Extreme Sexual Ideas: Blood Bath Confessions, Bathing in The Fluids with your Partner

blood bathsExtreme Sexual Ideas: Blood Bath Confessions, Bathing in The Fluids with your Partner

This blog post is going to be a bit more of “confessions of our relationship” than how relationships should be.  Every couple is unique and different.  A lot of things we do is different than most couples.  For instance, we’ve opened our bedroom to other women,  published experiences online, posted amateur videos, shared our opinions on all types of sex, and religiously post naughty pictures on social media.  I am going to make a pretty safe assumption and guess that the rest of our neighbors don’t do any of those things above (Although if they do…kinky!  Let’s connect!).  This type of thing may not be different for those of us who are in the lifestyle, exhibitionists, or just naughty couples looking to explore new things.  In fact, if you are reading this blog, you are probably more like us, than unlike us.  But you already know, you are different than most couples.   With a long list of things most people consider disgusting, we have posted videos and blogs of us face fucking until she vomitstattooing my wife’s name on my penis, urinating in my wife’s throat while she deepthroats, or even sniffing cum off a mirror like it’s a drug (anyone remember that video?).  Just to name a few.  We’ve even been banned from sex and marriage forums because we posted about the advantages of having sex during her period.  We didn’t do any of that to shock people.  Trust me.  Nothing we do is to shock other people.  It’s how we connect. It’s how we explored each other long before we posted on social media.  In our opinion, it’s how we stay in the honeymoon stage after 22 years of marriage.  Blood Bath

And then we share it.  Unsure why, but we share our life.  We share things that we should keep locked in a closet.  We share our skeletons.  We share things that people may find gross.  We don’t do it for the reactions, we do it because it gives us a new connection.  Admittedly, when people don’t get it, it does make our connection stronger.  It also makes more sense to us when people don’t get it.  That’s why we do it.

So let’s get into it.

Blood Baths: How It All Started

Our blood baths started pretty simple.  My husband and I were taking a bath together.  We usually get a bit playful while bathing, or I will watch tv while my husband sits on the opposite side of me and rubs my clit.  I got so relaxed I accidentally peed in the water.   Oops!  I didn’t do it on purpose, my body was just in a numb zone where everything felt perfect.  The warm water, the bubbles, the alcohol, and my clit being played with caused me to urinate in our bath water.   My husband felt the warmth and flow of my urination and came towards me, ducking his lower jaw into the water and scooping up some bath water with his mouth.   As he leaned in, he slowly released the water and let it flow down my breasts.  We loved it.  He then turned around and I gave him a sponge bath.  We washed his hair and I bathed him in the same water that I had urinated it.  It wasn’t gross to us, but more of a bonding experience.  

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The Vagina Dialogues – I Love My Cycle

sex during my periodI love my cycle. Not a motorcycle, not a calendar cycle, not a weather cycle, but my monthly cycle.

Why? When I first got my period, I was 11 and started before all of my friends. I had no one to talk to about it. I would even say it was embarrassing for me. In fact, I didn’t even tell my mom. I just kept sneaking her maxi pads until one day I was in so much pain I lay on my bed crying. Then, I was “caught.” I never had a serious talk with her about it. Inside I hated it. I was already taller than my classmates, developing back in the 4th grade. Starting my cycle only made it worse.

Then in junior high, all the girls were pretty much caught up to each other, and actually NOT having gotten your first period yet was extremely rare. Having your period became something not of shame, but of pride.

Our cycles meant we were all physically women, and no matter how different we all thought we were from each other, it was something that we all had in common. I’d even say it was something to bond over. The other girls in my high school baton twirling squad synchronized our periods and it was something we were tickled by. I’d read somewhere that this happens to women who spend a lot of time together. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but when the first of us announced that her period started, we knew that we would start within the next two or three days. It was like clockwork.

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