The Wild Wild Web – I Went Fishing And Ended Up in a Porn.

I’ve decided to add yet another new category to our blog called, “The Wild Wild Web.”  Not that this category will be busy with new stuff, but I just need a place for some of these stories I read from different websites.

The story below is from a fight fan forum (boxing, muay thai, bjj) I lurk where everyday members say random things or post different stories that happen in their daily lives.  Although they are all fight fans, sometimes things get a bit random.  This is a story I recently read that made me literally spit out my drink while reading it.  I found it hilarious so I wanted to share on our blog.

John writes:

True story, this happened not two hours ago.

I left work early to hunt the wild gorillafish in a park by my house. I was out on a rocky pier happily casting away like Huckleberry Finn when I see this dark skinned girl with big tits walking out toward me with this creepy old white guy with long grey hair. He was taking lots of pictures of her, etc.

I immediately theorized that it was either a porn thing, or she thinks she’s a model so she’s letting her drug hook-up take pictures of her, whatever. Then I hear them talking and she comes up to me and asks if she can try a cast (I don’t know if he’s filming at this point, I think he was). I say OK and give her basic instructions, remaining largely impassive. I hate people, and women especially, and wait for her to do her thing but they won’t leave. They sit on a rock behind me and start making out.

So I head back toward land maybe 30 feet, and as I look back through a tree that now stands between us I see the unmistakable head bob as this guy films her sucking him off.

Closed up my tacklebox and left. I have no idea if it was just some (strange) couple filming themselves fucking or if it was a porn thing, but I think I’ve just become a pioneer in the “disinterested fisherman” cuckolding sub-genre, where a hot girl sucks a hideous guy’s dick while a white male fishes a few feet away.

I hate people, they’re disgusting.

Anyways, I’m off the porn these days, but if any of you guys in your hours of daily porn viewing come across this video, know that you’re whackin’ it with the help of john the angry fisherman.