from me.  I am halfway through my orgasm when she finally gets enough space to get my cock out of her throat.   She gags for air as my cum pours into her mouth.   After managing to filter cum and snag one big breath, she yanks me back into her throat so I can finish my load.  This is usually when my cock begins to soften and I can rest my body and dick in her mouth as deep as I want, for about 30 seconds as the last drips of cum leak out and my body recuperates.

She won…but I came.  So we both won.  Afterwards both of our moods got much better and we gamed together for the rest of the afternoon.  angry sex angry sex angry sex angry sex

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It almost read like a rough love story. Serious face fuck the ends with cum, a better mood, and video games. I chuckled at that

where the hell are the videos of these scenes?!