Threesome Memoirs: Table of Contents

I have drafted a working table of contents / outline for how we wanted to do these memoirs.  The experiences are complex and the amount of people I have talked to seem endless.   Hopefully this working outline can help you follow along and anticipate future blogs.

Our Threesome Memoirs:
1         Bisexuality
1.1      My Awakening
2        His Story
3        Listing Ads on Dating Websites
3.1     Angry Lesbians and Studs
3.2    Crazy Men
3.2.1 Men Pretending To Be Women (Pat The Squirter)
3.3    The Man Hating and Pushy (Edith the Cat Lover)
3.4    The Young and Flaky
3.5    The Shy (Shai Wan)
3.6    The Intimidating (The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly)
3.7     Finding The Third (The First Meeting)
4        My First Kiss
5        Our First Threesome (Venice’s Perspective w/ Ryan’s commentary)
5.1     Our Second Threesome (Ryan’s Perspective w/ Venice’s commentary)
5.2     The Secret Lesbian
5.3     A Threesome From Every Perspective
5.4     A Different Type Of Double Penetration
5.5     Giving Him A Double Blow Job
5.6     The Naughty Lunch Break
5.7      I Fucked A Girl With A Strap On
5.8     Tasting His Cum On Her Pussy
5.9     Our First Sleepover
5.10   Foxy Brown
5.11    The Break Up
6        Is My Wife Really Bisexual?
7        The Women I Want
8        What Is A Unicorn

The Change:
9        Threesome Are Overrated

Unfinished Ideas:
Changing Perspectives and Boundaries
Our Talks, Late Nights and  Good Communication
Other Alternatives
Browsing Escorts
Strip Clubs, Swing Clubs, Local Clubs
Love to Give and Polyamory

What NOT to text your possible threesome partner
The DOs and DON’Ts
How To Have A Threesome (Parody)
What If Your Wife Wanted To Have A Threesome With Another Man?

At this point the working table of contents is complete.  We did not finish sections 9-14 because we started writing “Threesome Adventures” which has now been changed back to “Threesome Memoirs.”   Anything related to our experience in threesomes from here on out on the blog will be labeled, Threesome Memoirs.