Ass to Mouth, Rim Jobs, Analingus, Ass Play, Safe?

First, I am not going to blog about ‘ass to mouth’ with strangers, with random internet  partners, or with threesomes or foursomes in an open relationship.  Although we do not judge other couples and their life choices, it’s not what we do, so it’s not what I am going to blog about.   My blog regarding ‘ass to mouth’ is strictly between a husband and wife in a monogamous relationship.  I also want to make very clear that I am not a scientist or microbiologist.  I do not claim to have any factual truths other than I have always eatin’ Venice’s ass (she has done the same with me) as deep as my tongue can go, and  have never had any of the diseases mentioned below, in any shape or form in my adult life.  Venice and I have been tested for everything: hep, hiv, genital herpes, and more, and both have and have always had a STD clean bill of health. Is ass to mouth safe?

***I originally started this blog years ago with the intentions of showing that ass to mouth was not as harmful as we are lead to believe.  Sometimes in life, things seen as uncivil or “disgusting” to some people, get pushed as bad for all of us.  An agenda.  Anal sex, marijuana, and various other things immediately come to mind.  After putting up the good fight, I have now concluded that I can’t say ass to mouth is without risk. If you and your partner are healthy, haven’t eaten fresh seafood, and do not show any signs of being sick, analingus is risky, but much less risky.  However, so is kissing!   I will publish the blog below and let you digest all the information below for yourselves.  

Ass to mouth is a colloquial term used in pornographic movies. It refers to the withdrawal of a person’s penis from the receptive partner’s anus followed by the immediate insertion of the penis into the receptive partner’s mouth.  Can a person get sick from something already inside his/her own colon?  

This blog deals with two ideas.  Can sticking your tongue inside your partners anus, get you sick.  Can sticking your own anus bacteria into your mouth get you sick (sucking on a penis after it has been inside your anus).  These are two very different ideas.  One of the ideas deals with the concept of getting yourself sick with something already in your body.  For instance, can you catch the flu from swallowing your saliva that already has the flu germ on your tongue.  Think about that for a second. 

Are You Immune to Analingus and Ass To Mouth?

Before we start, I noticed this study that says that some people are immune to E. coli because of their genetic make up.  This may explain why some people can do all the nasty things their heart desires, without getting sick.  Is ass to mouth safe?

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V’s Wet Inbox – Do You Enjoy A2M / ATM?

Anal CumWhat are you thoughts on ass to mouth? Do you enjoy it?

Ass to mouth (ATM/A2M) is the act of a man having anal sex with a woman and then pulling out his penis so the girl can suck on it without washing off first.  This was originally practiced with one girl giving oral sex after being analed, but has now turned into multiple women (threesomes or more) pulling out the penis while a woman is being analed, sucking on it to lubricate it, then sticking it back inside the other woman’s ass.

When I first saw an A2M I was appalled. APPALLED! I’d see it in porn. I thought it was something that porn stars did that was above and beyond the call of porn duty. My initial reaction was disgust. I thought: “Doesn’t it smell? I bet there are little chunks on his dick! I would never ever ever ever do that. Ever!” Then the feeling of disgust went away quickly I started thinking my own personal hygiene habits. And, to be a bit graphic, after each time I go to the bathroom, I would wash not only the outside of my rear, but also the inside, i.e. colon. Why? Because I could, at any given time, have Ryan put his penis is me. So I try to be ready. In fact, I am always ready.

Most girls would squirm or get pissed off if their man even grazed his dick against their ass holes, but when it happens to me, I raise my body up to make sure Ryan has full access and can get in there without any trouble. The last time this happened, he was on my back as I lay on my stomach. He began to speed up and dig really deep in me. He got very hard very fast and I knew he was going to cum soon. Then I felt him let go of my arms and raise up onto his knees. and slide the first few inches of his cock in my ass. His dick was wet with my pussy juices so he was able to go in gently. I felt his dick twitch in me several times as he moaned. I turned around, grabbed his dick and put it in my mouth. I squeezed the rest of his semen out as I stroked him clean and sucked his dick dry.

To answer your question, yes, I enjoy moments like this because I know I’m clean and turns us both on to know that we have no limits in the bedroom. It turns us both on and I get to be this amazing porn star of a wife that makes Ryan love just a little more each time I do it.

With that being said, I would not want to A2M with another woman’s ass on Ryan’s dick.  The last woman we were with loved anal and mentioned it multiple times, but Ryan made sure to let me know that he is totally uninterested, even disgusted by the idea of analing some girl he has no emotional connection with.   He let the other girl know he wasn’t interested.  We’ve analed in front of other women, but Ryan has never analed them.  All the girls I have been with licked my ass directly without needing the penis to feed them second hand Venice-Ass, so I guess they were all into A2M.  I’ve only licked another girl’s ass once, but I was drunk and Ryan wanted to see it!