Rants and Frustrations – Debit and Credit Card Drama

frustrationSo I walk into a local Mom & Pop store hoping to buy a few drinks for the work week. Unfortunately the drinks I usually buy were expired so instead of leaving empty handed I grab a few smaller drinks and head up to the counter.

As the cashier rings it up I pull out my debit card, which for the last 10 years I’ve never had a problem with. The cashier, who was eyeballing me check the dates on the drinks I put back, looks at me with a frown and says, “Sorry, we have a $5 dollar minimum limit on using debit cards.” As I step back to gather my thoughts I also notice a sign that says, “For our employees safety, no bills over 20 please.” Another sign says, “Sorry, no personal checks and no American Express.”

What the fuck.

Annoyed, I reply, “Okay, I guess I will take some gum and maybe a $.25 cent super sized lemon head? How much is that?”

The cashier responds with, “That’s $4.20, do you want something else?”

At this point I am ready to walk out of the store. I am not the type to get annoyed, frustrated easy, or write rants like this, but for whatever reason, this situation absolutely pisses me off. I respond with a blank face, “Can you just ring up $.80 cents worth of invisible product?”

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