Dirty Talk: Exploring Bisexuality With My Childhood Best Friend

Exploring Bisexuality With My Childhood Best Friend

The Dirty Talk Intro & Disclaimer:  Everything in the story below is random and created on the spot while massaging and giving a handjob to my husband.  No filters, no rules, no boundaries; just a story and situation created to help my husband orgasm and enjoy our experience together.  We do this for intimacy and find handjobs less destructive on our bodies than having sex daily (our bodies just can’t handle penetrative sex each day).   All dirty talk is usually pure fantasy.  I use this dirty talk as a form of mental porn for my husband while he is in a vulnerable state due to being touched and massaged.  Sexual intimacy can also help reduce feelings of anxiety and depression as it triggers the release of three mood-boosting chemicals — dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin.  I usually also get really wet because my own naughty thoughts push my own personal boundaries and really turn me on.  This is why it’s so fun.  Unlike giving a blowjob or going through the theatrics of sex, you both connect thoughts together and create sexual stories in the heat of the moment.  He trusts me and we both love this natural vulnerability.  I can almost get inside his head and control his fantasies, dirty thoughts, and talk him into an orgasm in the exact moment my story hits it’s climax.  During my stories he will ask me questions while I talk.  I will include these to the best of my memory.  In fact, every story is to the best of my memory, as I do not know remember all the exact details.   

Exploring Bisexuality With My Childhood Best Friend

I was a bit hesitant with this story as some things are hard for me to open up to.  My husband could sense that this fantasy wasn’t something I was more reserved about, simply because I had never done anything with my childhood friends.  I do get why it’s kinky, but I also get a bit jealous because I am sharing intimate details about my idea of their bodies.   If that makes sense.

Do you want me to talk about having a sleep over with my friend?

Yea, what friend?


How old are you?

I am 16.

How old is she?


Are you going over to her house?

No, she is going to stay with me for the night.

What are you wearing?

I am wearing sweats and a loose tank top.  

Are you wearing bra?  


Are you wearing panties?

Yes, a thong.

Stella comes over and knocks on the door.  

How does she look?

Pretty.  She always looks pretty.

What is she wearing?

Baggy sweats and a t-shirt.

Is she wearing a bra?

No, we never wear bras when we have sleepovers.

Can you see her nipples poking through her shirt?

Yes, her nipples are perky and I can see the outline of them through her shirt.

How big are her breasts?

Me and her probably have the same size breasts.

Does she smell good?

She smells amazing.  She always smells good and looks pretty.  Sometimes she wears too much make up but today she doesn’t have very much on. 

We rented a scary movie and decided to watch it up in my bedroom.  We are both sitting on my bed side by side.

Do you and your friends sleep in the same bed when they sleep over?

Yes, me and my friends always sleep in the same bed during sleepovers.

So we are upstairs sitting with our backs against the pillows on the bed.  The movie is scary, so we are sitting kind of close.

Are your parents home?

My parents are gone for the night so it’s just us.  That’s why the movie is extra scary.  We do not have any adults around us.

I lean my head on her shoulder and she smells amazing.  Not sure why, but I slowly slide my head down her shoulder to her chest, and can feel her breasts rubbing on the side of my face.  

I wait to see if she makes a sound or pushes me away, but she doesn’t.  I reach up and wrap my hand around her stomach and up her ribs.  She leans her head back and closes her eyes.

Have you ever talked to her before about being bisexual or liking girls?

No, never.  We are both virgins and have never had any conversations about sex or our sexuality.

I slide my hand inside her shirt.  I move slow because I am still nervous she is going to stop me.  Neither of us have done this before.

She doesn’t stop me so I slide my hand further up and grab her breasts.  I can feel her nipples hard and her skin feels so soft.

Do you kiss her?

No, not yet.  I don’t want to kiss her.  I just want to feel her breasts.

I can feel my husband’s dick get hard and soft throughout our conversation.  Some things turn him on, but some things just peak his interest so he loses his erection.  I try my hardest to keep us focused on the sexy.

I want to see her breasts so I lift up her shirt and look at them for the first time.  They look amazing.  Young and perky.  They are about the same size as mine except her nipples are smaller.

About what size?

About the size of a half dollar.

I put them in my mouth.  I just want to suck on her breasts.  She puts her head back and moans.   She loves me sucking on her breasts.

I am a bit more curious and want to feel between her legs.  I start moving my hand down her stomach and reach inside her sweats.  She has on panties so I slide my hand under them as well.  She is so hairy.  She has a huge bush and has probably never shaved before.  It feels so amazing.  I slide my hand lower so I can feel the wetness between her legs.  

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