Video: The Sound of Christmas Sex and My Broken Nipple Charm

Video was removed from hosting site.

From December 1st until Christmas, Ryan and I decided to do naughty Christmas cards and post them on Twitter, 25 total.  For our 5th card, I took bell earrings and turned them into nipple charms.  Using two wire pliers, I hooked tiny little hoops (four sets of 10), draped them from the ends of each piercing with the bell dangling in the center.  I didn’t put too much effort into tightening each hoop because I would only be wearing them long enough to snap a few photos.

I noticed that the picture turned out better than we expected as I looked at the finished product.  I joked with Ryan telling him, “I bet you want to make these bells ring.”

I untie his robe and run my nails along his inner thigh, spreading his legs and exposing his dick to me.  I grab both balls with my left hand and stroke with the other.  He grows thicker and fatter with each second.  I quickly put my warm mouth around him.  He moans excitedly, slowly pumping his hips upward.  I bob my head up and down, gently at first, with slight ‘tink tink tink’ noises coming from beneath me.  I see him reach for his phone.  “Keep going,” he tells me.

I bob my head faster and faster and the bells get louder.  I slam my face down into his body, deepthroating his cock.  The bells stop momentarily as my nose hits his crotch.  I lift up, alternating deepthroating and sucking his balls.  I’m slurping, gagging, slobbering, all down his balls.  ‘tink tink tink tink tink……tink….tink tink tink.’

I climb off of him and straddle his hips.  I rest my hands on his chest and work his dick into my pussy.  It slides in with ease.  I waste no time and get back into my bouncing.  I  put my hands on his legs behind me and tuck my feed under his armpits.  I rock my ass back and forth, but the jingling isn’t as loud.  I want to hear the jingling.  I sit back up, forcing the bells to ring with each up and down motion of my body.  I get eager, bouncing faster, louder, and more intense.

Just then the sound of the bells are no longer in stereo, but in mono. One has fallen off completely.  I get up to turn on the lights fearing the balls from my piercing have also fallen off.  But it hasn’t. Ryan’s eyes grow wide.  I follow his gaze.  The left bell has indeed fallen off and the right bell is hanging at one side.

My MacGuyver-style nipple charms didn’t survive the vigorous bouncing.  Ah, well.

What resulted, however, was an audio recording  (edited to make shorter).  I invite you to close your eyes and press play.