Threesome Memoirs – Giving Him A Double Blow Job

bjSo far Ryan and I have had fairly positive experiences – for the most part. Do we regret doing anything we’ve done?  Not really.  I find purpose in every act in which Ryan and I have partook.  Every act, each person, all experiences – all were worth doing if it meant my man and I came away closer than before having done it.

For me, my absolute favorite thing to do in a threesome is the double blow job.  In fact, this is something I feel totally at ease with, and since I do, I can enjoy every aspect of it.  Since first revealing this to Ryan, he has asked me numerous times, “Why do you like double bjs so much?”  Rather than answer, “I just do.”  I felt we both needed a more thorough explanation as it helps to understand the female psyche (or at least mine) during this act which should otherwise be considered sacred by keeping it solely between husband and wife.

Let me begin by saying, for strictly monogamous couples, I believe a woman should do everything in her power to give her man the greatest blow job.  I may not be the best bj giver, but I know what my husband likes (enthusiasm, dirty talk, and variety in speed, content, and option for places to ejaculate, to name a few).  I, myself, have come to understand how to give Ryan the most visually stimulating as well as physically satisfying blow job.  The confidence I have knowing what he wants reflects my actions and attitude when another woman is helping me please my man.

Being a cheerleader.  I am excited, grateful, aroused – all of these things – when there’s a woman in my bedroom.  But since she’s the outside party, I do my best to make her feel safe and welcome.  If I were in her position, I imagine I would feel unsure of what was expected of me.  I would feel awkward, especially not knowing if there were boundaries that the other couple has discussed prior to me being there.  Since they take a chance at looking foolish I definitely do not want her to feel unwelcome. The most basic and probably most supporting thing I can do is to encourage her from the get go.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve told the other woman, “Good girl,” “You look so fucking sexy with that dick in your mouth,” or “I love how that cock slides between your lips.”

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